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Goodie Mob - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Goodie Mob

June 2004

MVRemix: You kind of addressed what I was going to get into next as far as you guys not getting the credit you deserve. Because you guys have been in this game for 10 years and I donít really think the general Hip Hop public understands what Goodie Mob brought to the table and did for the dirty south in the 90's.

Khujo: When you put out records consecutively people wont have a choice but to recognize. You feel what I'm saying? What we doing now with this one monkey, we are building up a whole other catalogue of new music along with the archives that people can go back and snatch up. So it's going down man, June 29th.

MVRemix: Ok, lets talk about the rise of crunk music and the popularity of the south right now. You spoke on this a little bit already, but how do you feel about everybody dickriding the south now that its popular but 5 to 10 years ago when you and Kast came out you guys couldn't even get any play on a New York radio station. So does that piss you off?

Khujo: Man it fuels a lot of fire in me sometimes, cause we can always go into a situation where people would always look at us like that in the past and now all of the sudden we across seas with it, we in New York with it, we on the west side with it. But it would feel good for people to be like "man because of this dirty south movement, because of Outkast & Goodie Mob"Ö.but since you can't fold nobody's arms back and make them do that, thatís why we continue to put out records that mean something and have substance. We make music that is going to stand the test of time for the next ten years. So, its cool but its not cool. We get to it when we do our shows and when we release this heat, thatís when we shut it all up.

MVRemix: Do you think people are too arrogant and have too much pride, thatís why they won't give another man his props?

Khujo: People just be puffed up man. They think somebody can't do what they do better, feel what I'm saying? If I'm beat I'm beat, its all good, I'll join 'em. But it ain't that type of stuff going on, and I think thatís because of the consecutiveness. You got people like Outkast who drop records consecutively. You have to be forced to respect them. Once the Goodie get back into the groove of consecutively dropping substance albums there wont be no question.

MVRemix: Speaking of Kast what do you think about them winning album of the year at the Grammy's?

Khujo: Man, when they wont that the whole Dungeon Family got that award. I felt as if we were up on that stage with them. I felt real good man, goose bumps came over my face. It was long overdue because look how long it took to get that. Their first album was platinum, you cant hate on that. But evidently people found a way to hate on that. But they showed them in the end. Y'all booed us last time we was in New York for the first Source awards. There is no booing now, nothing but cheers and smiles. That just lets you know how an album can change the world.

MVRemix: That was the first Source awards back in the day that they booed you?

Khujo: They booed us when Outkast got their award. What did they get five mics or four and half?

Gipp: They got four and half.

Khujo: So they booed us man, we was right there. The only dude that really stood up with us was Q-Tip. Everybody else was straight booing.

MVRemix: They booed Snoop as well.

Gipp: Yeah, Snoop stood up as well, he always fucked with us.

MVRemix: He was like "y'all ain't got no love for the west coast"?

Gipp: Most of our records have always been sold in the west coast. Our records and Cash Money have always been sold in the west. We always sold a hundred to two hundred thousands records in the bay area in the LA. So we have always had love from the west coast.

MVRemix: Since you have been getting love from the west, how do you feel about the east? Cause I'm from NJ, so I know all about east coast bias. And I'm just gonna keep it real with you, I ain't never heard a New York radio station play a Goodie Mob record. I know y'all were up at Hot 97 a couple of weeks ago, so are you bitter going up there just knowing that everybody is fake and putting on a front, cause in the end they ain't gonna play your records.

Gipp: Yeah, its just wack man. Thatís why right now we winning in music overall. Thatís why we stilling winning overall. Cause at the end of the day we fuck with everybody and everybody just donít fuck with everybody. Being in New York you can be a very close minded person. You can think its all about this, when really its all about something else. To me right now New York has lost its style, lost its everything. Nothing in New York is new, they just regurgitating everything that was old. That ain't creativity, thatís why the music ain't going no where. Nobody is being creative, they are trying to rebirth the 70's and rebirth the god damn b-boys. But its like come on man, itís a new day dog! Things that I feel like we always done with our music and what west coast artists have always done with their music is trying to god damn be different. It always had music in it, always had melody and song in it.

Khujo: Soul!

Gipp: Thatís the difference between Hip Hop and making music. We make Hip Hop music, other people make Hip Hop! Because they gonna take a beat and be like "aww man that shit is raw". Because Hip Hop music does look like and sound like New York. But outside of New York, music just donít look like that. Thatís why we always did what we did when we got on stage. We always did different costumes and dressed differently. We were trying to give the music color. Its not about everybody just getting on stage and looking the same and dressing the same. Be different dog! What's wrong with being different? I think with us always coming to music with that approach we will never fall victim to trying to do what's popular out there. I heard all the people talking shit when this Outkast album first dropped, saying "oh its wack, it ain't gonna sell". Yeah, yeah, it ain't gonna sell! Now 6 months later they getting a Grammy and album of the year. Its funny how peoples shit changes when certain people say its dope and when certain people say it ain't. And back in the day Hip Hop wasnít about getting one DJ to play it before I play it. It was about when a new record came out you played that shit. You didnít call the artist up and say "hey I think you should do a Lil Jon beat", "aww man you aught to rap like Jay-z".

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"Most of our records have always been sold in the west coast. Our records and Cash Money have always been sold in the west. We always sold a hundred to two hundred thousands records in the bay area in the LA."