The GZA conducted by Hugo Lunny  

The GZA (Wu-Tang Clan) Interview

August 2008

MVRemix: What's the current situation with the Wu-Tang Documentary we saw promoted late last year? Are you involved with it or is it being done by another company?

The Genius: Well this is something that's been going on for years and I've been talking about this for years... Can you hold on one second?

MVRemix: Yeah sure.

The Genius: One second.

[Into his cell] "Yo, I'm doing interviews right now. I'll have to hit you back in a second."

I've been shooting for this for quite a few years, not all the time and not everyday. But I've been shooting for this for a little while and I've been compiling some stuff. I had did a trailer several years ago, and I put it out and I thought about doing a Wu-Tang documentary. But I haven't finished it. It's actually been sitting for a while now. But hopefully I plan on getting something going and poppin' off. There's some interesting stuff though.

MVRemix: How did the title for "Pro-Tools" get decided upon?

The Genius: Easily, I was sitting around one day and I may have been in the studio. I think I looked at the manual and it came to my mind it said, "Pro Tools." The name comes so simple.

MVRemix: What's currently going on with your son's rapping career?

The Genius: He's good right now, I mean he's been writing. He's not going really, really hard as I was at that age. He's into producing also, he makes beats, he's into video games. He's not going at it really, really hard. Rhyming is a passion for him, it's a thing he loves. He loves Hip Hop and he'll be doing an album soon. He recorded several songs over the past few years and he kind of slowed down. School is more important, that's first things first. Like a lot of other kids they tryin' to get into rap 'cause they think they can make a lot of money and they think that it's an easy way out. But school is important first.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la "Fight Club" - "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight"?

The Genius: [ponders] I don't really wanna be corny with this answer but I don't... [ponders]

MVRemix: Which celebrities annoy you?

The Genius: That's a hard question, 'cause I don't... I can't think of one celebrity that I would wanna fight. I really can't. I can't think of one I'd wanna fight.

MVRemix: What's the biggest mis-conception people have of you?

The Genius: That I read a lot of books.

MVRemix: So you're not a big reader?

The Genius: Not like that. I read. I mean I read every now and then, but not like that.

MVRemix: Now you're going to be coming to Vancouver later in the month, what can people expect from your live show?

The Genius: A lot of energy. A lot of energy. A good show. That's what they can expect, a lot of energy, good vibe and fun, you know.

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