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Infinito - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  


October 2004

You may not be familiar with the name Infinito, but all of that should change in the near future. Hailing from the Windy City, Infinito is the next big artist to come out of Chicago. As part of the Molemen family, the emcee/producer is set to drop his latest release with Thaione Davis called "Low Income Housing". Infinito took some time out to speak with MVRemix about his new release as well as his history in this Hip Hop game. Get familiar with Infinito, it's a name you will be hearing in the future. The interview was conducted by Low-Key in October of 2004.

MVRemix: First off, can you just tell the people who Infinito is and what he is about?

Infinito: Well Iím an Emcee out of the south side of Chicago (wild 100 type)Öwho is about being complete original or just being myself and bringing about constant change and style to hip hop. Iím into Hip Hop as a creative outlet to represent positive growth from and to the black community. My goals are constantly changing and growing as I get older and wiser. Iím a black man who is HIP HOP and Iíd like to bring forth music with a message because life is not all fun and games. Though, we all need time to chill! Get your self together.

MVRemix: Lets talk about your past and give the people some background information. I know you moved around a lot, so what was your childhood like growing up?

Infinito: Man my child hood was a lot of moving around and being unstable. I was born in 1975 in Chicago at Woodlawn Hospital on the South Side to two of the loveliest people you may ever meet. My parents were both in the United States Army. My Father was in the Korean War and he recruited my Mother in and all so thatís how they met. They never stayed together any period of time I guess because their different personalities. So since child hood I lived mostly with my mother and my dear Grandmother Madear who helped in my development. After I was born we lived on 117th and Steward around Roseland and later moved to 117th and Michigan, next 114th and Indiana, 152nd Lexington in Harvey (South suburbs), 140 something in Dixmore, IL. Around 90 my mothers job in the army sent her to Fort Knox (home of the United States Gold Reserve) Kentucky so we lived in a near by city out there called Radcliff, Ky that was close to the Army Base that she worked at in Kentucky. We lived in a duplex house the first year I lived there then to a Trailer Park because times got a little hard for us and money became short.

I moved to Memphis Tennessee in like 93 to live with my grandmother who moved here in like 1990 to avoid beating down one of my mothers boyfriends because he was a drunk. And I lived there until 1994 where I graduated from Hamilton High School. I moved back to Chicago and lived on like 111th Martin Luther King Drive with my father until we fail out, so I went back to Memphis for about 8 months living my mother went to The Memphis College of Art then back to Chicago and went to Kennedy King College in 95 living with my father again. We fail out again because he was using my name on some credit stuff I didnít know about. Yeah itís wild. So I came back to Memphis and back to Memphis College of Art and later to Shelby State College and Memphis State University from 96 to 97. Then moved back to Chicago on the South Side and went to Columbia College and yes living with my Father on 75th and Exchange the lows of slum because by now heís about 20 years retired from the Army Iím like 22 just a hip hop nomad.

Following this I stayed moved Northern Illinois University man that was a wack experience I couldnít take it to slow. So I moved to Atlanta with my little brother in a place called Riverdale, GA because it seemed a little nice until my brother almost got us shot for getting in this gun situation down there. Next I moved back to Chicago in like 2000 living on my own on like 77th and south shore, that went sour so I lived with my father again in like 2001 on 83rd and Evans that couldnít last its hard to have a female over sleeping on your ole mans couch ha ha. Soon after I got my own place on 83rd and Marshfield over south west side of Chicago and that lasted until July this year when I moved back to my grandmothers crib in South Memphis in Castalia Heights because of money shortage I was suppose to be in Atlanta again thatís where my mothers at now but this time Iím kind of broke so Iím in school at the University of Memphis again and all. Yeah it's more stops just couldnít think of them. But I will be moving again soon see you at your local urban city 2017.

MVRemix: What is your first memory of Hip Hop?

Infinito: My cousin Derrick Jackson (Fat nice of the group 84) he started me rhyming because he was so nasty with it. He is like better then most people out, he just used to rhyme in the basement back in Harvey and Dixmore I just picked up on all his ILL techniques he is the rawest emcee Iíve ever known. Cats be trying to hard he never did he just always formulated his own self and thatís what I got from him be you and do you. Be ORIGINAL!

MVRemix: Who were some of your favorite artists growing up?

