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Floyd The Locsmif - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Opening The Divine Doors Of Hip-hop

May 2006

Music is a divine force. Only the rhythmically privileged hold the keys to harness and create this force. One creation is hip-hop, a consistent power that has connected cultures, races, sexes, countries, styles, and genres. Hip-hop music has opened doors of opportunities for a myriad of artists, fans, and entrepreneurs. These doors lead to financial, emotional, creative, and physical opportunities. The emcee may be in the spotlight because he/she helps to unlock these doors, but the producer is the one who forms and shapes the keys. Behind the emcee’s vocals and lyrics, the producer is the true key master. Floyd The Locsmif is one of the key masters of the new hip-hop generation.

Locsmif has earned a myriad of respected accomplishments in a relatively short period of time. Hailing from Georgia, Floyd The Locsmif has produced music for some of the most respected emcees in underground & independent hip-hop. His resume includes OC, J-Live, Cyne, Cee-Lo, and 4ize. His work on O.C.’s “Starchild” album earned critical acclaim. His remixing talents were the catalyst for the creation of “Outskirts: The Unofficial Lost OutKast Remixes”. Recently, he created a remix for 50 Cent (for the soundtrack of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’”). He set up his own entertainment company and recently released his solo album, “Divine Dezignz #1.2: Re-Discovered”. With lush melodies and thick rhythms, the album flows with an urban grace. Guests include Lil Sci (from Scienz Of Life and Sol Uprising), Stahhr (from MF Doom / King Geedorah’s “Take Me To Your Leader” LP), and others. Recently, he has been commissioned to create music for advertisements by Coca-Cola & Nestea.

Hip-hop producers create metaphorical keys to the doors of artistry. These doors lead into the house of opportunity. Locsmif has been creating, shaping, cutting, and molding rhythms & melodies. In 2006, Floyd The Locsmif has joined the ranks of a revered locksmith in the divine line of hip-hop key masters.

MVRemix: Tell us about your debut solo album ‘Divine Dezignz #1.2: Re-Discovered’.

Locsmif: The album is basically a modified beat CD I put together about a year and a half ago. It allowed me to promote myself as a producer on a different level, rather than just shopping beats.

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite song on ‘Divine Dezignz #1.2: Re-Discovered’?

Locsmif: ‘Still Luv Huh’ because ‘I Used To Love Her’ was always one of my favorite joints and ‘One 4 The Fam’ because all the pieces, drums, chords, et cetera are from different records. It all came together nicely I think. So it's a tie.

MVRemix: What song took the longest to complete?

Locsmif: Probably, ‘Koolout Kafe’. I went back and added to / took away from a bunch. Took a long night, man.

MVRemix: Since ‘Divine Dezignz #1.2: Re-Discovered’ is mainly an instrumental album, do you think your approach was different as opposed to an LP with more vocals?

Locsmif: Yeah definitely. With vocal songs, I have to hear a certain person on it first, in my head, or have a style in mind that I would want to hear over the beat. With instrumentals, it is basically my personal opinion of the mood.

MVRemix: When creating a track, do you have a set theme or idea first or the music first?

Locsmif: 50/50. I'm always beat-boxing to myself and things develop from that.

MVRemix: What’s the meaning behind the title, ‘Divine Dezignz #1.2: Re-Discovered’?

Locsmif: ‘Divine Dezignz’ is the feeling I get from hip-hop as the music forms. It is definitely something spiritual in its design. It is also the title of the series I plan to continue up to at least #5. The first, #1 was called ‘Discovery’. It was the mix-tape version and ‘Re-Discovered’ is the official release.

MVRemix: What is the main difference between the official release and the unofficial ones?

Locsmif: The unofficial ‘#1’ has 17 tracks. 9 of which made it to the official release, with the addition of 3 new joints. The single, ‘Alwayz Bless’ featuring John Robinson, ‘Suite 2207 (The Hideout)’, and ‘Speechless’. Plus, there is a different intro and outro.

MVRemix: What will future volumes be like?

Locsmif: They will all have similar upbeat vibes but will grow musically as I grow musically over time. I don't plan to rush them out every chance I get, but whenever I make something that gives me that ‘Divine Dezign'ness’ feeling, I just throw it in the files and pick from there once it gets kind of full.

MVRemix: Tell us about In The Loop and High Wire Music.

Locsmif: In The Loop Entertainment is my company / label. Big up to Tim Jinx and Fab Leys! I have a joint venture with High Wire Music. Big up Tom, Ron, Chelsea, and Kwame! High Wire has distribution with Fontana.

MVRemix: What was the main hurdle in setting up the company?

Locsmif: Just making sure I can do what I want and own the Masters in the end, which wasn't a real hurdle but an important factor.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with John Robinson (Lil Sci from Scienz Of Life)? What was he like?

Locsmif: I met Sci in 2000 and we've been cool ever since. He's one of my favorite emcees and is pretty fast in the booth. He layed his vocals for ‘Alwayz Bless’ in L.A. and sent them to ATL where I mixed it.

MVRemix: How is Lil Sci different than other emcees you have worked with?

Locsmif: He's just real creative and lyrical. His work ethic is crazy.

>> continued...

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"They will all have similar upbeat vibes but will grow musically as I grow musically over time. I don't plan to rush them out every chance I get..."