Del Tha Funkee Homosapien conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Interview

August 2006

MVRemix: Sort of branching from that - how do you feel when the newer generations tend to just recognize you from your Gorillaz work?

Del: Any recognition is appreciated. But I let people know in general that that there is not my main work, it's what I did for that. Just so there's no confusion; I'm more street orientated.

MVRemix: If you had to choose between one of the three following influences for your creativity out of drugs, food or sex, which would you choose? And note I said sex, not love.

Del: Food, I guess. But I don't rely on anything for inspiration. Music maybe... But I still don't rely on it. Just my knowledge in my head and what I study from.

MVRemix: Do you create daily, or force yourself to... Or is it only when you "feel" like doing so?

Del: I would enjoy being able to produce some kind of music everyday, and the times when I actually work my way up to that point is great. But it's kinda rare. I have a lot of diggin' out of this hole from the other house, and touring so much leaves me little time to actually sit and create. Which is why I decided to study - to increase the output of dope shit as well as in a efficient time frame.

MVRemix: Is the studying through a school or college, or independent?

Del: Independent - I just absorbed all books and info. I could find on the subjects I was interested in, funk included. Majorly the funk aspect, I really had to learn theory even to understand what funk musicians were talking about. Brian Jackson, who used to produce for Gil Scott Heron in the 70's, he helped me out a lot too, and Amp Fiddler who played with Parliament Funkadelic.

MVRemix: Do they play any role on the 11th Hour?

Del: Nope - it's pretty much all me. But I got a wide range of styles to pull from; I've studied the realm of black music in general. My CD collection is retarded, I mean for real, it's a problem.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Del: Well, I don't like to fight man. I feel it's not really the smart way to administer your energies. But, if I had to fight, I would be goin' all out for real... Snap that neck!

MVRemix: Nobody annoys you in the celebrity world?

Del: I don't get annoyed by stuff like that, I been in life threatening situations - that's small to me. I just clown fools [laughs] I'm a comedian, I got a funky attitude though.

MVRemix: What's next on the Hiero horizon, as a label and a group?

Del: We were never a group like that, we were always separate entities. But now I'm focusing on production, working on increasing my musical output while I can. The rest of the crew is focusing on they solo and group releases. A-Plus got a real bomb, "Last Good Deed" comin', and he'll be on the road with me this fall. Opio workin' on a new one, Pep [Love] got "Reconstruction" comin' out. Tajai workin' on another solo joint and I'm tryin' to really work close with him on the production. Souls [of Mischief] new album, Prince Paul has expressed serious interest in producing it. I talk to Paul every so often, so he with it for sure.

MVRemix: Any last words? And lastly, when can we expect the "11th hour"?

Del: At the "11th Hour"! [laughs] Just kiddin', probably next year, first quarter. Still gotta mix and the industry shuts down last quarter, but as for last words. Well, just be on the look-out for Hiero output soon and expect real quality put into our music as always. Oh, also, Phesto got a solo joint that is like to me, our secret weapon and shit. Look out for it, he produces as well.

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