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Fenaxiz - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Fenaxiz Interview

July 2006

MVRemix: Nice, so how long did "The Strongest Link" take to record?

Fenaxiz: Actually not that long compared to my first release. After I stopped pushing “The Audiobiography” heavily, I wasn't really even thinking of dong a 2nd record. But I just kept meeting people and tracks and collabs and beats started to come my way. It actually grew, because first I thought of doing a maxi-single… Then that turned into an EP, then that became the LP, and this happened in the course of 2005.

MVRemix: You had a cool, yet possibly controversial song on your last album "Sesame Street." The song jokingly mocks Sesame Street and influencing kids... How do you feel Hip Hop has affected today's youth?

Fenaxiz: [laughs] Everyone mentions that track. Shouts to my boy Spud for sparking that idea in me. Anyway, hip-hop has affected today's youth negatively I think. Not because hip-hop itself is negative, but because the strongest and most powerful media outlets only choose to play the negative stuff. I think today's kids for the most part aren't given a choice; they're just presented with the most materialistic bullshit out there. It's a lot different from the mid 90s. The negative stuff was out there too but you also had your fair share of uplifting artists. Or just artists in the middle of it all. Also, let me add that today's youth aren't getting the benefit of experiencing hip-hop as a culture. Not trying to be preachy or some hip-hop messiah here, but hip-hop as a culture provided many, regardless of race or religion, with a sense of belonging growing up. Now, the media presents hip-hop like an episode of Wrestlemania so today's kids aren't getting any sense of empowerment or unity anymore; instead, they wait for the latest news about who dissed who and who's pulling cards. Hip-hop is entertainment now and it's unfortunate that today's youth aren't aware of the culture.

MVRemix: Tell me about “Chain City” - you chant it a lot.

Fenaxiz: Well like I mentioned before, a major problem in Canada is the lack of teamwork amongst artists. Now, you may have heard the expression "A chain is only strong as the strongest link." So I wanted to apply that motto to Canada, but more specifically Toronto because that's where I'm from. Right now, Toronto calls itself The Screwface Capital due to the lack of support artists receive. "Chain City" is what I imagine Toronto to be in the future, where everyone stays connected, working with each other, and to the best of their abilities so Toronto the Chain City can be strong.

MVRemix: What is your main goal with music?

Fenaxiz: On the real, I feel I've already accomplished that goal my whole life. That is, I just want music to be a part of my life with whatever I do. I mean, yeah, it would be nice if I could be making millions with this, but really, I just want to express myself so people can hear my work. Oh yeah, and some video ho love would be nice too [laughs].

MVRemix: You're a big Nas fan, thoughts on his signing to Def Jam?

Fenaxiz: Hey, this interview's supposed to be about me! [laughs] Well, it sent a big statement out about unity, not just in hip-hop, but I think overall. I felt that, as you know my whole Chain City concept is about working together. It showed how two men could put all their bullshit behind them and make some positive movements. As far as how Nas will fare on Def Jam? I don't give a fuck, I just want to see him work with Primo. Period!

MVRemix: Which movie has influenced you the most?

Fenaxiz: I can't tell you a specific movie, but I can tell you a genre. Two years ago I took a film course on Vietnam War movies. It opened my eyes a lot to the kind of bullshit the American government (and all government really) can be on with the disregard for the welfare of human lives. We watched everything there, from Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Deer Hunter, etc. So that whole genre.

MVRemix: Brilliant - A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight"?

Fenaxiz: I can't decide on whether I'd fight Jack Black – “Nacho Libre?” Come on! Or Toni Braxton, so I can grab a titty.

MVRemix: Well, take a pick…

Fenaxiz: Braxton boobs it is.

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical endeavours you're involved in? Writing in another form, other business practices...

Fenaxiz: Yeah man, I sell drugs, I'm a rapper so it's a given. But seriously, this September I'll be starting the digital media program at Centennial College. I see a big future and demand for digital artists - there already is a demand now, I know, but I see it on a much larger scale so being involved in that field keeps me busy also. I've also been known to take people's money in pool. What up Ali! [laughs]

MVRemix: Any last words?

Fenaxiz: Yeah. To the artists out there, Canadian or international, Asian or black, white, brown, green, whatever: be creative and sincere with your music. Also, just let me shout out the Chain City fam: Alex Dimez, Prince Ali, and Tameca Day. Also, RE:Birth, Kendo, Amir, Drunken Fists, T-West, Mumbles, Rob from, Brent and Just Entertainment, Fred-E-Fame & Fifth Element, Anonymous Twist, 10-40s, Scarlem crew, all the shows at 105.5, 88.1, and 89.5 FM and for bumping my shit, anyone who bought my albums, and everyone supporting.

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