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Edo.G - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


April 2000

MVRemix: 'Be A Father To Your Child' was a very strong track for its time with a take on social commentary that hadn't been seen in hip hop especially in the early 90's when west coast gangsta rap was in its prime. Did you catch a lot of flack?

Edo.G: (Interrupts) I caught no flack

MVRemix: You didn't?

Edo.G: The only flack I caught was from people who weren't taking care of their babies. Those were the only people that would give me flack. Haha, the people who weren't doing the right thing. Nowadays I can really say that I did make a big impact on a lot of black brothers because nowadays it's very cool to take care of your baby. But I mean, as opposed to, you know, nine years ago, when it was...."You're pregnant?" "Oh no, that's not my baby" know what I mean, so its a whole different outlook on how black men look at it now. Now black mean want to be responsible, they want to be fathers, they want to be there for their children as opposed to before the song came out, it was cool to disrespect because of all the gangsta-ism and shit that was going on, it was cool to disrespect and say, you know, "Fuck the woman" and "Fuck the kid," whatever. But nowadays, it's totally different, so I know I made a definite big impact on you know, a lot of black men in America and basically around the world.

MVRemix: We've heard you on the odd indie 12" and seen you in videos for artists like Big Shug over the years but what else have you been up to?

Edo.G: Just recording man, we're putting out a lot of independent stuff on independent compilations and various compilations, just basically keeping the name out, you know what I mean, we didn't have anything where we was signed to anybody so specifically that we had somewhere where we could come up with a full length album, but now, you know we're signed to this label Ground Control out of San Francisco. And, you know, everything is moving now, now we'll be hitting everybody in the head with the full length and with everything that comes along with that man, and now we're on the move to prepare to really bring it, bring it to everybody in the whole. As opposed to just doing this compilation or this single and this whoopedy-whoop. I think a person has to do that to keep your name out, or people will forget. At that particular time, I just had to take what I could and run so people could remember and know that I'm still here and not going anywhere, this is my life, this is what I'm doing.

MVRemix: So, you're signed to Ground Control now? Because I spoke to Metro Concepts recently and they said you were negotiating a deal...

Edo.G: Yeah.

MVRemix: So that's for certain?

Edo.G: Yeah. It's pretty much settled, we're signed, and you know everything is moving. I got a joint with uh, Primo, a joint with Guru, Pete Rock, Teamsters, a lot of local people from Boston. We're just putting it all together now and getting it right so everything will be moving, we should have the single out by the summer, and we should have the album out by the end of the summer. Probably August.

MVRemix: Speaking of your album, over the past couple of months, Tha-Real (MVRemix' predecessor) has got its hands on a few exclusives from you. A track with Pete Rock, a track with Primo we believe and some others, but, because Metro Concepts were afraid of bootlegging - even though we put it up in a non decodable format, we had to take them down. I can understand why they're on edge about it though. Anyway, that relates directly to the scare going on with mp3's, and how labels and artists are scared of the material getting into mp3 and bootlegging occurring. How do you feel about this whole situation?

Edo.G: Yeah, I know, and there's the thing about it, I mean, the whole thing with the net is it's all good man. But, you know, we wanna be the ones to leak it, we don't want you leaking it before we leak it, know what I mean, if we work something out with you where you could be the first one to leak it to everybody it's all good man. But when you know, you take something and put it on the net, then that screws up the anticipation of letting people hear it, we don't want you to let somebody else hear it before we let somebody else hear it.

MVRemix: Yeah, I understand the situation, but we're just trying to help you, get you more well known as best we can.

Edo.G: No, I mean, it's all good, it definitely helps, but I mean, like I said, we don't want somebody doing it before we do it.

MVRemix: Yeah....

Edo.G: You know what I'm saying, we don't wanna be hearing "Oh yeah, I heard ya shit on the net." And, we know damn well that it's not supposed to, you know, be on there yet. When we're ready, we'll definitely give you guys some exclusive shit, you can play it and people can get a chance to hear some of the shit that we're doing man, but we just don't like to, have that shit out there before we do anything.

MVRemix: Yeah, well, anyway, I definitely gotta give you props on those joints that we put up though, 'Saying Something' and the one with Pete Rock, it's some dope shit man.

