Del Tha Funkee Homosapien conducted by Todd E. Jones  

The 11th Hour Of Del

September 2006

MVRemix: So, are you in a romantic relationship with a woman now? In the 'Calicomm 2004' DVD, you were talking about how love is not a big priority for you now.

Del: Yes. I've known her since high school. So, we good. She doesn't really destroy stuff like the other two chicks I was with. So, it's all good. The last two relationships I were in were more like pimp/ho type relationships, although I wasn't pimping. I just had to turn on my pimp motor to prevent them from clowning me.

MVRemix: Do you think that there can be a balance of power between a man and a woman in a relationship? Or, will one always play the dominant role while the other plays the submissive role?

Del: Of course! I think women need to be able to submit though, as well as men. But women, definitely, sometimes, need to learn to shut up and listen because a lot of women can't accept the truth coming out of a dude's mouth. They got to be right, even if they wrong. Let me elaborate on that thought so that there is no misinterpretation, because there will be anyway. Let me be clear on the subject. A lot of women, because of whatever they have been through with men, do not hold much respect for their word. Therefore, I have been in situations where I may actually be correct, but still, it's an argument where logic should reign. Notice I said, 'correct' and not 'right'. I don't believe in right or wrong. That's opinion. But, a lot of women can't stand being wrong, like it's a defeat or something. Even though we all cannot be correct all the time, it's like giving it up. You Del Tha Funkee Homosapien interviewknow? It's like 'Hell naw, n*gga! You still wrong!' Find something else to drag into the argument, just to be right about something. It's like denial. Like I said, dudes are just as bad, if not worse. They are the ones who started the chain of events anyway. But, to submit is simply to give someone their respect, 'Okay, you got that, my bad or error, my mistake.' Some can never do that. They got a thing about being wrong in front of certain people.

MVRemix: 'The 11th Hour' is also the title of your new album, yet to be released. Tell us about that. Why did you release the DVD first?

Del: Happened that way. No particular reason. Some things just happen. You can't really plan it all. The album wasn't finished yet, due to, well, you seen the DVD. More concentration.

MVRemix: How is 'The 11th Hour' album different from your past albums like 'No Need For Alarm' or 'Both Sides Of The Brain'?

Del: On quality, content, musical consistency, and what people wanted to hear versus what I wanted to express.

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the title, 'The 11th Hour'?

Del: It's too late or just in the nick of time. Allah is one. Humans try to dictate the outcome of everything.

MVRemix: I love the song, 'Press Rewind' (featuring Sadat X) on the 'Both Sides Of The Brain' LP. What was it like to work with Sadat X? How did the collaboration happen?

Del: That was just a cut. (laughs). But, I know Sadat though. He's mad cool. I was trying to get him some music production for his next album, as a matter of fact.

MVRemix: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

Del: As a musician, I usually come up with an inspiration for some kind of musical theme or motive. This is musical or rhythmical. So, not really anything lyrical yet.

MVRemix: Each Del album has a signature sound, style, or vibe. How would you describe the sound of 'The 11th Hour' LP?

Del: I tried to finally present something more comprehensive. Like, okay, this is Del. Expect this from now on, not every other thing I'm into mixed into one, just Del. Save the rest for other projects like 'Deltron 3030'. I thought that my fans deserved that. This next Deltron Event 2 is going to be better.

MVRemix: I think 'Deltron 3030' was one of the best hip-hop albums in the last 10 years. It is one of my all time favorites.

Del: Thank you.

MVRemix: How did the 'Deltron 3030' collaboration happen? How did you approach the album? How was the recording process and creative process different from your other work?

Del: Like the Del project, it was more comprehensive, by chance, which is why this time, we are going at it more with a mind on it. I think the people deserve that for they hard earned.

MVRemix: Tell us about the 2nd 'Deltron 3030' album. Are you still working with the same people?

Del: It's still me, Dan, and Kid Koala. Dan and Koala are more involved in the theme and motives of this one here. I'm glad they are. I want it to be a group effort. It's completely different from the last one, but still relative to the space opera theme. Not music-wise really, but theme-wise. This one definitely has more of an underlying theme to it, but it's kept basic so anyone can enjoy it, like 'Hunger' or 'Greed'.

MVRemix: On the song, 'Power, Money And Influence' from Guru's 'Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures' album, Talib Kweli remarks that Pro-Tools made producers lazy. Do you agree?

Del: Not really, because an idiot can't work Pro-Tools. You are going to put some work in, as far as the art of the music. Maybe computers or any advancements are supposed to make things easier. That is the whole basis of invention. But yes, there are those who will always try to use things to get over. But, it doesn't overpower the real juggernauts. The key is application. It don't matter how skilled you are, if you don't know how to apply your skill to the advantage. It's like going to college, doesn't mean you are going make it.

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the song title, 'Clint Eastwood' by Gorillaz?

Del: You got to ask them. I just filled in the blanks. It was a chance that I was glad to be able to take part in.

MVRemix: The songs ('Clint Eastwood' and 'Rock The House') that you did for Gorillaz earned you massive publicity and money. What was it like to work with Gorillaz? How did the collaboration happen?

Del: It was Dan. We were working on the last of Deltron. He was simultaneously working on the Gorillaz project. He needed to replace a rapper on that song, so he picked me, knowing I could do it that night, then and there. I had just finished reading How To Write A Hit Song and applied what I learned to that song.

MVRemix: Were the songs 'Clint Eastwood' and 'Rock The House' recorded while everyone was together in the same studio or were the songs done separately at different times or in different studios?

Del: Nope. Well, initially, yes. Without me, I guess. Like I said, I was a last minute adjustment, lucky for me. Good looking to Dan for that.

MVRemix: What are some songs you are most proud of?

Del: Probably 'Eye Examination' and the songs I did for 'Full Circle' (Hieroglyphics). 'Love Is Worth'.

MVRemix: My personal favorites are, 'Madness', 'Love Is Worth', 'The Undisputed Champs' (with Q-Tip), 'Cheque It Oooout', and 'Press Rewind' (with Sadat X).

Del: A lot of those songs, back then, I didn't really think about. If you asked me, I would say I just did them, which to me, doesn't mark a great composer. But, we got to start somewhere. That was the beginning of where I'm at now. I think I was good, but I held myself back from more success in a lot of ways.

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