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Infinito - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  


October 2004

MVRemix: I see you have opened up for some heavy hitters, can you tell us about those experiences and what you have learned from those shows or being around those artists?

Infinito: One guy is KRS-1 that man is a real professional he is great when it comes to doing and being Hip Hop, I can’t see why any company would try to hurt his character that man is just dope the way he rocks the entire room its impossible to follow him up I will forever thank the Molemen for that show. And another memorable moment is De La Soul they can really get down to they got a lot of finesse when it comes to showmanship they put on a great show to, C rayz Walz that guy is dope also a whole lot of character man he got some crazy antics. They was all dope I’d really like to get more shows like that in the future.

MVRemix: Tell us about "Low Income Housing", the new album you have coming out with Thaione.

Infinito: That album is my baby because the way it was so carefully crafted. I have to first thank Thaione who was really dedicated to this project when he didn’t have to be man I really give you my love and respect for helping a brother out. But anyway man, that album was created in like 3 months from like February till April around my Uncle Franks (Nephew of Frank records) birthday on the third. Yeah we made like two draft demos one with just beats to write to and the other was the beats and lyrics. Then by the end of March 2004 we were ready to record. Man we got in that studio and knocked it out with a lot continuity no bickering no arguing it was an agreeable situation. We never had a problem even with getting Dj Waht from Filthy Finga Tips to do the scratches and having Cosmo Galactus, Mr. Skurge and Fat Nice from 84 to drop there verses respectively. That is the way hip hop is suppose to be done all business taken care of with out all the drama we did like black men and got in there and made a classic piece of artistic sound. This album has elements of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Soul Music, true boom bap hip hop the way it was taught to us. I love this album as much as I love my album that I did with Mixx Massacre and Memo called Music with Sound Right Reasoning. This was not hard just dedicated hip hop from people who are hip hop and love hip hop for what it was founded on a positive creative expression. Thaione did all the beats except a little help on the intro from Dj 5th Element and I did the rhymes with special guest and Thaione saying some verses and hooks. On the next part of I.T. collective called “Scorpio and Virgo” Thaione will say more rhymes and it will be more guest but it will be done with that same positive attitude. True Dedicated Hip Hop! Go find I.T. (INFINITO 2017 AND THAIONE DAVIS) LOW INCOME HOSING IN STORE NOW.

MVRemix: What type of concepts/songs can fans expect to hear?

Infinito: You will hear some painful street stuff like Acknowledge the After where some thugs populate the city blocks of the south side of Chicago and violence comes into play and you have to imagine what happens in the way its left with no clues, a straight soul jam called Casual Liberation going like 100 bpms this joint is not my usual tempo. You will hear a song on the roots and background of Hip Hop and how its being sold into the cooperate devils hands and how we as Hip Hop need to keep it where it started in the streets. Ohh and 1884 Berlin Conflict re-routs the people away from drug usage and smoking and into a higher level of thinking. Because “Sometimes” we got to take the land back to its original state. Its love on here hate justice soul all kinds of music that should take you away from the Mk Ultra mind control drugs you used to. Pure hip hop is what you will hear.

MVRemix: I am a huge fan of Vakill's work, so are you going to be working with him in the future?

Infinito: Yes indeed that man is real dope. I’d love to do a song with him but I don’t really know him like that. See we both from to different areas so its hard to be connected all the time. I hate to admit it but we all know each other but we in two different places even though we both know Molemen. But I’d like to work with him he’s one of my favorite Chicago artist also.

MVRemix: What do you think that you and the Molemen team have to do to branch out and start to get the recognition you deserve?

Infinito: Get into other regions we got to be more of strong unit from Chicago and dominate other areas like other areas dominate our region. Just gain more recognition you know.

MVRemix: Overall, what do you want out of this Hip Hop game?

Infinito: What I’d really like out of hip hop in the end is to be Respected and Recognized as a great artist and a positive thinker. I’d also like to help children see more then whats presented to them on the television and mind control radio.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on that we did not talk about already?

Infinito: Well right now my Rodney Dangerfield album and promoting this I.T. movement. Some more 12inches and helping my people.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, plugs, etc?

Infinito: Peace to all my Family people in Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Cali, Arkansas, Kansas Florida, Philly, Indiana, etc…and big ups to Dj Fisher at Domination Records thanks for the instant support. and get that I.T. to find me SOUTH SIDE CITY STREETS OF CHICAGO MADE ME hmmm I need to get some shows overseas and let me see my lil brother kids yeahhh ….I’m HIP HOP SEE my videos

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