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Freestyle - conducted by Philip Oliver  


January 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Freestyle of the group The Arsonists. The interview was conducted by Philip Oliver on January 28th, 2000.

MVRemix: You had a Good Christmas and new year? Think 2000 was overrated?

Freestyle: 2000 was overrated. The media made it like that. They gassed people big time!

MVRemix: How has the album 'As The World Burns' been received on a global basis, what's the reaction been like and have you been happy with it?

Freestyle: Globally speaking, the album is doing very well. We're fortunate because people have been feeling our stage show, so its been takin' us across the globe physically. We're very happy with the reaction to the album, and were hoping that we can expand more as far as our projects go and who we collab with.

MVRemix: The album was a long time coming, to select that many good tracks for one album must have taken a lot of recording, how many tracks did you record? It must have been hard to choose the best...

Freestyle: We recorded only what was gonna be on the album. We have like 20 songs that arent on the album, but they're only demos. It wasn't hard to choose the ones for this album at all. We just winged it, so to speak. We still have some gems waitin' to be released, and a lot of steam to let off also.

MVRemix: I know it's a hard to decide but did you have a favourite track off 'As The World Burns'?

Freestyle: No favorite track really. Sorry bout that. I just enjoyed the whole thing as a collective. It was almost like the whole album was one track. Hope you're feelin' me on this one because that's exactly how I see it and feel it.

MVRemix: When I listened to your album I found a great sense of humour present on there, is that important to you and the others?

Freestyle: Dont know about level of importance...we don't do it with that in mind. We just do it because that's how we are. We like havin' fun on the mic and being ourselves. That's all...we also feel that you don't have to always be serious, so maybe there is an importance to it.

MVRemix: Tell us a lil about the situation with the original 'Pyromaniax' 'cause I thought that was the better of the 2 versions recorded

Freestyle: Well, we did that song, then we wanted to put it out. So, we had to get sample clearance, and that didn't work.

MVRemix: Let me talk about the other 3 elements of hip hop that are sometimes forgotten about, you've been bringing that back to hip hop with your live shows injecting the culture back into the music, shouldn't more groups and artists be doing this?

Freestyle: Nah, more groups and artists shouldn't be doin' this because then it would get played out, or they would be just like us, haha.

MVRemix: What are the other members of the Arsonists Q-Unique, D-Stroy, Swel and Jise up to right now?

Freestyle: Right now everyone is makin' moves for different things, don't wanna spoil the surprises, so I won't mention them. We're all chillin' at the moment though, because were about to go on a long ass tour. So we're takin a breather.

MVRemix: How about the Celestial Souljahz? When can we expect more material from you and Shabazz?

Freestyle: We're workin' on our stuff...we're hoping that we can put it out later this year or the beginning of next year. It's hard though because 'bazz is doin' his solo joint and I'm doin' Arsonists and all kinds of other things. But it's gonna happen though. That's my cousin and we don't fuck around when it comes to rockin' the mic.

MVRemix: Do you still keep one eye out for up and coming emcees like you once were? Got any tips for up and coming emcees?

Freestyle: Of course I keep an eye out for upcoming MCs. I'm the type that wants to help the hungry. You'll see in the near future.

MVRemix: Think the internet is getting these struggling emcees exposure or is it just an outlet for anyone with little skill to showcase their demo?

Freestyle: It's both. It's crazy, because there's a lot of cats on here that think they have skills and don't know what it is to write or record a song. Not just put verses together and a hook...a song. Or, they think they can rhyme and have skills just 'cause they can type a rhyme. It's gettin''s also a good place for heads to promote themselves, and to get in touch with others...but a lot of heads dont utilize it, which is sad.

MVRemix: How about web sites being a promotional tool, not just artists web sites but hip hop sites in general, we've run into a lot of trouble with labels for simply promoting an artist, how important do you think these sites are?

Freestyle: Sites are very important...what's the net without 'em? Just email? That would suck. Leaves nothin' for people to look at or get into. These sites offer free promotion and also is a world that some people get into that avoid media. We need 'em! The labels are right though. They're just tryin' to crack down on the bootlegging, which i dont blame 'em for. They bootlegged our album from the net early last year! It sucked, but fuck it. This mp3 shit is goin too far. Heads should curb themselves on that tip. Don't know why people need to make MP3's, meanwhile they can make RA's! RA's are not the best quality in the world, but they would keep motherfuckers from bootleggin' a lil' bit.

MVRemix: So what are your hopes and plans for yourself and hip hop in 2000?

Freestyle: We wanna expand. Work on more projects, collab with heads, experiment, help out other groups, etc... Hip Hop is gonna be the same forever... changing every 10 to 11 years, and always flourishing. We're just hoping that the world will always accept the hard work that we do and we've done. We have a lot to offer and hope that everyone is ready for it.

MVRemix: On behalf of myself, the editorial team and all our visitors I wanna thank you once again for doing this interview and releasing one of the best albums of 1999, you wanna give a shout out to anyone out there?

Freestyle: Nah... thank you for interviewing us! It's exposure and we're hoping that heads can read this and see where were comin' from and take the initiative to show love or reach out to us in any form. Anybody that wants to get to intouch with us, e-mail us at Or peep our website at shouts to all the groups out there worldwide that's tryin to do their thing... Shouts to all the people that have shown Arsonists love in one way or another. Stay pyro!

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"We wanna expand. Work on more projects, collab with heads, experiment, help out other groups, etc... Hip Hop is gonna be the same forever... changing every 10 to 11 years, and always flourishing."