Deeskee - conducted by rajibot  


October 2001

These are the transcripts of an interview with Deeskee. The interview was conducted by rajibot, October 19th, 2001.

MVRemix: What should people expect out of la2thebay in the future, idea wise?

Deeskee: Um that's tough one. It's a collective effort basically whatever we all decide, which is day by day.

MVRemix: As with collective efforts, do you get irritated when people classifiy your sound as such? (ie: an la2thebay sound)

Deeskee: Nah, we just kind of do what we do. We're evolving on our own terms.

MVRemix: Do you feel like la2thebay is being "slept on"?

Deeskee: Kind of...we have a lot to offer but people don't pay us much mind.

MVRemix: What do you think you have to offer and why don't you think people pay you guys mind or acknowledge you?

Deeskee: Within our collective we have so many different sounds and styles I would think anyone would find something to their liking but there's SO much "underground" stuff people get caught up in it and we get lost in the shuffle; look at our discographies we have albums with anticon on them, Ab Rude, Shapeshifters, etc...we are the underrated homies of your favorite artists. That's what I tell people.

MVRemix: Heh...ok, what songs would you want to be played at your faked death funeral with you hiding in the bushes?

Deeskee: "El Recuerdo de Ti" by Sa-Fire then they'd take it seriously. It's actually a pop song.

MVRemix: What's up with you and Chicano rock?

Deeskee: Its just dope. so many genres are represented in it [and] it's so complex, but not too much.

MVRemix: Do you think la2thebay represents more genres than just hip-hop?

Deeskee: For sure we have some seriously soulful stuff, we have some rock stuff, down tempo, funk, jazz... all rolled up in one; we don't just go for all bangin' chopped up beats to make a "hard" album; we actually make music.

MVRemix: Why might you think representing or utilizing rock and down tempo and funk is necessary to be successful in making music?

Deeskee: i don't really see it as necessary i just love music we all are serious music lovers and our influences show in our music...we don't care about images and stuff. we sing, dance, rap, slam...whatever we feel that day you know that.

MVRemix: So it's more of an innate thing than a deliberate attempt to mix and match genres...

Deeskee:'s kind of how the Chicano rock has the perfect balance of rock, jazz, soul, funk, samba, bassa... We do the same without twisting it.

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