Hot Rod (G-Unit) conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Hot Rod (G-Unit): Sunday Night Sound Session

October 2006

These are the transcripts of an interview with Hot Rod (G-Unit) on DJ Hyphen & J. Moore's "Sunday Night Sound Session" on Seattle's KUBE 93.3 FM. For more info. on DJ Hyphen click here, originally aired September 2006.

Hot Rod G-Unit interview

MVRemix: Introduce yourself.

Hot Rod: It's your boy man, Hot Rod a.k.a. Mick Swagger, you heard what I said, I ain't say Mick Jagger; Mick Swagger! Representin' the [G] Unit, "Fast Lane" out November 28th, what's going on with y'all man, Sunday Night Sessions - what's up?

MVRemix: You're brand new to the G-Unit clique...

Hot Rod: Brand new, I'm the baby. I'm the baby of the Unit.

MVRemix: Just signed up... Where are you from because people are like, he was born in Cali, but living in Arizona...

Hot Rod: Yeah man, just to clear it all up I was born in Sacramento, California. The bay, makin' it happen, 916 - shouts out. Then I moved to Phoenix, Arizona man, about four years ago and just started makin' it happen.

MVRemix: Why'd you move out there?

Hot Rod: I moved out there with my brother man, we bought a few cribs out there. Just went out there to make that money. With my brother, he's my baby brother so he's makin' it happen. We went out there to pretty much get it crackin', you know what I'm sayin'?

MVRemix: What's the scene like in Phoenix, Arizona? We don't hear many national emcees from there?

Hot Rod: Don't nobody know man, don't nobody know what's up with Phoenix - we got a lot of talent out there, it's just everybody is on the grind. We puttin' out tapes... It's like it's own little area. You can't really put it with the South, you can't really put it exactly with the West. It's kind of like South West is kind of how we put it, so it hasn't been on the map yet, but I'ma put it on the map. Definitely make it happen.

MVRemix: How did you manage to link up with 50 [Cent] being out of Phoenix?

Hot Rod: It's simple man [ponders], how many words is that? Five words - "I sent in a demo."

MVRemix: Really? That worked? In this day and age sending in a demo...

Hot Rod: But you've gotta be kind of hot, it's like a certain level of hotness...

MVRemix: And you've got to have someone to know, 'cause obviously 50's gettin' a bunch. So somewhere, someone had to be like, "50, yo - this kid is dope!"

Hot Rod: I know a cat man, his name was Torres Scott, he's a engineer. He reached out and was... He's actually from AZ so he reached out to the AZ artists and was accepting demos or whatnot...

MVRemix: Big shout to the University of Arizona. That's my basketball squad.

Hot Rod: ASU. Man, I'm ASU - what you talkin' about?

MVRemix: Well I apologize for the current state of your basketball program...

Hot Rod: [chuckles] Beef everywhere man, always beef.

MVRemix: You can't escape it, that's what happens when you sign to G-Unit

Hot Rod: The shady beef. I got signed so I gotta deal with beef, but yeah, you know he came through, did the demo thing... A lot of people would hate, they didn't think he was really official. I knew the cat was doin' his thing - I sent the demo to him, he listened to it... It ended up in 50 Cent's hands and 50 gave me a call man, personally.

MVRemix: So how do you fit in with the rest of G-Unit, are you bringing in a different sound? Obviously they have people from different regions, but how does that effect the overall group dynamic?

Hot Rod: It's a whole new sound man, see a lot of people don't understand. You know, G-Unit is a group but also G-Unit records is a label. We got Olivia, she's a singer and she's R&B, so me, I'm bringing in the whole fun. I'm not bein' aggressive on the album, I'm not comin' out... A lot of people think that because I'm with G-Unit, I gotta come in with the .44 poppin' at everybody, beefin' with everybody - that's not my angle. I'm actually takin' a different album; that's why it's gonna be a real special project. Really, it's based on club music. Havin' real fun; drinkin', girls, fast cars, money, all that good stuff and it's just gonna be somethin' real different. It's a breath of fresh air, it's real good.

MVRemix: So talk about the single.

Hot Rod: Man, the single's hot. It was actually the first song that I recorded when he flew me out to New York when I went to meet him. Actually he flew me out to New York, went to G-Unit records to the office, then we went back to Connecticut, to his mansion and we started recordin'. So Olivia was in the studio and she had did the hook. It was actually an Olivia record that she was workin' on and 50 Cent was like, "I think you can rock to this, get on it." I was like, "Yeah," he gave me the pen, I wrote the record and he came in, he was real excited about it and later on we decided to put Mary J. [Blige] on it, pretty much to put the cherry on top. Now you've got "Be Easy." It's funny, now you've got my first record and it turned out to be my first single so yeah it's real cool.

MVRemix: And my man right here from Seattle produced the record.

Hot Rod: No doubt, shouts out to Jake One.

MVRemix: Should've shouted his name on the track, unlike De La [Soul] of course with the "Rock Co. Cane Flow"

Hot Rod: [chuckles] See, beef! He starts beef. Man, you crazy

>> continued...

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