Infinito: I liked a lot of KRS-One/BDP, Run DMC, Busy Bee, Poor Righteous Teachers, Diamond D, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Geto Boys, Public Enemy, EC Illa, Ill State Assassins, Ultra Magnetic MC's, Tribe Called Quest, Common, Special Ed, De La Soul and other. Too Short was dope to me.Thatís just my early stuff now a days I like a lot more.

MVRemix: How did you get into producing and rapping?

Infinito: Listening to all my cousin Derricks collection of tapes from all those different artist I named. He had all of the joints back in like 84 to like now really. Man Joe hip hop was on the radio in Chicago too. But I was mostly inspired by just being creative and driven to do something positive.

MVRemix: How would describe your production sound and rapping style?

Infinito: Its rather honest heart felt music that leans more on the factual side of reality even if Iím being silly itís real. I do music that a truly honest down to earth mind can understand and acknowledge. Itís all from the soul from the heart. My music makes ignorant and intelligent people think. Itís more of a library of congress record of actual information. Yet itís still refreshing and new all the time because Iím complete original please holler side ways.

MVRemix: On your "Infinito vs. Moelmen Mixtape", you state, "You mad because I think abstract". So do you feel there is a stigma placed upon emcees with complex wordplay or abstract lyrics, because a lot of them are labeled as "nerd rap"?

Infinito: Really man I do a mixture of conscious honest music. I think abstract I guess because Iím an unstable, complex, uncontent, unsatisfied person with a lot on my mind I was born moving Iím left handed Iím a Scorpio. Iíve learned more then one person is supposed to know about the world so that whats Iíd say. And that line is really directed to people who want you to dumb your music down to please dumb people. See my mother, grandmother and father are highly intelligent people who trained me for all types of psychological warfare that a lot of people wouldnít imagine. I call myself the Regular Black Dude but Iím far from it. But Iím definitely not in the building because I will not allow myself to look ignorant for the sake of a fan or a certain audience. See I was raised by one of them so called strong black families who protect each other from danger so Iím just real smart talking person. Thatís me.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with The Molemen?

Infinito: I know the molemen threw individual meetings in and around the city of Chicago. I met Memo first so thatís who I really know this dude I knew named Jeremy hooked me up with Memo when they both attended University of Illinois at Chicago. Memo thought I was cool and I brought a beat from him and we been building ever since I got love for that guy. I met Panik PNS / JR when they worked at Gramophone Record Store the main hip hop store in Chicago on the North Side. The first time I really talked to Panik he played my Impatient 25 the black scorpion vinyl LP in the store out loud, he said he liked it that was an inspiring moment respect was built plus heís the only other Left Hand Scorpio Iíve really did work with all he ever wanted from me is to be more professional. Then JR / PNS he let me rhyme on one of songs called ďDEATH WISH BANGERĒ on the Chicago City Limits vol. 1, I didnít even ask he just thought Iíd be cool on there even though to this day I felt like that was suppose to be my solo song but he gets love for that.

MVRemix: Are you officially signed to Molemen Records, or what is your position with them?

Infinito: Not until my TIMELESS #27 album comes out on Molemen Records. Itís no set release date. But I did a lot of personal rhymes on that joint so Iím looking forward to hearing that album when they release it.

MVRemix: Tell us about some of the records you have done and artists you have worked with?

Infinito: Man I did so many records Iím working an album just about every week. But I did songs with Mixx massacre (an ex-molemen), Cosmo Galactus, Insight, Fat nice, Pugslee Atomz, Mr. Skurge, Adad from Euorhythmics, Psalm One, Verbal, Yoda, Kevin Fountain, Dashaun Drew, Prizm, Thaione Davis, Soul Child, and a lot of Chicago people I did an album with the nacrobats and my crew Unorthodox Poets Society and a group called I.T. with my main mellow Thaione Davis and more stuff etcÖOne my favorite albums I did is called Marcellous Lovelace 10/26/75 because its real biographical details of my days, nights, woman. My Mcml albums are dope. I did the Qualified Professional #27 12 inch on Fat Bats thatís dear to me. Music with Sound Right is my first time coming with all my aliases on one project because I used to sale the personality on that album in other projects always separate. And others just got so many.

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"Really man I do a mixture of conscious honest music. I think abstract I guess because Iím an unstable, complex, uncontent, unsatisfied person with a lot on my mind I was born moving Iím left handed Iím a Scorpio."