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Dutchmassive - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


September 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Dutchmassive. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on September 6th, 2000. Dutch is half of the duo; Equilibrium and is best known for his work in the group. He's releasing his first solo 12" in November and his solo LP is also in the works.

MVRemix: So, how did you begin in Hip Hop?

Dutchmassive: I always hung around older cats when I was young. They put me onto not only Hip Hop, but a lot of older music, and taught me to be diverse when it comes to life. So now I am a fan of all music. Of Course Hip Hop is my favorite of all types of music, but my ears aren't limited to just Hip Hop. I'm not going to say I was break dancing in my crib like a lot of younger cats try to front about. I never really dug a lot 80's Hip Hop, there were songs I liked, but I really didn't get into Hip Hop hard until around '91.

MVRemix: Why did you change your name from Dutchmaster to Dutchmassive?

Dutchmassive: Haha, for the record my birth name is Dutch. So growing up every kid called me Dutchmaster and it grew on me. Well, when I went solo Celph told me I should change my name because DutchMaster was a corny name, and it is. I mean honestly, if you never heard the music before, would you pick up a product when the artists name is Dutchmaster. I doubt it, it sounds too "Wu-tang-ish." So Celph kept throwing names at me and I wasn't feeling anything, I mean my real name is Dutch, I didn't want to have some meaningless name. So I was upset with celph for days, and he had told me to change it to DutchMassive. It was Close to DutchMaster and sounded dope. So I kept writing it down trying to let it grow on me, and it did. At first I wanted to change it to (DutchMassive ego) because at the time a lot of cats on the Internet where saying I had an ego. All because in an Interview I said "Fuck a battle, Take it to wax," and that's how I feel. Freestyling is for fun. I'm not into that Hip Hop competition shit. This is music, not sports. Anyway DutchMassive Ego was too long so I just adapted to the DutchMassive part. and use the Ego ish as an Alias.

MVRemix: What's the scene like in Florida?

Dutchmassive: Well, I really can't speak on Florida as a whole because I don't leave Tampa often. But the Tampa Scene is pretty much doomed. Everyone wants to be the first to surface "Put Tampa on the map" so everyone hates on each other. There is no unity what so ever. I mean we have a grip of dope artist such as; FunkGhost, Uncle Shredded Wheat, PrimeTyme, Bobby Six Guns(Monteego), Rugged T' Reign, MajikMost (formerly of Equilibrium) and lets not forget the cat that accomplished "putting Tampa on the map" Celph Titled, Who now resides in NY, NY. It would be crazy if i didn't mention DJ Fader, who keeps Hip Hop open to people in Tampa, who's Spinning every Saturday at the club masquerades. And DJ Sandman's House of Hip-Hop Who Brings all the banging Show's, The DLL Camp (Mad Linx, D-money, Little Lou), and the cat that got me through Hip Hop around when I first became a fan, Kenny K (R.I.P.). With all these people and I left out Crazy Groups, Tampa still has a weak scene because people do not want to help each other or give each other props where props are due. Sometimes I feel I'm the only cat that in this city that doesn't have an ego. Hopefully Tampa will get its shit together and just worry about making dope music, and actually putting it out.

MVRemix: When will we be seeing more Equilibrium material surface?

Dutchmassive: To be honest. I have no idea. Since Celph moved to NY he's changed, is always busy. We have songs planned but I honestly don't see another Equilibrium product for a while, I wanted to have one done by December, but I don't see it happening. We've really grown apart since he moved. We have different views on a lot of things, and we really don't have much in common. Sometimes I feel he doesn't like me that much anymore, but I don't really sweat it. I know he is trying to make a career out of this and he is great at what he does. Honestly he is the hardest working cat in the industry right now. No one is as diverse and dope as him when it comes to production. That's my personal opinion. He's also one of my favorite emcees. No one really credits him for his rhymes but he is so on point. To be honest I really look up to him, and his opinion has a lot of affect on me. Which is good but also bad, because I really don't like to write anymore. I feel I'm not doing the shit he feels or fitting his standards. Anyway like I said I really doubt it, but hopefully December we will bless the people with an Equilibrium classic.

MVRemix: Tell us about your forthcoming LP...

Dutchmassive: 'JunkPlanet2000' is over a years worth of work and still not finished. I'm not sure how people are going to react to it because its really not up to par. I really hate music as of now so I made an LP that I could listen to. I made about 40 CDR home made copies of what I have finished so far and I've got nothing but good feedback. Other than it's too jazzy, but I haven't finished it yet, and these last few tracks are my more banging tracks. It's got Celph Titled on most of the production, Deeskee did a few Classic beats for it, Mr. Rictor who never hesitated to help me. Ayentee, Nev etc. Guest appearances from Celph Titled, Walkmen, Atoms Family, Apathy, C-Rayz Walz, Louis logic, Majikmost and few others that have not been confirmed. Hopefully I will have this LP finished by the end of this year, and out to people before next summer. I'm trying to do it right.

MVRemix: Have you been guesting on any tracks or do you have any guest spots planned?

Dutchmassive: I did some exclusives for a few mixtapes; 'Talk Is Cheap' which is on the DJ Next Tape, and 'Crush Your System' which is on The 'Brothers On The Slide' mxtape. Other than that, nothing. I'm not well known, and haven't been asked to guest on anything yet.

MVRemix: All right, I'm gonna say a word or a few words and you're going to give me your immediate reaction to it. If you wanna talk about your opinion of it or just want to say what pops into your head straight, then do so, it's your choice.


MVRemix: Underground...

Dutchmassive: A term thrown around way too much, to me underground is a product that doesn't have much financial backing. Not much promotion. Doesn't really surface.

MVRemix: Mainstream...

Dutchmassive: The opposite of underground.

MVRemix: Money...

Dutchmassive: Something I need to finish my album and to record new material.

MVRemix: Hip Hop and drugs...

Dutchmassive: To me music is a form of drug as is food, anything addicting.

MVRemix: Freestyling...

Dutchmassive: Entertainment.

MVRemix: Racism in Hip Hop...

Dutchmassive: I don't believe racism exists, I believe its used as a crutch, something to talk about. Colour is just that. I believe in idiots, assholes, and bad people. Racism is for the weak.

MVRemix: Hip Hop late 80's...

Dutchmassive: People had fun.

MVRemix: Hip Hop now...

Dutchmassive: People don't have fun.

MVRemix: Your future...

Dutchmassive: Haha, who knows. Hopefully I'll be making something to express myself, I really don't have much I want to do in life other than music "Some become emcees because it's hard to get a job" - Common. Damn I feel that quote.

MVRemix: Any last comments you'd like to make on something we haven't covered?

Dutchmassive: Umm. Hopefully you will be hearing more from me. Unlike 95% of the music industry right now. I'm having fun with my music. My solo Single should be out in November 'Evaporate'/'The hook' featuring Celph, Apathy, Louis logic, C-Rayz Walz. Majikmost and myself have formed a group - SideSpliters, so you should see a single from us soon. Other than that, I just wish people would have a little more fun with music. And big up to all the people who inspire me, Celph, Apathy, L-fudge, J-Zone, louis logic, Lone Catalysts and a grip of other dope artists. Thanks for making dope music.

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