Edo.G: Thank you, I appreciate that man, you know, it's good to have people hear something and really say, you know "Damn, I like that man."

MVRemix: There was quite a reaction when we took it down, a lot of people emailed us asking why...and if we could put it back up, so we got heads noticing...

Edo.G: Yeah, that's beautiful man, that's a beautiful thing man. And when we come we're gonna be doing another song with Primo and Common on it, we're just man, the album is gonna be real right man. I still don't have a title for it man, but it's gonna be real right when we get it all together, we should have the whole shit together. We'll have it done in about another month and a half, you know...

MVRemix: So, when do you reckon it will drop?

Edo.G: It should drop by August, and once, I say by next week, all of the paperwork will be done and then, you know, we can project a date from there, and you know, we gonna have everything up and running and like from there we'll go from there.

MVRemix: "Industry rule number 4080 - record company people are shady" how true does that ring for you?

Edo.G: Um, I mean, you can't, you really can't knock labels for doing what they're doing I mean I can't knock 'em, especially right now with the independent market being so big, you know, I mean, if record companies aren't feeling you, or you can't get a deal. I tell a lot of these younger artists, put it out yourself. That's the way to get business sassy and know exactly how this business works. That way, you'll have a better idea. And, if you sell 100,000 records on your own a label will offer you about 10 million.

MVRemix: Yeah...

Edo.G: So, there's no way you can loose with putting it out yourself. If you don't sell anything. Fine. Then obviously it didn't appeal to work out, and you can keep doing it. I mean, right now, to me, with all of the black labels, I mean, honestly, we're making this whole industry go around. Hip Hop in general is making the whole industry, now you have the rap-rock and you have all of these other bands; Limp Bizkit and Korn and all of them and I like all of that sort of stuff, you know, I like it, it's good music at the same time, but it's all revolving around Hip Hop. Hip Hop is what's making, you know, this whole thing go around now. So, I mean, I can't knock the labels, the labels been doing what they been doing for years. If you know the business then you shouldn't have a problem with that. You can start your own label, you can be a Cash Money, you can be a No Limit, you can be a Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy, a Def Jam. Look at Def Jam, they've stood the test of time, even though I know Russell probably doesn't own the whole label anymore but I mean, you know what I mean? It's...Russell proved it from way back in the days. You can start your own shit and do it yourself.

MVRemix: So...who are sorts of artists that you would like to work with at the moment?

Edo.G: Um, probably the Wu. Yeah, I'd say the Wu. I mean I fulfilled my dreams with working with Pete Rock and working with Primo. You know, Premier was like the number one person for like everybody to work with, you know what I mean...So I could work with him, whoopedy-whoop, you know what I'm sayin'? Probably the Wu man, I'd definitely like to work with them man, and Dr. Dre.

MVRemix: Oh yeah..

Edo.G: You know what I mean, haha, if you really wanna do it, Dr. Dre would be one of the ultimate producers, heh. So..

MVRemix: I've been trying to catch up with him for a while, but he's a damned hard person to get a hold of. He comes out briefly near a big release, then disappears.

Edo.G: Yeah, and that's beautiful because he doesn't have to do it. I mean, this, with you, is something I wanted to do, but Dr. Dre, he doesn't have to do shit, and you'll still be seeking him even if he said "No." Still try to get him. And that's just the way it works.

MVRemix: Hear about the new Wu LP supposedly dropping in the Summer?

Edo.G: No, I haven't, I've actually got a show with Redman and Method Man, Saturday (April 21st).

MVRemix: Oh yeah.

Edo.G: Along with CappaDonna, yeah.

MVRemix: That'd be pretty dope.

Edo.G: Opening up for them, yeah, it's a venue about three thousand, should be pretty dope. After this man, I'm gonna go into the booth with some of my boys. And this is another project we working on called 'The Last Word,' it's a group thing that I'm doing with two other people; D-Leary and Sunny Loco, on the look out for that too, that's somethin'. Other than the EDO.G project.

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"Nowadays I can really say that I did make a big impact on a lot of black brothers because nowadays it's very cool to take care of your baby."