Guerilla Black conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Guerilla Black Interview

November 2004

MVRemix: Tell me about "Guerilla City."

Guerilla Black: "Guerilla City" is a collection of eclectic songs that's on a universal level. We comin' from the west coast, there has really been no music heard from the west coast in the last seven or eight years. The rest of the music genre had been growing way beyondGuerilla Black Interview where was at. So I wanted to add people like Mario Winans, Jazze Pha, Beenie Man, Nate Dogg - to be able to make music for the mid-west, as well as the south, as well as the east coast and the west coast. I wanted to make music for everybody so that everybody can enjoy and listen to. So that's what "Guerilla City" is. It's a lot of my heart; a lot of pain, a lot of struggle. It's a lot of everything on that album, from the beginning to the ending.

MVRemix: How did the relationships that you made with producers like Jazze Pha and also having guests like Beenie man come about?

Guerilla Black: I remember we were actually cutting songs, and we were at the last of the songs - me and Carlos Broady out in Memphis. I'll never forget, he had just looped up the "Belly" track and he had put the drum pattern down. It was so hot, and I had wrote all the verses in my head in about twenty-five minutes. We laid it down and everything, but it still didn't have a hook. So when we got back to Los Angeles me and the A&R that I worked with suggested that I wanted to put Beenie Man on it. I said "Yeah," and we sent out to Kingston. From that moment on when he took the bat, it was just on fire and Virgin was really excited, as well as management and myself. So we ran with that as the first single.

MVRemix: What's your current feeling on today's mixtape scene? Seeing as it feels over saturated and the mixtape-DJ's don't even really blend.

Guerilla Black: I think that it is over saturated. People wanna hear original songs, that's from New York all the way to the west coast. They wanna hear original songs now. The mixtapes just don't offer enough of that. They're a very quick-fashioned fad. People wanna hear original songs, they wanna hear artists make hot songs. That's why a lot of people are startin' to buy albums again, they wanna hear songs.

MVRemix: What's the situation between yourself and Game?

Guerilla Black: Game is doing Game and Guerilla is doing Guerilla.

MVRemix: I heard there was some friction?

Guerilla Black: No, no friction whatsoever. Game is doing Game and Guerilla is doing Guerilla.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts though about when back in the day, Tupac came over to the West and created a rivalry due to the fact that he was playing around with bloods and crips which some say spawned the east vs west controversy. And now, Game, who's a blood, has started hanging around with Snoop and them - who're very much into the crip thing...

Guerilla Black: Well you know, Game is Game and I think Game gonna do Game and I think Game gonna do what's best for Game. We not gonna speak on that. Game is a friend of mine and what he does is what he does and that's it.

MVRemix: What's your favourite Eazy-E track and why?

Guerilla Black: Haha, "Boyz In The Hood" are always hard! [Emphatically chuckles] Most definitely. "Eazy Duz It." There's a lot of 'em, I can't even remember 'em all. Eazy-E's on fire.

MVRemix: Are you much into video games?

Guerilla Black: Oh yeah! My favourite is "Ghost Re-con."

MVRemix: Have you had a chance to touch "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"?

Guerilla Black: Not yet, not yet. I'm getting ready to work on my own video game - I'm not gonna release the name, but sometime next year, you guys should hear my name all over a new video game.

MVRemix: What sort of genre is it?

Guerilla Black: It's gonna be a car/club here on the west and a car/club on the east and they're gonna get into it or whatever. It's gonna be a big clash. It's gonna be hot, really, really hot.

MVRemix: Which movies have impacted you the most and why?

Guerilla Black: I haven't gotten to see any movies as of lately. But I'm really looking forward to go see the new Jamie Foxx movie. What's so crazy is I just did a song with him and I'm really looking forward to see "Ray," and I definitely wanna check out "Alexander."

MVRemix: These days, which artists make you feel proud that a genre like rap exists?

Guerilla Black: There's a few artists out there that's real hot. Of course, my long term friend Spitfire on "The Next Episode," Bishop Lamont, Lil' Eazy, a few cats. Sly Boog, I'm feelin' him. Of course the godfather Snoopy, Jadakiss is on fire. That dude's doing his thing. Young Buck is on fire. My brother Hot Dollar, Akright, Vernable.

MVRemix: Have you got any thoughts on the R. Kelly/Jay-Z situation of late?

Guerilla Black: R. Kelly is R. Kelly and Jay-Z is Jay-Z. Whatever their differences is, I don't think that they can't overcome 'em.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Guerilla Black: [Guerilla Black laughs for a good thirty seconds] You real crazy, huh man? Haha. You real crazy. I don't know. Maybe Danny Glover?

MVRemix: Would you win? That's the question.

Guerilla Black: I pray I do, haha.

MVRemix: Do you have any collaborations or guest appearances that we've yet to hear about?

Guerilla Black: Yeah, you'll see a new video from me and Young Roam. We just shot a new video to one of the singles we did on his album. Of course, you'll be hearing me and Tyrese. I just did some songs with him and of course you'll be hearing me and Jamie Foxx and a new girl Tierra Hart. And me and [Lil'] Scrappy is gettin' ready to get some work done. I've been workin' on a lot of stuff. So definitely, hopefully you'll hear me on some of these projects.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words to your fans or potential fans that are gonna be reading this?

Guerilla Black: I love the haters! Continue to hate on me. Your hate is my fuel. And what ya'll turn to success is fire, so I'ma keep on continuously doing my thing. God bless all of those who have been supportive of me and I want everybody to go out and pick up the album. The album is in stores now. Nate Dogg, Jazze Pha, Mario Winans and Beenie Man. And of course look out for the new video that Beeny Boom just produced.

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