Daz Dillinger (DPG) conducted by DJ Ty  

So So Daz

August 2006

For those of you who may not know, Daz, is Snoop Dogg's cousin. They started their rap careers at the same time. In fact, both of Snoop's first albums had Daz' production on it. "It ain't no fun", "Doggy dog world", "Downtown assassins", "Groupie", "Blueberry", etc.

He was the production half of the group, DPG (Dogg Pound Gangstaz). Their 1995 debut CD, "Doggy style", was commercially railroaded by Tipper Gore (Al Gore's wife), Jesse Jackson and C. Delores Tucker in a highly publicized campaign to end Gangsta rap. This is before gangsta rap became both the voice and the ideology of deprived American youth. Before gangsta rap's profit potency was actually realized, accepted and used to stuff the pockets of corporate big wigs.

So, for us who are old enough to remember and those who are did not know but now do, take your hats off and show some respect for Long Beach, California's own, Daz Dillinger.

DPG Daz Dillinger Interview

MVRemix: I'm sure you've heard this a million times before but you're definitely one of my favorite producer-rappers. What have you been up to?

Daz: Thanks man, for sure, I appreciate the love. I'm just chillin', preparing myself for this new album. Hittin' up these DJ's, meeting a lot of new people you may not see; people behind the scenes.

MVRemix: You look so different now. You used to look mad all of the time back in the day, what has changed?

Daz: Well definitely, the times are better and the money's better. I'm not with Death Row anymore, and all of that drama, so I feel and can think better.

MVRemix: How did you stay in the game so long?

Daz: Hustlin' and putting together classics, plus I love what I do.

MVRemix: How is your new CD different from your previous releases?

Daz: I hooked up with Jermaine Dupri. We're going after a bigger market. He's a professional, he's knows what he's doing. He's my Dr. Dre.

MVRemix: Do you guys ever creatively collide in the studio?

Daz: Yeah, we did butt heads. But I love him and he loves me so it came out to be a great project and I'm proud of it.

MVRemix: Tell me about the CD, "So-So Gangsta".

Daz: The first single, "On some real sh--", has Rick Ross on it. I've got Snoop, Kurupt and Supafly on the CD. A song called. "The One", with Jagged Edge and my favorite song is, "Weekend", we're about to shoot a video to that one in a few weeks.

MVRemix: I heard you can throw down in the kitchen.

Daz: I'm cooking right now [laughs] I'm hookin' my groceries up now, after all of the years of eating all of this bullshit. A lot of these niggaz that's rappin' out here need a good cleansing. Start eating the right shit. You know what I'm sayin'? You don't wanna go to the Doctor and get that tube up your ass. Go get yourself some epson salt and hot water and drink a little bit of that shit. Then, Bam!!

MVRemix: How many stars would you give yourself as a chef from 1 to 4?

Daz: 4, man. I get in there cook. It's all about that aroma, man, how good could it smell, know what I'm sayin'? I got this remedy I do for my fish and my chicken. I get a little flour and some egg batter and it comes out looking like porkchop. You know how porkchops have that lil' glow to it.

MVRemix: What's the side dish?

Daz: Broccoli and fried tomatoes.

MVRemix: I cook too. I love to make green beans with almonds and carrots vichy.

Daz: You sound like my uncle. He puts almonds in his dishes. I learned to cook by watching him.

MVRemix: A lot of artists say that when they move out of the hood, people from around the way come up to them and call them a sell out or forgetful of where they came from. Do you still visit the LBC and what is the LBC like now?

Daz: I live a little bit of everywhere, man. I don't hear that because I'm always in the hood. I still got a place on 21st and Locust. The LBC is still the same just new buildings, the police cleaned up the place. Same ol, same ol, you know what I'm saying?

MVRemix: Is making an album similar to making a dish?

Daz: Both are like cooking dope [laughs]. You've got to put the right remedies in that motherfucker.

MVRemix: When did you know you wanted to be a producer?

Daz: I started out DJing so that really determined my path. DJing, you do a lot of mixing, so if you can DJ you really can be a producer too.

MVRemix: What do you love doing more, rapping or producing?

Daz: I like both. With rapping, I like thinking of hooks but I'll always love producing. I just produced something for Lil' Mo.

MVRemix: What is your production equipment of choice in 2006 and what was it back in 1996?

Daz: Reason (Propellerhead). Reason is a big part of it. It's transferable, you don't have to lug all of that stuff around, mainly when I'm on the road. I still use the MPC.

MVRemix: I remember the Dogg Pound had this song, "Some bomb azz p****", and you had these nude Japanese girls on stage dancin' provocatively with you guys and Snoop. Do you still get down like that on stage?

Daz: A little bit. I'm just more grown wit-it now [laughs].

MVRemix: What's your favorite country to visit and why?

Daz: Switzerland. The people talk different. The food is cool and the weed game is legal.

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