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E-Sik - conducted by Nima Fadavi  


December 2006

The music scene in San Jose seems to be flushing out day by day. Original music is becoming harder and harder to come by, but there still is hope. A reggae/hip hop singer, E-Sik has some new projects in the works that seem to be picking up real fast. Recent collaboration with Harmonize seems to be catching everyone's ears pretty quick, and a sponsorship with Left Coast Boardwear is helping him rise quickly. So take a deep breath, because E-Sik is giving us some fresh air in a city of dry music.

MVRemix: First off, let everyone know where you're from and what your all about.

E-Sik: Well, I'm originally from Seaside, Monterey, California. But right now I'm in San Jose. I'm all about love and living it.

MVRemix: It seems you've been in Lifted for about two years or so, which is fairly short, considering how long they've been around. How did you manage to get into there?

E-Sik: I knew the guys before joining the band for 4 or 5 years. I was looking for a reggae, ska band at first and LIFTED was looking for a singer, all at the same time. We hooked up and started a NEW LiFTED sound of positive reggae rock music. It took off fast.

MVRemix: Being from the Bay Area and all, what's your position on the whole new "hyphy" movement?

E-Sik: I see the hyphy movement as a Bay Area movement. It may not fit some people's genre of music they like but it does represent the bay and I am all for the Bay Area. I support all kinds of music and talent out here.

MVRemix: What other projects are you working on besides things with Lifted?

E-Sik: Well, I'm looking to sing more roots reggae. I'm looking to create a band. I'm trying to spread more love, through music. I wanna be able to make the soul feel good and send a positive message to uplift yourself in life. I'm still looking for band members.

MVRemix: I've heard about the eSik and Harmonize thing you got goin. How did that come about?

E-Sik: Harmonize and I go way back. We both knew each other inside and outside the scene. We just thought to create music together cause we are pretty much sending the same message. The message is to live your soul...and live your now. We scream onesoul wherever we go. It's a connection thing that makes you live with your peace you create. Live the soul, that's how we should live with each other. We are both working with some artists from the group Undahoggs in seaside. We're spreading onesoul.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the San Jose music scene?

E-Sik: The scene is dry. Its been that way for a while. but the positive outlook on it is to keep making music, keep playing shows and keep in touch with fans. I like to call them friends, but...whatever. I want to bring out another side of San Jose out. People who are waiting to hear something different out of San Jose - that's my mission right now. I want to have a band that can drive energy into you while I feed the mind with words of peace, love and happiness.

MVRemix: What are some of your main influences musically and non musically?

E-Sik: Musically, Bob Marley and one of his sons, Damien Marley. They both have the same mindset. It's unbelievable. The words, the vibrations, the feeling, and the love they both bring out is beautiful. I just seen Damien Marley at a concert not to long ago in Berkeley, and when he sung one of his father's songs.... it literally brought out so much of peoples love in the air. You can feel spirits being free. It's beautiful. Non musically, that would have to be my family. My mother and brother never once given up on me, they believe that I have a passion for something and they support it. Their love is inspiring.

MVRemix: Where can people go to check out some of your music?

E-Sik: Myspace of course! [laughs] It's or you can visit e.SiK and HARMONize at be in tuned!!! Thanks for the support and God bless.

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"I want to have a band that can drive energy into you while I feed the mind with words of peace, love and happiness."