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Headkrak - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


July 1998

The following is an interview with Headkrack, conducted by Hugo Lunny on July 29th, 1998. Headkrack is an up and coming emcee who has a brilliant flow. He has toured with the likes of the Refugee camp and was allegedly a part of the LL, Canibus beef.

When did you first get into Hip Hop?

Headkrak: I first got into Hip Hop back in like '88. I was a beatbox for this crew around my way. After a while I started writing for other kids in the group and then I though to myself why am I playing the background when I know I could do this myself. But the bottom line is I'm a fan first and then a MC second. I grew up on Hip Hop. I was breast fed hip hop. Hip Hop raised me.

MVRemix: What did you like about the music?

Headkrak: I love Hip Hop because it has the ability to reach and relate to so many people around the world. Try going a day without listening to music at all, you'll go nuts. And what makes it even better is that a lot of these MC's are our age or maybe going through the same type of shit we're going through so it hits you in the heart.

MVRemix: Can you please give me your definitions of the phrases "The real" and "Keeping it real"?

Headkrak: To me "The real" and "Keeping it real" is what is real to you personally. Me walking down the street and randomly punching people in the face at the 238th street train station is not keepin it real, but somebody might think that shit is. What's real to me is life! The name of the game is to live as long as you can, be at peace with yourself. Do what makes you happy. Make a difference in the world, be fruitful and multiply. Ice grilling people and poppin' Crystal don't even fit into my equation of life.

MVRemix: Who are your inspirations?

Headkrak: MC's I respect are cats who been in it for a minute or are just creative. LL, KRS, Black Thought, D.A.M.M.I.T., Wyclef, Canibus, Big Daddy Kane, Kwame' - don't laugh! Tash from the Liks, and a few others.

MVRemix: What's your favourite album, artist and track? And why?

Headkrak: As far as favorite albums, my two fav's are "Big Daddy Thing" and "Walking With a Panther." Those two albums were ahead of their time by years. Kane was droppin' jewels that cats need to hear now. "Panther" was just way to advanced for '89. It had girls, money, a few lessons, and battle raps. That shit that's popular now.

MVRemix: What do you think of censorship?

Headkrak: Censorship is booty. That happens more to black artist than anyone else. You can't even say "Jew," "Hebrew," or "Kike." Not saying that it's cool to say that shit on wax but we can say "Nigga" this, that all day. But them Jewish and Italian Mafia cats that run this industry ain't having that. To make a long story short, some things the youth should be able to hear and some things they shouldn't. But that should be up to the parents.

MVRemix: What are you working on at the moment?

Headkrak: Right now I'm working on the album. I'm trying to deliver 18 tracks (skits and interludes not included) of some of the hottest shit that Hip Hop has seen in a long time. I want my album in every home like a fork and a spoon. It's going to be something that everyone needs to hear. Like the Public Enemy "Nation of Millions" album. You got the battle joints, you got the personal joints, you got the joints for the ladies. You got records for the kids. But it doesn't sound corny like I'm trying to appeal to these people. It's all from the heart.

MVRemix: Headkrack. Why did you take on this name?

Headkrak: That all came from just being a knucklehead when I was younger. I'm not a crackhead! I played cee-lo a lot in school and when you roll dice and lose that's a HEADKRACK. So I'm putting all MC's on notice that if you challenge you may find defeat.

MVRemix: Have you got any comments for your fans?

Headkrak: For the fans, one love for all your love and support. If ya'll have problems/issues got beef with people on your block let me know! I'm an MC because ya'll are fans of hip hop and I got love for all of ya'll. And that's real! You can e-mail me at or peep my temp. web site at

MVRemix: LL vs Canibus. Who won? Is it over?

Headkrak: No comment.
There was a lot of speculation about you having some involvement in this, can you tell me what happened?

Headkrak: I really don't know what that was about. My man Meddafore did a joint about Canibus and there was a rumor that I did a song in retaliation to him. That's they fiasco. I got universes to conquer. I don't get involved unless people say my name. I wouldn't wan't to base my career off of dissing whoever is popular at the time. I'm confident in my skills to do it on my own ya dig!

MVRemix: You toured with Canibus, what was that like?

Headkrak: The whole Refugee camp is cool, at least the people I met. They had they own bus and I was on a bus with a group called CoolBone. We would kick it during the soundchecks, after parties etc. they real down to earth.

MVRemix: Is racism at the forefront of hip hop these days or is it disappearing?

Headkrak: It's hard to say because there are so many levels of racism. It's definitely there.

MVRemix: What would you say about the state of Hip Hop today?

Headkrak: Hip Hop is a lot better this year than it was last year. We just need more labels who are concerned with the art of Hip Hop than the dollars behind it.

MVRemix: Where will you be on December 31st, 1999?

Headkrak: Times Square, wilding out like everyone else.

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