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DJ Clue - conducted by Bonnetta  

DJ Clue

January 2007

MVRemix: I got about 735 Questions for you. You ready?

DJ Clue: That ain't gon work.

MVRemix: I mean, you got an album that was just released so that can't work? I'm joking. Let me get serious. How did you get the name DJ Clue?

DJ Clue: I started DJing

MVRemix: How many years have you been DJing now?

DJ Clue: About 12 years.

MVRemix: Where did you just come from, off tour, finishing up a gig?

DJ Clue: I just finished working with Mariah Carey on her album.

MVRemix: Yeah, I know you did her remix. It's pretty tight. I like that.

DJ Clue: Thank you.

MVRemix: We've been anticipating this album, The Professional 3 for a long time, that is in stores now. Why is it being released under Roc-A-Fella Records versus Desert Storm?

DJ Clue: I've always been signed to Roc-A-Fella as an artist. Desert Storm is my label.

MVRemix: How long did you work on this album before its release?

DJ Clue: I want to say, about three and a half years.

MVRemix: That's a long time. I noticed that you have

DJ Clue: Why is that a long time?

MVRemix: It's a long time, three and a half years for an album to come out especially from you? It is much anticipated. I think it is a long time. However, you have so many heavy hitters, every single track you are collaborating with somebody that has been a top ten artist. What makes this album stand out from your past albums?

DJ Clue: [no response]

MVRemix: What is the track on this album that you like the most?

DJ Clue: "War" with Nas, the first track, Mobb Deep, the Jada joint, all of them.

MVRemix: But which one will stand out to your listeners?

DJ Clue: It's either "War" or "Gold."

MVRemix: Now, being one of the originals on the Mixtape scene. Which artist influenced you in the early days?

DJ Clue: Biggie, Nas, you know what I'm sayin? Before that there was Big Daddy Kane, Sir Mix A Lot, Special Ed, Run DMC, there was a lot.

MVRemix: How often are you in the studio?

DJ Clue: Usually, every week. I can do beast in like five minutes.

MVRemix: What projects are you working on now?

DJ Clue: I'm working with Mya on her album.

MVRemix: What's on heavy rotation in your player?

DJ Clue: Uh, right now, um, Jay Z, Young Jeezy's "Go Getter" with R. Kelly, Nas's Hustler, Ciara's Promise, the Snoop joint.

MVRemix: If there was a major world catastrophe and almost everything you owned except for one album was destroyed and you could save that one album, which album would you save?

DJ Clue: It would have to be my very first album, that is like my baby, you know what I mean?

MVRemix: Which album do would rebirth civilization? This album would teach everyone about Hip Hop, the King of all Kings.

DJ Clue: Biggie's Double CD album

MVRemix: What is your favorite old school candy craze?

DJ Clue: Big Bols.

MVRemix: Big Bols?

DJ Clue: Yea, Big Bols. You never heard of Big Bols? They had a hard outside with gum in the middle.

MVRemix: Nah, never heard of 'em. I checked out your my space page, what's up with all the model like chicks? I don't really see any real fan love on there. It seems like everybody there is there for exposure, crazy superficial. So what's up with that?

DJ Clue: I really don't hit up my myspace page. I got somebody to take care of that for me.

MVRemix: You don't maintain that yourself?

DJ Clue: No

MVRemix: Any closing remarks for your fans besides, "Buy my album".

DJ Clue: Thanks for all the support throughout the years.

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