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Jair Dynast - conducted by Kendra Desrosiers  

Jair Dynast

November 2006

MVRemix: Jair Dynast is an interesting name, any particular meaning?

Jair Dynast: Yes, Jair is my given name and it means “One whom God has enlightened”. Dynast means “Ruler of a dynasty”. I thought the two meanings went well together and they convey the depth and feeling for my music.

MVRemix: What made you decide you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Jair Dynast: Music was the only other thing I was passionate about in life besides basketball and my man Burger (RIP) once told me, “if you work at your passion you'll never work a day in your life”. He passed tragically sometime ago but that always stuck with me. Once I was forced to give up my scholarship, music was the next logical progression and it all kinda fell into my lap. So I ran with it… and here I am.

MVRemix: What do you consider to be your big break into music?

Jair Dynast: When I was signed to eMultimedia Group, dropping my first 12-inch “Snake Eyes” and seeing it earn the #4 spot on top 30 hip-hop charts.

MVRemix: Do you consider yourself a “conscious” artist?

Jair Dynast: Sure, I am socially aware. I consciously write music that speaks to societal issues. Hip Hop is poetic commentary on life and I poetically comment on my life and the lives of people in our society.

MVRemix: Who are your idols?

Jair Dynast: My mom's my idol.

MVRemix: What are your greatest music influences?

Jair Dynast: Bob Marley, The Mighty Sparrow and just great music in general.

MVRemix: Describe your sound.

Jair Dynast: People describe my sound as eclectic. It's a mixture of all the various Hip Hop sub-genres, along with a blend of Reggae, R&B and Calypso, another musical genre that poetically comments on life.

MVRemix: I noticed you're West Indian, does your music show any references to Barbados?

Jair Dynast: Yah, you can hear it all throughout my album. You hear it in my delivery, in some records I mention things that are specifically Bajan and probably West Indian in general and the song that closes the album “My People” traces my bloodline from the West Coast of Africa, to Barbados, to North America…

MVRemix: What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

Jair Dynast: Well, I'm fairly new to the scene. I've only had two top 30 hits and I recently got my first #1 record – this being my debut album... So I think I am probably too new for anyone to have any misconceptions about me yet.

MVRemix: Tell us about your record deal and the label.

Jair Dynast: eMultimedia Group is an indie Hip Hop and R&B label with a focus on Hip Hop music that poetically comments on life. My deal allows me to set the tone for the label in terms of the sound as I am not only the flagship artist but the principal producer for the other artists that are on the roster. eMultimedia Group is a very professional bunch with a passion for heartfelt music! It's a blessing to have this kind of support. So shout outs to EMG and the whole support staff!

MVRemix: How do you like the indie scene?

Jair Dynast: I think the indie music scene is fresh as hell… There is so much great talent to experience! Mans need to be checkin' for the indie scene!

MVRemix: Do you plan to go on tour?

Jair Dynast: Yes, the label is working to finalize the details of my tour as we speak. I can't wait!

MVRemix: Do you have any business ventures or hobbies?

Jair Dynast: Nah, at moment the music consumes me. But when I get free time, I'd like to mentor kids from the hood and start a “true” non-profit organization that works to end the wars that are going on right here in our inner-cities. We killin' each other y'all…

MVRemix: Tell us more about your production work.

Jair Dynast: Well, I do various types of production work. I produce tracks for films, TV shows, ads, video games, etc. as well as produce records for the artists on the eMultimedia Group roster, along with my own songs. My production could be described as eclectic as I tend push boundaries during the creative process and mix in elements from various sub-genres of Hip Hop as well as other genres like Reggae, R&B and Calypso.

MVRemix: What is your favorite track off the album and why.

Jair Dynast: I don't have an out and out favorite track on the album. It's like being a parent, you can't single out anyone of your kids as being your favorite as it's not healthy and it's damn hard to do. I love each and every one of my songs for different reasons. I'll leave it up to my fans to buy the album and let me know their favorites when they reach one of my shows, hit me on my web site or on myspace.

MVRemix: What do you think about music today?

Jair Dynast: Music today is great if you are into searching for “great” music. If you like to be handed your music on a platter, I think you might find you are often disappointed with what you are served (laughs).

MVRemix: Who is your top competition and what differentiates yourself from them?

Jair Dynast: I am guessing you are referring to other artists? I don't think it's so much that I have competition with other artists 'cuz we are all out here making good music and working hard for that music to be heard. I think my biggest competition would more be some of the closed-minded gate keepers who have a bit of power to control what people take the time to listen to and experience. I'm not a battle rapper so other rappers aren't my competition. I make music about my life and the lives of those around me. This is music that will resonate with the people because they are tunes about real people, by a real person.

MVRemix: What artist do you think you will be compared to the most?

Jair Dynast: Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be compared to one artist more than another because I constantly do things my way. Being a producer, I find that when I am working with other artists they are always looking to make a record like this person or that person. So when I write and produce my own records, I try to take risks other artists won't take. For this reason, people continue to describe my music as sounding “fresh” which is dope 'cuz that's my aim to begin with. When I am compared, it's always a different artist each time.

MVRemix: What is your biggest gripe about the music industry?

Jair Dynast: In terms of the music industry, I don't really have a gripe so to speak. I think the music industry is as I expect it to be in that it's a business and businesses thrive on one common goal, to earn money. Through earning this money, we all feed our families and keep our lights on. Of course, in terms of Hip Hop music, I feel there are certain aspects of the business that could use a bit of reform so as to balance things out in regards to how our culture is presented to the masses. However, I think that there is a deeper-rooted problem there that goes way beyond the music industry and has more to do with our society in general.

MVRemix: What songs could never be found on your playlist?

Jair Dynast: Well, they say: “never say never”… Plus, I am pretty open to experiencing all types of music. As a producer or composer, the more music you hear the more your ear expands. I'm really into new sounds – as long as it's dope I'll listen to whatever.

MVRemix: If you were to be locked in a studio with any producer/artists, who would it be?

Jair Dynast: I'm not sure if you're into Reggae or if you have heard of him but it would be dope to get Jah Cure out of jail and into my studio. See what kinda vibes would come out with him on one of my tracks. He's a conscious Reggae artist who is currently incarcerated in Jamaica. I have a lot of Reggae/Hip Hop ‘riddims' I've made that I think would sit well with his voice. He's actually recorded a number of hits while locked up. It would be great to see him freed and able to make more music to touch the people!

MVRemix: If you could lock any two artists in a studio who would they be?

Jair Dynast: If they were still with us in physical form I'd like to hear what Tupac and Bob Marley would have made together.

MVRemix: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Jair Dynast: Yeah sure, I'd advise them to dare to be themselves, dare to be different from what's expected of them and their respective genre of music and prepare to be hated on but don't watch dem 'tings 'cuz everybody can't and won't have the same tastes as you do. Keep doing your thing 'cuz it will eventually connect with a lot of people once you have honed your skills and perfected doing ‘you'.

MVRemix: Do you have anything to add?

Jair Dynast: Yeah, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to build with me as well as thank all the fans and the DJs for the tremendous support and love they continue to show me and my music. Bless up!

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