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Hawd Gangstuh Rappuhs MC's Wid Ghatz - conducted by Saadiq  

Hawd Gangstuh Rappuhs MC's Wid Ghatz


These are the transcripts of an interview with Hawd Gangstuh Rappuhs MC's Wid Ghatz. The interview was conducted by Doogie Howitzer, mid 2002.

The Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz trio of Duke Crapmore, Guy Albino (originally God Albino), and Flybot Van Damn made their first appearance on the Subterranean Hitz Vol. 1 compilation (Wordsound) with "Am Goin T' Jail," one of the absolutely funniest songs in hip hop. They followed that up with appearances on the next two volumes of Subterranean Hitz, a few guest appearances on albums by Spectre and Metabolics, and finally a 10" on Black Hoodz (a Wordsound subsidiary) in 1999. Finally, in 2001, we have been treated to TWO full-lengths by HGR. The first, 2 Hype 2 Wype (Wordsound), was released at the beginning of the year; and the second, Wake Up and Smell the Piss (Load) dropped in July. At the time of this email interview, HGR had yet to release Wake Up and Smell the Piss, but hey, they found a way to promote it anyway

MVRemix: Where did the name Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MCs Wid Ghatz come from?
Albino: I remember I was eating ALPHA-BITS smothered in ST. Ides sauce one day and I saw some shit in there from beyond my incomprehensive you know what I'm sayin? Then Ta-dau! I was struck by the power and the glory.. Hawd!!!

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the name? Why all the mispellings?
Albino: missppelluinngs? Wut doo yu meen? I just rite it how I be say it.

MVRemix: What do the Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs represent to the hip hop world?
Crapmore: like guy saiz: people must recognyse wack is a relative term. (I guess it's lyke "my dad is reel wack"

MVRemix: How important is the old school to HGR?
Crapmore: like I said I dropped out of furst grade, so i dont have an old skool. flybot has lots of them but he doesnt amitt it. he went somewear called har-vard when he was,like, 20 years old, iguess he wass just real stoopid and they wouldint let him graduate when he was 18 so they made him go to a differnt school (har-vard)

MVRemix: What is the meaning of the title 2 Hype 2 Wype?
Van Damn: it means like the album is like mexican water knowwhatimsayin and you just like gotta get the fuck up outa there quick

MVRemix: Who was it that came up with the concept for the brilliant "Midnight Marauders" cover spoof on 2 Hype 2 Wype?
Albino: What's dat? I made that shit up out of my head last time.

MVRemix: Why all the alter egos?
Crapmore: huh? you mean like the waffles
Albino: I put it this way..HGR is a GANG and I'm in it. We be like 50 deep in heads attached to different torsos on the regular weekly type schedule

MVRemix: Why doesn't Duke Crapmore sound huge on "Am Goin T' Jail"?
Crapmore: i waz five when we recorded that

MVRemix: What is the typical recording process for HGRs? (Or, is there even a "typical" process for you guys?)
Crapmore: at first i thougt that sayed testikle progresss Albino: Typical: Dextromethorpin Hydrobromide to the head, then woke up, what happened? Check the answering machine...

MVRemix: What's more important in an HGR song, beats or lyrics?
Van Damn: nether one is as important as eatin and drinkn gettin lots of sleep

MVRemix: Do you feel your beats are innovative? If so, how?
Albino: beats are like assholes. You don't have to put up wit them. Just say "YOFUCKDAT" really fast until you lost all your oxajen.

MVRemix: How do drugs relate to your work as hip hop artists?
Albino: What are you a narc or somethin'? just kiddn'. SAY MO TO DRUGS!! Van Damn: i beleve no matter how fucked up you are you can still be sobar

MVRemix: Would you ever adopt a gimmick to sell records?
Van Damn: we adopted some pitbulls but i dont see how thats gonna sell records. I guess we could sell puppies outside of the record store

MVRemix: On record you guys just don't seem to get along very well. Why do you continue to work together?
Van Damn: because we love to hate us and its a good chance to get in a studio and rob the shit out of each other

MVRemix: You're all living in different cities now. Will it still be possible to record as a group or is everyone going to go off to solo stardom?
Flybot: yeh because albino's got a van and dukes got a jet and i'm taking sailing lessons. we cover all modes of travel
Albino: in general we do'nt all live in seprate cities. Flybot just in Hollywood to portray the role of an illegal alien in the Pantages Theatre Production "Christmas in Space." He's selling out. I'm gonna sell out too. I got mad products.
Crapmore: the dook has a solo albumm coming out , with whitnee houston and bob sagett as guest rappuhs. i keep getting in jail when i go get them to record though, so it might be a while

MVRemix: Guy Albino, why the name change from God Albino?
Albino: I got kicked out the mosque. Islam don't recognize me no mor cuz I am not a positive role model or some shit about my mecca jacket don't face to the east, but I don't have a compass so that could be bullshit.

MVRemix: Is there any meaning behind either name?
Albino: Hell yeeh. It means I have pink eyes and they are very so sensitive to light. my skin is like a raw alabaster lobster meat . Don't ever touch me there.

MVRemix: What does the name Duke Crapmore mean?
Crapmore: my father is king crapman and my bruther is prince crapalot.

MVRemix: Duke, On "Mackro" you admit to rhyming completely off-beat. Why didn't you re-record it?
Crapmore: my house arrest bracelet was sounding its alarm so i had to get home real fast so the police would not know

MVRemix: How did you end up being the only member of the group to get a song written solely about them?
Crapmore: i can kik their asses

MVRemix: What is the meaing behind the name Flybot Van Damn?
Van Damn: thats a stupid qestion

MVRemix: Flybot, is life really difficult without a penis? Do you think other rappers have the same problem but are ashamed to admit it?
Van Damn: My gat is my dick and my face is my gat. i think most rappers dont have a dick but thats none of my bisnus. i got a pussy on the bottom of my foot.

MVRemix: Guy Albino, rumour has it that you're the mastermind of the group. How did you secure that position? Is it difficult to keep things running smoothly?
Albino: I hate you.

MVRemix: and to help facilitate the interview, Guy Albino helped out by adding and answering a couple of his own questions, which follow:

MVRemix: Is it true that Flybot and Duke Crapmore stink, and that you're the master?
Albino: Yes it's true.

MVRemix: I saw a street named after you in Tiajuana, OldMexico.
Albino: Yes, we are huge in the Orient.

MVRemix: Lastly, I heard there's a sequel to the album that's shit brown called Wake Up and Smell the Piss and it's equally dope as El Wypo 2 Hypo.
Albino: I'm glad you axed me that. It's like full of celebrities and guest appearance by anybody we know. Some moms and childrens we don't even know is on it. Shit is comin out next month like BOOYAP!!! Another album in your face breast, neck and chest areas!!! *DISCLAIMER: The spelling mistakes in this interview were intentionally made by the artists (we hope) and therefore remain as is ed: the bad colour scheme is intentional too...

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