Hot Rod (G-Unit) - conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Hot Rod (G-Unit): Sunday Night Sound Session

October 2006

MVRemix: Some people when you say "We knocked it out in three or four weeks," they kind of remember the old Master P days when he was puttin' out No Limit stuff every other week and it was like, "Come on dog." Have you always worked this fast? Naturally you're a quick worker with a strong work ethic?

Hot Rod: Yeah, yeah, I mean really it all has to do with the chemistry. If you go in the studio with someone you work well with, you'll be able to knock the records out real fast. But if you go in there with somebody that's not really clickin' with, and you're kind of forced to work with this person, then that's when you're sitting there all day tryin' to get one track banged out. 50 was a real inspiration man, he heard him and me on the demo and he said "It kind of sounds like my music," I'm influenced by the way he makes the music that's why I came right in there man and just really clicked real fast.

MVRemix: What's the best place for people to go online to hear samples of the music, maybe read more about you?

Hot Rod: I got the official site, just like it sounds. And also man, on top of that I'm a Myspace whore, yeah, I be messin' with the girls and I don't really be checkin' my messages man, I be checkin' my comments. I was on Myspace before I got signed and I still got the same page, just a little bit different.

MVRemix: G-Unit background on there...

Hot Rod: Yeah, I got the G-Unit pics.

MVRemix: Before you got signed, "Fast Lane" is the official debut but did you release anything locally in Phoenix before this album...

Hot Rod: What's funny is I had completed the album, it was actually called "Mr. Rod T's Neighbourhood," I had actually completed the album and I was about to press it up and distribute it independently in AZ, also in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. But in the middle of that, that's when I got the call. Of course, I'm not gonna do that if I just had to move on to the bigger things. Actually a couple of people have that album, probably later on they gonna be sellin' it...

MVRemix: The diehard fans selling it on E-Bay in two years or something...

Hot Rod: Yeah...

MVRemix: Take the listeners back to that phone call that day, what went down?

Hot Rod: So look man, I'm sittin' at the job and actually what happened was the dude Torres Scott, who I had mention earlier, hit me up on my sidekick. He said "Hey, somebody wants to talk to you - one of the A&R's." He gave me the number, I called the A&R and said "What's goin' on?" The A&R, Dee Prosper, he was like, "Yeah, I got your demo and it's real hot. Actually I need to call you back on a conference call." I'm like, "Alright, cool..." You know what I'm sayin'? I was chillin'. So about five/ten minutes later the phone rings and whatever, so the guy picks up and says "What's goin' on?" and says "Yeah, I got 50 on the line." I said [shocked] "Who?" He might have said fivty or spiffty or somethin', I'm like "Who?" And so he says "I got 50 Cent." So 50 Cent goes "What's goin' on Rod?" I'm like... So of course, you can imagine my heart beating at 19,000 miles per minute and he just started hollerin' at me man. He was like, "Are you influenced by me?" And just asking me some general questions. I was like, "Yeah, I'm definitely doing that." What got me was he was like, "Do you work?" I was like, "Yeah, I'm working right now." He said "Quit."

MVRemix: Did you do it on the spot?

Hot Rod: Yeah I did that. After the phone call. After I got my plane ticket itinerary sent to me. But he said "Quit man," he said "I want you to come out tomorrow, I wanna meet you. I was real impressed by your music and we just need to get to workin'." So after the whole phone call, they sent me the airline ticket... I went to the boss like, "I'm out of here..."

MVRemix: Who was the first person you called after that phone call?

Hot Rod: I called my brother man, J Treezy, that's the closest man to me. I had to call him, of course he was excited. We talk about this all day, I used to say "I just want my music to get in the right hands because I know they'll take advantage of it." And funny, the first person it would get to was 50 Cent.

MVRemix: That's not a bad first co-sign...

Hot Rod: [chuckles]

MVRemix: So there you have it, the album "Fast Lane," one more time when's it in stores?

Hot Rod: Yeah the album "Fast Lane" in stores November 28th, get it poppin'. First single, "Be Easy," second single "Chase The Cat" featuring 50 Cent, that's gonna be a real, real huge record right there. First off, shouts to Mary J. Blige for the first single, that's a real good look. Like I said, I'm comin' out November 28th, first we got Banks comin' out on the 10th, then we got Buck comin' out on the 24th of October, then we got me comin' out in November. Then we got to hand the baton off to Fif, he comin' out '07, so everyone get real excited about that. It's G-Unit season comin' in.

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    "What got me was he was like, "Do you work?" I was like, "Yeah, I'm working right now." He said Quit."