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Epic - conducted by Neoteric  


October 2001

These are the transcripts of an interview with Epic. The interview was conducted by Neoteric, October, 2001.

MVRemix: Give us a little background about yourself, what you've done, will be doing and hope to be doing someday...

Epic: My mc name is epic. Those are basically the initials of my real name. I've been into hip-hop for a while. Started djing in 94, rhyming shortly after. After hitting open mics and rhyming on mixtapes for the last 6 years I decided to make an album. While working on an album I dropped on Soso's ep and Wicked Nut's album. Hopefully, I'm gonna keep making music with my friends and keep hitting up show's, battles, open mics etc.

MVRemix: What is it like being an older hip hopper in a world which is dominated by artists in their early 20's? Do have a completely different thought process? Are there any negative parts about being an older rapper?

Epic: I am influenced by older hip-hop than the average dude around now. Thus I perhaps have less of a tolerance for violations in the culture. Life wise, the age has given me experience in seeing a lot of the bullshit in society. I can try and put that down in my music. It seems the older I get, the more kid's around here listen to what I am saying. It's scary, sometimes kid's like 1/2 my age will call the house and my girl will answer. It put's pressure on me to not act like a bonehead when I get on the mic. I remember 5 years ago some young dudes stepped to me. Locally young ones always test the older ones. Dude told me in 5 years when he's my age he'll be twice as dope as me. I saw that dude last weekend talking about how he quit hip-hop for god, so I hit em off with a copy of my cd. I have at least another 15 years of rhyming where what I say will be relevant. The only negative part. Maybe the old man doesn't get invited out to the after party as much as he use to. I don't have as much time to hang with some of the younger rapper's coming up.

MVRemix: You seem to have made your way across the country, where have you been, and why did you decide to settle in Saskatoon. Have you lived in Newfoundland?

Epic: No, I have never been to Newfoundland, still want to go there. I plan on going there this summer when I get some money from my cd. I just make money like that. Hopefully I can get enough to get my wisdom tooth pulled also. The only place I have lived besides Eastside Saskatoon is Vancouver. I lived in Mount Pleasant in summer 97. 92-93 I lived in Vancouver. Actually, I love Saskatoon but I need to get out. I plan on moving soon.

MVRemix: How did the collab with Soso come together?

Epic: Way back, Soso and I met through dj'ing. We organized something where we DJ'ed at a skate park. Since then we have been friends. We started this dj crew. When I told him I wanted to finally get my style down on record he provided the beats. The first thing we did together blessed is kind of a regional hit. When I say regional hit I don't mean it was like banging out of every pathfinder or nothing. Just, a lot of people liked it in this neck of the woods

MVRemix: What has the response been like to the album, and how has the internet affected your career?

Epic: The response has taken me by surprise really. Sales wise, way ahead of what we expected. A lot of people I look up to have appreciated the album. I was kind of hesitant to put a couple of songs on cause they were personal, but I am glad I did. Some people are not feeling it cause it isn't their thing. But at least they appreciate where I am coming from. Then a couple of isolated marks have ran their mouths.

The Internet helps because sites like HHI and ugsmag and the Catacombz allow me to reach people in other cities. I got people to get my CD out in certain spots like Halifax and Winnipeg. But when these sites buy blocks of your CD's and sell them to some kid in St.Louis or whatever it does something I would never be able to do. Like who the hell do I know in St. Louis? It works both ways though because if it wasn't for the net I wouldn't be in to a lot of the groups that I am into now. I check these websites to see when new CD's are out.

MVRemix: Word.You mention politics as an interest. Recently Joe Clark, a tight assed liberal has supported the decriminalization of marijuana. How do you react to that? And if it goes through, how do you think it would change the country?

Epic: Yeah, everyone is in on the parade now. You got reform staff members getting busted for marijuana. Reform MP's calling for legalization. NDP calling for legalization. It's no longer a right and left issue. Chretien is an old ass man. When he goes, a lot of the old ways of thinking goes. Just a matter of time. I know a lot of good people depend on selling weed for their livelihood. I really feel for them. But as for around here, a lot of people have been busted. People get black marks on their record. I'm sure most people on the site are with me on this one. I see the police are trying to capitalize on the whole issue.

MVRemix: Who are you really feeling, as far as Canadian rappers go?

Epic: Definitely Kunga 219, Definitely Recyclone. My homies in Peanut's n Corn. Gruff the Druid is on some next shit. Miltch&Allegra. My homies Soso and Chap's and everyone around here. Governor Bolts. I listen to so much Canadian hiphop. Got that new Noah 23 cd. I listened to the Kunga CD for 4 months straight. Now I listen to Pip Skid mostly. I don't think some of the Canadian rappers we listen to appreciate how many people get their albums. A lot of kids are getting these albums off Napster. It's like you put out an album and 5000 kids have it no matter what your sales are.

MVRemix: If there was one thing you could change about your life...

Epic: I wish I would pay more attention to detail, little things. That's my downfall. At work, everything.

MVRemix: How do you view mp3's? Your album has been sent all over the internet, does that bother you?

Epic: It bothers me when people I see everyday who have the opportunity to buy my album don't. I know people who should be making a living off of this are struggling for cheap wages. If you believe in what a rapper says, buy his album. I buy 2 albums for every burn I get. At the same time I'm happy that my music travels around.

MVRemix: Finally, what's the best part of your life right now?

Epic: Best part, my girl. Making music with my friends. Seeing people I support making it in this hip-hop scene. I think a lot of rappers become dope when they realize that they are not entertainers. Fuck that, I'm not out to entertain anyone. If you come to my town to entertain me, let me know ahead of time so I can spend my money on the rides at the exhibition instead. That's where I am coming from.

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"It bothers me when people I see everyday who have the opportunity to buy my album don't. I know people who should be making a living off of this are struggling for cheap wages. If you believe in what a rapper says, buy his album."