Daz Dillinger (DPG) conducted by Cole Clary  

Daz Dillinger (DPG)

July 2006

MVRemix: This is a big year for you with a new DPG album and a Daz album dropping on So So Def, what should fans expect from these albums?

Daz: Just happy to still be around here making this good music, you know? Just pushing for the better and good quality in music, you know what I'm sayin'? DPG Daz Dillinger Interview

MVRemix: What motivated y'all to put out another DPG album with Snoop? It's certainly been a long time coming.

Daz: You know, puttin' this West Coast thang together, you know what I'm sayin', without unity, we can't do it. Gotta' have some unity in the game to bring more light towards the West Coast, it's just straight negativity [right now].

MVRemix: I was surprised that you didn't produce any of the songs on the new DPG album, what's the reason behind that?

Daz: You know what I'm sayin', I want everyone to buy the next one which I'm gonna' do. I produced the Young Gotti : Same Day, Different Shit, know what I'm sayin'. I just try to make it different, but I'm going to produce the next one, I'm in control of the next one.

MVRemix: What motivated your decision to start working with Jermaine Dupri and So So Def?

Daz: Me an Jermaine, we been friends for years, you know what I'm sayin', and good friends since Kris Kross, damn near my whole career, you know what I'm sayin'? So, he believe in me and he down with me, he sees somethin' don't nobody else see and that's what I'm lookin' for. I needed a friend and he my friend, so let's make it happen, it's business, we gonna' get paid, all that shit.

MVRemix: Has it been difficult to adapt your style to a more ATL/Dirty South vibe?

Daz: You know what I'm sayin', I put it all in together as one.

MVRemix: What's your opinion of all this stuff going on with Death Row, the bankruptcy, court takeover and all? Do you think this is the end?

Daz: They gotta' give they life to the lord. Know what I mean? Maybe do a little right or somethin', maybe something good'll happen for you. But you know hey, that's just the cost and the price of being mean and all that bullshit, karma's a motherfucker. Go on and give Suge Knight a dollar or two, he need it. [laughs] Could you imagine Suge Knight on the side of the freeway with a cup in his hand?

MVRemix: You've done a lot for this industry production wise, is there any advice you'd give to up and coming producers or someone trying to break into the industry?

Daz: Stay on your grind, keep the beats comin', get out there, mingle a lot, you know what I'm sayin'? Get on the internet, get on myspace, make you a page of straight beats like I do, I sell beats on the internet. It's all negotiable.

MVRemix: How has your production style changed since you first started out?

Daz: You know what I'm sayin', learnin' what I learned to come out with and then learned some more stuff by lookin' at other producers and how they work, and goin' to different clubs listenin' to different music that they playin' that they listenin' to. You know what I'm sayin', it's just about upgrading and adapting, there was a time in life when the beats that I made was an era in life, so, I'm in somethin' new. And they gonna' hear it on this album that I'm doin': So So Gangsta. Me and Jermaine, we put the whole thing together.

MVRemix: What are your big influences musically?

Daz: I listen to a lot of old school music, you know what I'm sayin? Gospel, rock and roll, everything. I'm a musician.

MVRemix: Where do you start when producing a song? With the beat or with the rhyme?

Daz: Well I produce, you gotta' start off with the beat, right? They might have a track with the lyrics, so it's about what's gonna' make this rock what's gonna put some motivation into it, so let me get the rhythm together.

MVRemix: What kind of equipment do you work off of?

Daz: You know MPC 3000, Motif, Reason, a lot of records, you know what I'm sayin'? Get little sounds here and there, ideas, all kinda' shit.

MVRemix: I read that a recent poll rated you among the top five rap producers of all time, how does that make you feel?

Daz: It made me feel great that the looked at what I did, you know? As time go by they listen to the music and like "man, this song is really it right here", you know what I'm sayin'? It feel great, I got a lot more to prove to myself, not to anybody else, it's just me and what I know I can do.

MVRemix: You've done a lot already...

Daz: I'm tryin' to put some more work in man, I'm tryin' to put it in. [laughs] And that ain't even all the music that I done got, I hooked up with Tupac's people yesterday and they got like 30 more songs that I did over there that ain't never came out.

MVRemix: Who are you working with right now?

Daz: We working with that new super-group right now: War Zone, Kam, Goldie Loc and they got another super-group called called Western Union - Supa Fly, Bad Luck and Demonic from Englewood.

MVRemix: What do you enjoy more, producing or rapping? Why?

Daz: I like both, it's a check, I'm a hustla'. They want the rhyme, they want the beat, either one, I'm gonna give, you know what I mean? [laughs]

MVRemix: Besides Pac and Kurupt, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Daz: Really, I like working with everybody cause' everyone teach you something different, you know what I'm sayin'? If you just learn from one person, you gonna act like that person. I'ma act like myself. I liked working with Pac, it was a time in life when that was what we did, you know? If he was still here we'd be doing the same thing.

MVRemix: Good answer. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Daz: You know, I want some Alicia Keyes or something. Anybody who wanna' get down, I'm just doin' me right now, you know? I'm happy with myself making the noise that I'm making, so that make them want some cause' we over here bangin', you know, I've worked with Young Jeezy, I done worked with a lot of new people

MVRemix: Could you tell me a little more about the new solo album?

Daz: Alright, fo' sho', I got super stars on here like Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Ice Cube, Jagged Edge, Rick Ross, JD, that's it right there. Production by Scott Storch, Daz, Supa Fly, Jermaine Dupri.

MVRemix: Yeah, I heard that song with Rick Ross, that's real hot.

Daz: Fo' sho', JD produced that one, that's why it's hot. I'ma put the accapella up on the internet and see who can come up with a remix, you know what I'm sayin', I need a reggaeton remix, I need all kinds of remixes...

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