Daz Dillinger (DPG) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Daz Dillinger

November 2005

By now, you should know exactly who Daz is. His connections within the industry, and his recordings are so well known that you can't help but be a little jealous. Earlier this year, in April, Daz and Kurupt squashed their beef and re-formed the Dogg Pound. Judging by my last interview with Daz, the mere notion of that was beyond belief, but it has happened. The interview below shows a very different Daz Dillinger to the Daz I spoke with back in 2003.

MVRemix: What's your first memory of Hip Hop?

Daz: Kangol's and gold chains!

MVRemix: How did the moniker Daz Dillinger originally arise? DPG Daz Dillinger Interview

Daz: Well you know, I was Dat Nigga Daz already and we started it with Tupac and Outlawz and so we just got the outlaw name, so I adapted the name to Daz Dillinger.

MVRemix: How would you say the Daz of 2005 compares to that of 1995?

Daz: You know a little older, a little wiser, a little laidback with aggression. Just knowing what you want.

MVRemix: When are we likely to finally see a Dogg Pound album featuring the whole clique including Snoop, Soopafly and Nate Dogg?

Daz: That's coming out real soon. In the month of December Snoop got the "Welcome To The Chuuch" the album comin' out, then we comin' with the Dogg Pound album with the family with Snoop, so... But November 1st we come out with the DPG album which is me and Kurupt.

MVRemix: What's going on with your "So So Gangsta" album?

Daz: You know, we're tryin' to put the finishing touches on it and as I do the Dogg Pound album, I'ma do my solo album.

MVRemix: Now that album I remember talking to you about in 2003, so its been pushed back for a while. Is it any different to how it was, is the album complete? What's the current status with it?

Daz: We can always do more songs and stuff but it's nearly complete.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with No I.D.?

Daz: So So Def.

MVRemix: How would you say "Tha Saga Continuez" compares to your other albums and other Dogg Pound material?

Daz: It's all about the timing, the effect and the motions - how the project comes together.

MVRemix: Last time we spoke, you had alot of angry words towards Kurupt. Have you spoken about the time that you feuded?

Daz: We left it alone, we just kept it movin'. Thinkin' about it ain't gonna get us nowhere. Keep it goin', it's cool... Bow down. Get this motherfuckin' money.

MVRemix: You've been back together since April, are things back to the way they were or do you feel the difference after the split?

Daz: It's a little different, but things are the way they used to be. We still communicate through the same thing. We just know what to do and what not to do.

MVRemix: Tell me about "My Summer Vacation."

Daz: Oh you know about that? "My Summer Vacation" is just a little documentary that I put together to try to get people to look at a movie that I wanted to come with and to star in. It's just like a little documentary on the west coast to St. Louis.

MVRemix: Whatever ever happened to the DPG-Unit?

Daz: That was just a song we collaborated on, shout out to 'em, keep it goin'.

MVRemix: What's the situation between yourself and Game?

Daz: Game is cool, he west coastin', we just keepin' it motivated and helpin' each other out. Keep it mashin' man, come on lets get some more music. Lets hear that.

MVRemix: You once mentioned to me you have an album's worth of material on Crooked I, are we likely to ever see that surface?

Daz: Nah, I'm gon' let him do his thing, we ain't enemies no more.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Daz: [ponders] Oh shit... Brad Pitt?

MVRemix: Do you reckon you'd win?

Daz: Yeah, I'd whoop the shit out of Brad Pitt.

MVRemix: You've been smoking for a long time, do you think you'll ever stop?

Daz: Yeah, I've stopped plenty of times, it's just... I'm havin' a smoke right now.

MVRemix: Do you smoke much for creativity or just for relaxation?

Daz: I just smoke because it's a habit that I smoke. You think Snoop Dogg smokes?

MVRemix: Occasionally.

Daz: Yeah, I smoke like that.

MVRemix: Do you feel its taken its toll on you over the years?

Daz: What? Smokin' weed? Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'?

MVRemix: How are things between yourself, Xzibit and Tha Outlawz?

Daz: Oh it's cool, everything's cool... We just keepin' it goin'...

MVRemix: So you've resolved all your differences?

Daz: Nah, ain't resolved no differences... We just keepin' it goin', they doin' they music, I'm doin' mine. I see them all the time, it's like, "What's up? Lets keep it movin." Ain't no beefin', we just tryin' to keep west coastin'. We had a little meeting and we keepin' it going.

MVRemix: Now you speak a lot about a gangsta lifestyle and all those things, but you're also putting out a gospel album through your label and last time we spoke, you told me you thought Jesus Christ was your lord and saviour. How does balancing one lifestyle and the other work?

Daz: Not doing wrong. You know wrong shit, treatin' a motherfucker bad and all that type of shit. Just all that type of shit. You know wrong from wrong.

MVRemix: Aside from your albums and the movie, is there anything else you've been working on?

Daz: Right now I put together a Young Gotti solo album, a Kurupt solo album. DPG presents Young Gotti "Same Day, Different Shit." That's what I've been working on right now.

MVRemix: When's that likely to surface?

Daz: Tryin' to get that for February.

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