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Hell Razah - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Hell Razah - The Struggle

June 2005

MVRemix: Are you happy on how Nature Sounds has been promoting the album and getting it out there?

Hell Razah: Yeah, because they got the album kind of late from us. We were getting mixed up on which songs we wanted to have on the album, and things like that. We liked too many songs, but we had to decide which ones to keep, and which ones to save for the second album. So we handed them the album, and Nature Sounds did their thing within the time they had. Right now we are about to leave and go on tour, so the album should pick up within a month or two. We are happy, because its out there in the stores nationwide, so thats a great thing. So right now, there is no complaints, because we have a lot of projects coming out with them. But this is just the beginning, this is like the flare gun in the beginning of the race. Now the race is on! Killah Priest is gonna drop his new album in August, then I'll drop towards the end of the year, around October/November. Then we got the Maccabeez dropping in the beginning of 2006, and Timbo King towards the spring. After all of that, then we'll drop the next Black Market album. So we got a lot of shit man. But keeping checking for updates.

MVRemix: Can you talk more about your up and coming album. What can fans expect from it? Who's producing on it? Things like that.

Hell Razah: Production wise, I got Fabrizio, and he did Cassidy's "I'm A Hustla". He threw me some beats for the album, and so did this cat from Germany. I also got 4th Disciple, I did a track with this live band, and a couple of other cats. Godz Wrath did a lot of production, can't forget them, they are our new team. So we got our own sound and team of niggas. Because the hungry producers are the ones that nobody knows about. You don't need a whole bunch of niggas like The Neptune's doing your album and all that. The way we coming, we are not here to attack all of that, because we can rhyme over those beats all day. We want a hungry sound that is as hungry as the rhymes we got. The shit we kick, them beats have to be real. I'm not saying those other beats aren't real, but you can taste the bubbles and soap in them shits. When you get our beats, that shit is like sipping on hot tea, fuck around and it will burn your tongue. Niggas got to remember that every producer was a nobody at first. So just because another nigga made a hit record with a certain production team, it doesn't mean you are going to make that same hit record. You got to find your own sound and style. You have to stick to your origin and you have to make what you consider hits to your chamber. A lot of people fee like, "Jay-z made a hit record with The Neptune's, so now I gotta go get them". Now your A&R is telling you to go get beats from Timbaland and everybody else. Just because Hov did it, doesn't mean you are going to do it. Then you are going to go out and make a record sounding like Hov's shit. Then he disses you on a record and comes out saying, "Y'all niggas are bitin' my shit". Get your own shit! You don't do certain shit like that, and all of these artists should stay true. Hip Hop is about staying true, because back in the day, you didn't see everybody using the same producers. De La Soul came out with their own sound, Q-Tip had his, Krs-One had his own beats, Rakim, Kane, everybody had their own style. That's how we are coming out now, because we have our own sound and style.

MVRemix: You recently released your album Freedom Of Speech , right?

Hell Razah: Yeah, Freedom Of Speech is me and 4th Disciple. We got together on some duo shit, like Gangstarr, Eric B. & Rakim, or Pete Rock & CL Smooth. We pressed it up, threw it out there, and we sold about a good five thousand - independently on our own. Thats just off the street, and doing shit like that is what got us to where we are now. You have to put in some type of work independently first, and stop only recording because a record company tells you to. A lot of artists just wait around until their label throws them in a studio, and then you owe half their budget and all that shit. But we live this music shit! We do it when we are just in the crib chillin'. And I touched on a lot of topics on Freedom Of Speech . Because we are supposed to have Freedom Of Speech, but once you start saying shit, then comes the FCC telling you what you can or cannot say. That album is directed towards a lot of cats in the game that look at Hip Hop as you have to abide by certain things. I got a song on there called "Baby Girl", which is dedicated to girls who have been going through shit with their males in the Hip Hop game. Real shit! I'm making records to let people know its ok to be real. Don't be running around frontin', because people respect real shit. A lot of people relate to shit like that, and they can't feel what you are talking about in Beverly Hills when they live in Brownsville. I touched on a lot of topics with that album, because I wanted to make songs. There is another song called "Take Your Time", which is for the kids. I got kids singing on the hook with me. I got another political joint called "Article One", and one called "High Science" where I deal with deep knowledge. And the lyrics on this album are the type that you can listen to over and over again. Its not that type of music that is around for a certain length of time, but once it dies out, its gone. You can get the album on my website as well.

MVRemix: What is the current status of Sunz of Man? Are you guys ever going to get back together?

Hell Razah: Yeah, after we finish all of this shit, we are going to do another album. Right now everybody is doing their solo projects. Prodigal Son is dropping an album through Navarre. Shabazz, he is working on his album, and we are working together. Shabazz is on my album as well. And you know Priest and me are working together, so I say Sunz Of Man should come together at the end of 2006 with an album. That is going to be the original players, which includes 60 Second Assassin. We are going to bring that original, real Grave Diggaz to the tenth power shit back!

MVRemix: Any last words?

Hell Razah: I want to give a lot of thanks to all the people that have supported us and have continued to buy our music. Those who have the catalogue and go out and buy every album. Much love to everybody respecting the movement.

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"Sunz Of Man should come together at the end of 2006 with an album. That is going to be the original players, which includes 60 Second Assassin. We are going to bring that original, real Grave Diggaz to the tenth power shit back!"