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MVRemix: Even though Bush stole the election last time, we still have the same problems coming up again this year with the ballets and voting booths. I mean the Chief Executive of Diebold, who manufactures the voting machines, publicly said he is going to do anything he can to provide Ohio to Bush. So do you think Americans are being tricked into thinking their votes matter, when in reality only those contracted companies have access to your votes and no one else knows the codes or how they work. There is no paper trail at all.

Edo.G: I think our votes count to a certain extent, but I think we should have a majority and popular vote instead of the electoral process. That obviously doesn't work, it should be who gets the most votes from the people and not all of that other crap. So, I think by Bush stealing it, it showed people that your votes don't count and these people can really do whatever they want to do.

MVRemix: Is democracy a reality in America, or just an illusion?

Edo.G: Its a reality to a certain extent, you can really only do so much. There is a lot of opportunities for you, but there is also a lot of stuff that you can't do. I think countries over in Europe have more freedom than we do, and we are supposed to be the ones that institutionalized it. But by traveling around the world and seeing different things, I realized that other countries have a lot more freedoms.

MVRemix: Is a military draft a reality in your opinion?

Edo.G: I hope not! I don't think its gonna get to that point, because if Kerry can get in, he can rally some support from all of our foreign alleys. Because once Bush is out the door, I think we will get more worldly support for a new President with new policies. But I don't think a draft will happen, this country would start going into a god damn civil war if people are forced to go fight.

MVRemix: I heard youre a big Red Sox's fan, so how does it feel to finally have the curse broken?

Edo.G: Ah man, it feels great! I wasn't a super duper baseball fan all my life, I just got into it in '99, when we beat the Indians and lost to the Yankees in the playoffs. Football and basketball are really my favorites, but since '99 I have been following the Sox and its nice to see them finally win it all. This is definitely a baseball town, as there was five million people at the parade, and there was only million and half at the Patriots parade. So that goes to show the popularity of the Red Sox's in the New England area.

MVRemix: I interviewed 7L & Esoteric a couple of months ago, and they said there is a big struggle between the underground and mainstream Hip Hop in Boston. Is that true?

Edo.G: Yeah there is.

MVRemix: Why is that?

Edo.G: Because, I think a lot of black people aren't into indy Hip Hop. They are into what's on the radio and the TV. I think that goes for a lot of white people as well. But I think the indy market is a niche crowd. It's basically a whole different crowd with more college students and artsy people. With Boston, being the way that it is, most of the independent shows are in Cambridge. Which is not far, its just over the bridge, but a lot of cats in the hood don't go to Cambridge, and don't go to indy shows. So I think that is where the divide comes in a lot of the time. If there were a lot more independent shows in Boston itself, I think there would be a lot more attraction.

MVRemix: What's next for you?

Edo.G: We got a group album called "Special Teams" coming out in 2005. I will be doing some executive producing on that album, and on my man Jaysaun's solo album. I got that popping, plus I am doing an album with my man Insight as well. We are actually releasing that album in Japan, then we'll release it in the states. Its strictly for Japan at first though.

MVRemix: Why is that?

Edo.G: Because the world is a big market, so why not release an album just in Japan? I just think the market is so open and big, especially when you are doing something exclusive for that country. You get a lot of tours, press, and stuff like that.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to talk about that we did not address already?

Edo.G: Na, just pick up the album when it drops on November 11th - Fat Beats Records.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

Edo.G: Check out the "Special Teams" album in 2005, which features me, Jaysaun and Slain. Also, check for the Jaysaun album next year, "Bakers Man".

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"I think the indy market is a niche crowd. It's basically a whole different crowd with more college students and artsy people. "