Evidence (Dilated Peoples) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Evidence (Dilated Peoples) Interview

April 2004

MVRemix: What do you concentrate upon musically... do you have a preference with regards to keyboards versus samplers or do you mesh everything you can together?

Evidence: Ideally, I would like to blend it all together. Sometimes a sample will spark an idea. A lot of times I use a sample and end up putting so much music around it, I end up taking the sample away. There's just no real one formula. I do appreciate when people can do work on keyboards or use live instrumentation to make it sound authentic. My goal is to create that sound. How I get it, I don't really care. I just want the best sound possible.

MVRemix: Recently... probably a few months ago, Defari made some comments on people like Atmosphere, Ugly Duckling and Aesop Rock. Because Dilated's kind of on the fence with that, how do you feel about what he said?

Evidence: What do you mean exactly by "We're on the fence"? I just want to get that clear.

MVRemix: As far as I knew, you were affiliated with Defari

Evidence: Definitely.

MVRemix: But have you not done shows with any of the aforementioned artists...

Evidence: Yeah I have. That's the interesting part about that. When we went to Minneapolis, Atmosphere threw our in store for us. We did the same show with them together that night and with Talib Kweli, we'd performed with them before on that tour. So I respect what those people are doing. But Defari's a grown man and I respect his opinion, I respect his opinion as a grown man aswell. I do think that some of the stuff that he said, he had good points on and some of it I don't agree with. But, just to let everybody know that just because Defari said what he said and he feels how he feels, doesn't mean I have to represent those same feelings.

The game has changed, and he makes a valid point, but I am cool with Atmosphere and I am cool with Ugly Duckling and I am cool with a lot of people like that. I do respect what they're doing as well.

MVRemix: Along those same lines, I'm not sure if you've heard, but Chuck D recently criticized Kanye...

Evidence: What'd he say?

MVRemix: He basically said "Somebody gets top-notch producer credits for speeding up old records" and "I think his lyrics are decent, but eighty-five percent of cats rhyming have the same voice but look different." "It's like the NBA having 200 six-foot point guards." What are your thoughts on his words with regards to Kanye.

Evidence: I guess this is a repeat of the last question because I respect Chuck D. If it wasn't for Chuck D there might not be any Dilated Peoples, or Public Enemy - there wouldn't be a Dilated Peoples. So I respect his opinion as a grown man aswell, but, Kanye's one of my favourite artists right now. If that's case, I'm the same too. "Guilty as charged," haha.

MVRemix: Along the lines of "This Way," what's better "getting laid" or "getting paid"?

Evidence: Man, that is a really fuckin' good question. I would say 60/40 getting laid. But [Evidence breaks out in laughter], you know after I get laid there's sometimes that idea of "Damn, I don't need to be doing this all the time. I need to be focusing my energy on getting that money." So I think one really helps the other out a lot. If you get too much pussy, then that's a problem. But if you're only about getting money, that ain't healthy either - you need to go get laid a bit. Haha.

MVRemix: What are you listening to right now?

Evidence: I'll go get my CD book so I can go check honestly. Hold up... [brief period passes] I'm on the road with Kanye and Young Gunz. So, Consequence (one of Kanye's artists). You know, Consequence who was down with A Tribe Called Quest. I've got his mixtapes, I've been bumping that. I've got the Sean Paul album. Radiohead's "Kid A," the Kanye album, Encore's "Layover," Mobb Deep "Free Agents," Norah Jones' "Feels Like Home," the Okayplayer compilation - that came out real tight. I've been bumping the Dilated album like crazy, even though it's almost like two fuckin' years old. Shit, a dude on Capitol named Van Hunt. Strong Arm Steady's out of Los Angeles, which is Krondon, Mitchy Slick, Phil Da Agony and Xzibit they've been putting out mixtapes and they've got an album coming out. I'm loving all that stuff. I just like good music where I can find it. I'm not the same cat I was ten years ago trying to see a lot of shit out. Nowadays shit has to find me rather than I go out looking for it.

MVRemix: Which movies have shaped you?

Evidence: "Godfather," "Scarface," "Carlito's Way," "City Of Gods," "Reservoir Dogs," "Shawshank Redemption," oh I don't know, there's so many good movies out there man.

MVRemix: Looking forward to "Kill Bill vol. 2?

Evidence: Didn't see "Kill Bill vol. 1"

MVRemix: You didn't?

Evidence: Yeah, sometimes the good ones pass me by.

>> continued...

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