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Jakki The Motamouth - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Jakki The Motamouth

November 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Jakki The Motamouth. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on November 17th, 2000. Jakki The Motamouth recently signed with Fondle 'Em and dropped the 12" 'Widespread'/'The Chosen.' He's newly become a member of MHz and is a pretty talented emcee.

MVRemix: So when did you start out with this rapping craze?

Jakki: Like ten years ago...Me, Copy my brother, and this cat named Dewight (R.I.P.) used to freestyle a lot and record that shit. Bein' silly and shit, anyhow, I was like "Yo lets start doin' this shit for real." So we did! We called ourselves Nutt House Posse (N.H.P). We had gotten a lot of inspiration from Ghetto Boys and all other Rap-A-Lot cats. Shit is funny when I think back to dat shit but we eventually started getting out of dat mode after a while and started battlin' and shit...

MVRemix: How did you get set up with the deal with Fondle 'Em?

Jakki: Copy asked me to do a joint wit him while we were both workin' this third shift slave job. I asked the devil if it was his will - he said do dat shit - so we dropped 'Rocket Science.' It was supposed to be for a mixtape but that shit didn't happen so he sent it off to Bob (Bobbito) and Bob loved that shit, said he wanted to put it out. Then, almost immediately after dat, we did some shit together and came up wit 'Widespread.' Pete (Copywrite) sent it off and told Bob it was for my solo shit. Bob felt it and said he wanted to put it out. That was done almost a full year ago.

MVRemix: The 'Widespread'/'The Chosen' was a real nice 12", you had a lot of battle orientated rhymes. Do you only do battle rhymes or is that just one release with that side of you being showcased?

Jakki: I have concepts and will put out some in the future, but most are not out of the ordinary. I've been battlin' all my life and the majority, like 96% of my shit is on battle mode. To be honest, there ain't too many topics you can cover anymore. It's all been covered. I grew up in the hood, so I don't care to hear those stories anymore 'cause too many people have done it. I've sold drugs, so fuck those stories 'cause down here the average drug dealer can still be broke in a month. And no matter how much you try to sell positivity, you cant stop niggaz from doin' what they want to do. I boost and no amount of preachin' is going to stop me from doin' that. I fuck and piss on broads and no amount of positive talk is going to stop dat. So to be honest, I don't care too much about pushin' concepts. However, I do have some very opinionated joints that cats would feel, some cats won't but I don't care either.
Well, speakin' of the pissing shit, haha, you've got some crazy shit up at that the sort of thing you do regularly?

Jakki: I have a sick since of humour...I laugh at violent shit but then again that's the whole click. Yeah, that is a regular thing.
Ever gotten caught?

Jakki: Nah, I don't get caught and that is the plan.

MVRemix: Right now there are way too many emcees and not enough skilled ones, why should we pay attention to you and your shit?

Jakki: Because out of those "Way too many emcees," I am one of the skilled ones. I dont kick easy to say similes..."I'm this like dat / I float like a boat / Bad like the devil" shit. My shit is more complex - in your face sometimes and over your head at other times. A lot of cats like ' The Chosen' and probably still don't get some of the similes I threw in that joint, and I like that. I want you to understand most of the shit, but some shit I throw in is only for those who really can think, and in the same token, I'm nowhere near overly technical, which too many cats are doing nowadays. When I think only a few cats got the right rhyme like that. And those are the kids who know what they talkin' about.

MVRemix: What do you love about Hip Hop and what do you hate about it?

Jakki: I love the battle aspect of Hip Hop for the most part, which was always around since day one. I like the fact you can get paid off of Hip Hop, 'cause your getting paid to do somethin' you like to do. It's like payin' me to have sex. I hate a lot of these new Hop kids who think Hip Hop is supposed to be trapped "Underground" and front on artists if they blow up like they don't have skills any more. Don't know shit about the Old School and say I battle too much, like cats don't complain too much. Although I'm sick of a lot of mainstream shit, the same could be said for repetitive underground cats who recycle the same topics, flip the same styles, and say they can battle in their rhymes but don't nothin' in their rhymes indicate they can battle.

MVRemix: Nicely put...who's the gay rapper and who's the gay DJ?

Jakki: Willus Drummond and DJ Willus Drummond.

MVRemix: Haha... I know you're down with El-P, so what are your thoughts on Anticon?

Jakki: I never peeped their shit...get it?

MVRemix: Did Wu-Tang fall off or is it that people apply standards which are too high to live up to and then bitch?

Jakki: The latter statement.

MVRemix: Gore, Bush or "I just don't give a fuck"?

Jakki: Jakki. They ain't real. If I was President, everyone could have a Monica Lewinsky. Nah, Gore.
Why Gore?

Jakki: I think he can better run this country. He seems to have the least lies. Bush...I mean come on, can you see a spoiled ass brat running this country? He can't even run Texas.
Yup, I'm pro-Gore also...Shit man, most important question of all - Jenna Jameson vs Heather Hunter?

Jakki: Heather of course... I'd hunt her!

MVRemix: When will the world end?

Jakki: When all these gods come together and make up their damn mind! Me, personally, I'll still be here with my dawgs.

MVRemix: Hmmm - what can we expect from you in the future?

Jakki: A lot of unexpected shit. I'm workin' on my EP wit my producer Intalec. Doin' all types of Weathermen ish, releasing some shit on Def Jux and Fondle 'Em in the future. And, whenever I dumb down. I'll quit. Oh, also expect me to smack the next cat who comes at me wit weak flows tryin' to diss me. And, expect me to introduce ya'll to cats down here in Columbus 'cause it's a lot of talent here.

MVRemix: Cool...any last comments?

Jakki: Yeah shout outs to DJ Prizm, Intalec, Pest Da Blabbermouth, Greenhouse Effect, Flip Da Urban Kiwi, Jason Sauders aka Shape 2K, Weathermen, all Da Bernies cats down here and my Foulmouth Duck niggaz, ya'll Hip Hop fiends look out for all this shit as well as Weathermen shit, Cage's upcoming single, Camu's...cop dat ish captain...and also visit, and to and dat rude ass punk Powerbar.

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