The Dirty Crew - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

>The Dirty Crew

July 2005

MVRemix: As a collective aside from the tour, are you working on a group project?

D-vice: Yeah, well, the dirty crew will always be droppin’ new material. Aside from that, I'm working on my debut solo album. I'm also starting to write for my side project entitled "Neon Logo" which is on a more abstract level. Look out for both those releases, you wont be disappointed, I promise.

Kaboom: Tons. I work like a mad man. I write hooks for anyone who wants one. I write hot 16's like tomorrow didn't exist. Ya, i do group shit. I'm in like 50 groups. For instance, me and Evil are forming a group called B&E Boom and Evil.

Cee!!!!!!!!!!: Cee & Moves got a new album droppin’ this summer- drunken arseholes "the rural pimps" - it's a cluster-fuck right in your eardrum... She's next level, pupps!!!!

Neoteric: The Dirty Crew has kind of turned into a group project. There’s a lot of Fatt Matt on it, but we're all doin’ our part in some way or another.

Moves: I helped record, mix and produce some of the Fatt Matt lp and the dirty crews LP also.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

D-vice: Jean Claude Van Damme, I hear he's not as tough as he is in the movies. Honorable mention goes to Richard Simmons, to go for the easy win.

Kaboom: Has to be Vin Deisel, if it weren't for a 100 pounds and a square jaw, I’d have all his roles. I'd also like to tie up Carson Daly and feed him Portuguese buns till his head exploded.

Fatt Matt: Christian Slater. Always creepin around corners with his shitty eyebrows, lookin like a cat.

Cee!!!!!!!!!: Any pretentious, blond, white devil cracker!!

Neoteric: Shit, I don't really know if you want to call him a celebrity, but Ben Mulrooney is a douche bag, he can get beat. That shouldn't count though so I'm gonna say Oprah, not because I dislike her, but if I'm going to fight a celebrity, what better one to make a name off of. I'd even let her win, or maybe I'd go for the ass-whooping /hate fuck combination, then lay a whoopin’ on Steadman, and spend me some of that Oprah money! Yeah, tell her to bring it!

Moves: I'd fight Jessica Alba and fuck the shit out of her. Give her the old fuck you!!

MVRemix: Aside from albums and touring, what are you guys working on? Guest appearances, other business endeavours etc.?

D-vice: I'm gonna be working on whatever I can get my hands on, I’m hungry! From here on out - it's time to get fed.

Kaboom: Trying to deal crack. Keep doing it.

Fatt Matt: I'm working on making my life better, maybe quitting smoking. I'm on the new POS CD called "Party On Saturday". That’s a dope crew out of East Vancouver. I'm working with the pan-handlers crew, from Squamish, BC. Both these crews are making dope rap music that is original and complex. DJ Moves - loaded again ... 60 emcees! We got on that. We're gonna do some shit with Sideroad records. We're working with Apt, who is a sick rapper from Halifax just recently moved to Toronto. We got a song on vinyl in the Netherlands with N, you can get that. We did some shit with Sean One from First Words, they are killing it on the east coast - charting on all independents. We're trying to build all over the place.

Neoteric: I've got a bunch of mix tapes planned and not enough time to do them. I'm also working on a Dirty Crew DVD when we get back. The footage we have, and the footage we will get should be pretty crazy.

Moves: I'm makin’ a brand of toilet paper it’s called "wipe yo arse!!" Cee!!!!!!!! is becoming a teacher for little kids soon... seriously. The dirty crew will continue to have sex with virgins and lesbians and eat raw butter all day.

MVRemix: Why the name "Moves"?

Moves: Sixtoo first gave me "Moves". It came from the fact that in 91, I was in a group with him called criminal moves. I was moves, he was...

MVRemix: How do you feel about this tour and what are the pluses and minuses from your experiences?

Moves: This tour will be stupid fresh silly dope!!!!!!! The pluses are more people see and hear your music and you get drunk every night. The minuses are driving all the time, and being hung-over all the time.

MVRemix: The term DJ is thrown around all the time, what do you think makes a DJ?

Moves: Being able to beat mix a record into another record flawlessly, all the other technical shit was added after DJ’ing was already a thing.

MVRemix: What's your best touring story?

Moves: One time on the nine six reunion tour we were in Truro, Nova Scotia staying at my old lady's house. We went and got don air poutines, ate them and then went and bought boar meat from a farm which took us 3 hours to get to. We ate that, then we all got sucked off by hot girls all night in Truro. It was a hell of a time.

MVRemix: Tell me about Low Pressure and the current projects?

Moves: The new low pressure shit is off the hook!!! Next is HORN(Kunga 219 and Moves)- sound LP. It's drunker and harder than Kunga has ever been. Then the Drunken Arseholes got a new LP almost done, it's entitled "rural pimps".

I also have a new compilation in the works LOW PRESSURE comp 2. It has Manik, Cee!!!!!!!!, AWOL one, Tachichi and Kaleb Simmonds(the stoned-up guy from Canadian idol), Fatt Matt, Emotionz, Smoxz, Genetics - basically all my near and extended fam is on there.

MVRemix: Why the exclamation marks after your name?

Cee!!!!!!!!: Basically, fuckers gotta emphasize the intensity... anybody that knows me knows that there is a huge difference between Cee-lo and C-murder... if my name was just "!!!!!!!!" fuckers wouldn't know what to do... That's to all you promoters that bill me as cee!!!! That’s a completely different prick I won't even show, faggot!

MVRemix: I've heard stories of people offended at your shows, what are your thoughts on that?

Cee!!!!!!!!: Fuckers got too much of a comfort zone nowadays... maybe they're too sheltered or isolated... or just inherently gay. But, my experience performing often involved punching bitches in the face, throwin’ liquor on broads, walkin’ on shattered glass and verbally embracing and making love to sexy goddesses... whatever the case... I ain't the first to do songs about abortions, killin corrupt pigs or drinkin’ booze... so, if you attack me first, of course I’m gonna react hostile... If not, then everything's lovely!

>>> continued...

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"I'm makin’ a brand of toilet paper it’s called "wipe yo arse!!" Cee!!!!!!!! is becoming a teacher for little kids soon... seriously. The dirty crew will continue to have sex with virgins and lesbians and eat raw butter all day."