De La Soul - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

De La Soul

November 2004

Posdnuos: I think that a lot of groups get stuck into where they were supposed to be or where their fans almost politely tell them to be. We've never ever done that. We've lost fans throughout the way because they didn't understand where we were going and some we got back. But I can honestly say, more than a lot of other groups can say - we're still here. That's one of the reasons. We don't stay stuck in '89. I'm living in 2004. If the ozone layer is depleting, I gotta wear sun block. I can't say, "Well in '89 I didn't wear sun block!" I can't do that.

MVRemix: Kind of going on from that, MF Doom for many years has been highly regarded independently and underground from KMD and such, yet few established groups have sought him out for their major label releases. What made you choose Doom for "The Grind Date"?

Posdnuos: Choosing Doom was no different for us than choosing Busta for like two albums ago. I mean, we can know them for years, we've known Doom as long as Busta. But until we feel like "Yo, you know what? This song sounds like Busta, we'll use him for this." Or until the next album, "You know this song sounds like I can hear Serch rhymin' on it. Call Serch and have him rhyme." We look at these artists like instruments. Today, this artist sounds like a trombone. Or, you know what "this" sounds like a piano, then these people are nothing but instruments in the eyes of De La Soul. That song literally almost called out the fact that Doom could be on it. And as you said, we've been a fan of Doom since KMD up until all the "Madvillain" stuff and everything he's done. It wasn't about "Lets put Doom on to help him finally get out there." It worked. It felt like it would be a great marriage between us and him.

MVRemix: What exactly happened with Ghostface through "Toney's Money"/"He Comes"?

Posdnuos: Basically we did the song, we got in touch with Ghost, we're big fans of him and wanted to do a song but as well, one again, until we'd felt we'd found the correct song to help that marriage be complete, it would just be until it happened. So finally, we had that particular song. We worked everything out. He did the song. But I guess one of Ghost's problems was he wanted to make sure he got the money before he released the vocals. We didn't have the actual vocals, we got a copy of how it came out and everything was everything. I guess unfortunately our management and his management weren't being clear to us and him. So from his viewpoint, he kept hearing about us talking about how we had a song with Ghost and he hadn't got paid yet, and his own management weren't being clear what was going on.

So he maybe felt like "I don't want these motherfuckers to put this song out and leak it, and they haven't paid me." He just explained to me about being frustrated and not knowing what was going on... he leaked his own verse to be like "Well fuck it, we ain't gonna do the song 'cause now I leaked my verse." He did apologize, we met up with him at one of his shows and everything was cool. He let us know where his frustration lied, we let him know that we didn't understand or knew that anything like that was a problem, because unless someone said it was a problem, we didn't know it was a problem.

We worked all that out and we decided lets try and find another song once again, and whenever that song comes about, we'll use it. But we let it understood that "We want to still use this song for ourselves regardless, so why don't we just keep your verse," and that's what we did.

MVRemix: What's the relationship with Prince Paul like nowadays?

Posdnuos: Oh it's fine. I mean I just talked to Paul yesterday. It doesn't necessarily mean that because we're not working together that we're not friends, that we don't still look to Paul for inspiration or that he doesn't look to us for inspiration. We're on his new Handsome Boys Modeling school album that'll soon be dropping. Paul IM's me on the computer. I pretty much hear from Paul every two weeks or so.

MVRemix: Have fun with this - A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Posdnuos: Fight any celebrity? I would fight Freddie Foxxx because if I beat him then I know I'm strong 'cause that's a strong and very powerful dude. So I'd probably fight Freddie Foxxx. I'd probably lose though.

MVRemix: There were several X-Box references on "The Grind Date." Do you have a favourite game at the moment?

Posdnuos: My favourite game right now is "Rainbow Six: Black Arrow." I love "Rainbow Six," but I play a lot of different games.

MVRemix: Do you remember the first film you saw?

Posdnuos: In a movie theater?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Posdnuos: First movie... Wow. See it's hard to say. 'Cause I can remember the first movie I saw on my own outside of my parents, but...

MVRemix: What was that then?

Posdnuos: First movie I saw on my own was "Thank God It's Friday." Haha. I finally moved to Long Island and I got to the age where I could go without my parents. With my parents, the first thing that comes to me is a Karate flick because my father and my older brother was into a lot of Karate flicks... So... I think it was a Bruce Lee flick or something like that.

MVRemix: Aside from the album, are there any De La guest appearances/collabo's or other endeavours we should look out for?

Posdnuos: Right now, we've completed a song with The Gorillaz. So that'll be on their album. I'm doing something with these cats L.A. Symphony. But there's stuff in the works that I don't want to speak on until it really happens. Hopefully look out for it because we're trying to really get it goin' on.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words for your fans?

Posdnuos: Man, please, if you haven't already... Please check out "The Grind Date" it's a beautiful album.

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