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Hangar 18 - conducted by Megan Biss  

Hangar 18

October 2006

MVRemix: According to Hangar 18, "4th base" is not in fact intercourse. It's actually taking a girl to the movies, ordering popcorn, cutting a genital-sized hole in the bottom, sticking your penis through that hole and then letting the girl find it as she digs around for popcorn. Has anyone in the group ever tried this trick to verify it works?

Hangar 18: Actually Alaska tried it back in high school; the results were a black eye and a restraining order.

MVRemix: Have you tried the arm-over-the-shoulder-yawning trick? I hear it's a more successful version of the popcorn trick.

Hangar 18: Here is the thing; the popcorn trick might not be the most surefire road to success. However since it is so high risk the rewards are much greater. Let’s be real, the yawn over arm over the shoulder thing really only leads to your arm getting tingly and falling asleep. Whereas the popcorn trick may result in physical harm and trouble with the law, the payoff is much greater. We are big believers in going for the glory.

MVRemix: You told me you're doing this tour in a car. What kind of car is it and more importantly, how does it smell?

Hangar 18: Well in order to avoid the bad smells we trade the car in once a week. That’s the great thing about rentals; you can return them for any reason. The best one we made up so far was that we felt it was possessed by the spirit of Pauly Shore....he is dead right?

MVRemix: Got any crazy driving/near death experience stories from the road?

Hangar 18: Nothing really. Although I text message a lot when I drive so we hit the rumble strips quite often.

MVRemix: "Baking Soda" could very well be the most upbeat song about crack ever written. Discuss.

Hangar 18: Well we feel that crack has gotten a bad rap with movies like New Jack City and You Got Served. As crack heads we felt it was our duty to promote the positive virtues of crack such as weight loss.

MVRemix: What are guys listening to on the road these days?

Hangar 18: We picked up the Ray Cash Cash On Delivery CD the other day and it hasn’t left the CD player since...amazing CD.

Hangar 18 is on tour with Gym Class Heroes, Zion I & The Grouch, Cobra Starship & Patent Pending. Check their Myspace page ( for dates, locations & artists. And for Christ’s sake, add them as a friend while you’re there. Their CD The Multi Platinum Debut Album is available via iTunes, record stores that don’t suck and of course, They are currently working on their next CD, which will possibly be titled Sweep The Let and will sound like Ozzy-era Black Sabbath (if Black Sabbath was a hip hop group).

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