Jim Jones (The Diplomats) conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Jim Jones: Capo Status

October 2005

With a cocky persona and an abundant amount of charisma and street swagger, Jim Jones has developed into formidable Hip-Hop superstar. His new album - Harlem: Diary Of A Summer - continues to lead the Diplomats in the right direction with its strong beats and commercial appeal. Below are excerpts from an interview conducted with Jim Jones in September 2005 by Low-Key. Jones briefly discusses Juelz Santana's upcoming album - What The Game's Been Missing - as well as his speech at the Millions More Movement.

MVRemix: Is Juelz Santana still scheduled to drop in November?

Jim Jones: Yeah, November 6, I believe.

MVRemix: Why has the album been pushed back so much?

Jim Jones: It's business. If you don't have the momentum you need to put an album out, you will never put it out. You have to get your momentum right and then you put your album out. That is what sells your records and makes us our money.

MVRemix: Are you waiting for the "There It Go (The Whistle)" video to catch on? Jim Jones Dipset interview

Jim Jones: We are just waiting for more momentum and then we are good money. He's great now - we have a great pace right now, but we want to actually kill it when he comes out.

MVRemix: With him being on Def Jam, are you worried that they might drop the ball, in terms of promotion and push, considering most of their recent releases have flopped hard.

Jim Jones: Yeah, I sold more than everybody over there. But Dipset, we are our own thing, so people don't go into the store and look for Def Jam Records. They go in the record store and look for Diplomat Records. That is our bonus - ya understand? I sold more records than people that had five or six thousand spins. I only had one thousand spins, so you know it ain't about the airplay and video play. Its definitely about the shear ambition that people love about us, so we are going to get some sales, no matter what.

MVRemix: Have you already planned out what you are going to be speaking about with your speech at the Million More Movement?

Jim Jones: I'm gonna speak about us - the 'hood. How we have to come up hopeless. How we have to do that because most of us have felonies, so we can't get a job. How they got us stuck in the matrix. How this Katrina thing was so much of a tragedy, but when they gave my black people them two thousand dollars, all I seen was my black people in the malls in Houston, instead of trying to save that money for lord knows when, since who knows when they will get some more relief. I'm gonna talk about some real live hard shit. Some shit that counts to me and the niggas in my hood, and stuff that they need to start looking at. Because we are stuck in the matrix and they just want us to spend our money and be happy.

MVRemix: Do you feel any pressure in delivering that speech? Because that could be bigger than any song you ever write.

Jim Jones: I don't feel no pressure because the speech is about real life. I don't feel any pressure when I do my songs - ya understand? I would rather speak than go rap and do a show. Because I know when I speak people are definitely listening. And I'm not an ignorant person, so I'm making a number of valid points throughout the whole speech. It's just for the upliftment of a young generation. There is nobody here to connection with them but us who do this music and entertainment. So I have to tell the truth.

MVRemix: Regarding Hurricane Katrina, did you feel the media was being blatantly racist?

Jim Jones: I don't know if it was blatant racism, but can't shit move unless the people with the money say to move it. The government ain't got no fucking money. The federal reserve, they got all the money. And when Katrina hit, all the money was out in the Middle East, in Iraq. That is where all the money is. They had to get everything right to ask for another loan before they could go in there and handle Katrina. So people wanna know why Bush took so long, its because Bush is just a rapper. He gets his orders from higher people. Shit can't move if they ain't got no money. That is why these taxes are being paid to the government. They are being paid to the debt that the government owes, and that is to the Federal Reserve. But I don't think people know the exact facts. And I don't think I'm gonna talk too much about that because I don't want nobody to read your article and be like, "This nigga knows a little bit too much."

MVRemix: When is Cam's next album dropping?

Jim Jones: Cam is dropping next year - I believe in February.

MVRemix: Any last words for the fans?

Jim Jones: It's ya boy Jones, keep ya head up and your eyes open. Get out the matrix, because they got us fucked up. Dipset.

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