Jim Jones (Dipset) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Jim Jones of Dipset Interview

October 2004

With a strong presence in Hip Hop, Jim Jones and The Diplomats are at the forefront of Harlem rap's success. Comprising of Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Freeky Zeeky, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, and Jha Jha - the group continue to create an empire through music, movies, clothing, liquor, cologne and more.

The Diplomats will be releasing "Diplomatic Immunity 2" through Koch Records on November 23rd.

These are the transcripts of an interview conducted with Jim Jones by Hugo Lunny on October 21st, 2004.

MVRemix: What are the current views from Dipset on Nas and Ma$e?

Jim Jones: On who?

MVRemix: On Nas and Ma$e.

Jim Jones: Nas?

MVRemix: Yeah.

Jim Jones: And who?

MVRemix: Ma$e.

Jim Jones: Ma$e? Man, that shit ain't, that shit is... We ain't payin' attention to that shit. That's the wrong question to start off with when you call on a nigga like me. You smell me? What you lookin' for?

MVRemix: Just basically...

Jim Jones: [interrupting] See most rappers talk about it, man I be about it. So it's a dead issue. You smell me? Both them niggas gotta get up on my level. If you wanna have a motherfuckin' nice conversation with me; a good interview - then come up with some better questions 'cause I don't like how you just got on the phone.

MVRemix: Oh, I'm sorry man, I'm just not trying to start anything. I'm just asking various things... [pause] It seems that one of the most overlooked emcees that has passed is Big L. If things were different, could you have seen L rolling with Dipset?

Jim Jones: Um, yeah. I would love to have L rolling with the Dipset. L is one of the most talented rappers to have been in the game thus far. It works itself out. L was a talented brother, god bless him. You can't take nothin' away from him, he battled and beat the best. Know what I mean?

MVRemix: Tell me about "Diplomatic Immunity 2."

Jim Jones: "Diplomatic Immunity 2"? You already know. It's a collage of everything that's going on as far as the Diplomat movement as a whole.

MVRemix: How do you find your producers?

Jim Jones: I don't... I just gather beats. I don't need to have the best producer, I don't need to have the worst producer. I just gather beats man and whatever feels soulful and feels like I need to be in tune with, that's the beat that I get. That's how we pick our beats, you know what I mean?

MVRemix: So you're inspired by the beats or do you go in specifically with an idea for a track and then find the beat to follow?

Jim Jones: Either way, it works itself out. You smell me?

MVRemix: So, what's the premise for the video shoot this weekend?

Jim Jones: The premise?

MVRemix: Yeah, what type of video are you looking for?

Jim Jones: It's real abstract. Like if you've seen "Santana's Town" where he was walkin' through Miami - it's something similar to that but it's a little bit more on the high edge. It's a little bit crazy man... it's gonna be real fun. Real fun video. Good video for the Diplomats. Good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck.

MVRemix: How did the Sizzurp contract arise?

Jim Jones: How did the Sizzurp contract...?

MVRemix: Yeah, how did you go about seeking a company to start producing your own liquor?

Jim Jones: It just happened to fall in my lap via this cat. Like it was a blessing. So I happened to be in the right place at the right time and somebody said "If I had the opportunity to do something with some liquor do you know what I would do?" And I was like "Yeah... fa' sho'."

MVRemix: I've never been able to find "Oh Boy" cologne, what's the situation with that?

Jim Jones: We had launched it and we had it in a couple of novelty stores. Right now you can buy it off the internet.

MVRemix: Whereabouts is it available through the internet?

Jim Jones: Harlemdiplomats.com or Dipsetmixtapes.com.

MVRemix: You were quoted once on Kay Slay as calling Dipset "The new Black Panthers." Could you expand on that idea?

Jim Jones: The Black Panthers and a bunch of other people were the most rebellious of they times - just like N.W.A. and things like that. Dipset, we embody the rebellion. That's how we got where we are. We didn't compromise ourselves when we stepped to our roots. Understand? We're a force in our own that people have to... like... You know what I mean? It's not too many things that can stop us. We're a movement. We create livelihoods for families, kids... This music is much deeper than just music. It's other things that's involved with it. And there's codes that we follow and rules and parameters to this shit. And I ain't talkin' 'bout the rap game, I'm talkin' 'bout the game of life.

MVRemix: With your album coming out through Koch, and the Dipset album coming out through Koch, is the Diplomatic label moving away from Roc-A-Fella?

Jim Jones: Nah, we're business men. We're just trying different ventures. We're tryin' to get our money's worth. You understand? You shouldn't subject yourself to puttin' all your eggs in one basket. You know? You know how that go.

MVRemix: Are there more Dipset related movies in the works?

Jim Jones: Ah yeah. We have some movies. The first one "Come Home With Me" is just in the process of being filmed right now and a couple of other things that we've been workin' out.

MVRemix: How did the collaboration with Game arise for "Certified Gangstas"?

Jim Jones: I reached out to the homie. I seen him in a magazine, couple of my homies said his flow was crazy and I reached out to him and it was mutual since then.

MVRemix: What's the relationship like then with Yukmouth? Because I was speaking with him and he was telling me how you're on his DVD

Jim Jones: [interrupting] Yeah, Yukmouth is my dude. He already know. There's certain people in this game that I built a repor with and Yukmouth is one of them. That's a hard nigga right there.

MVRemix: What about forthcoming solo ventures? Are there any of those planned?

Jim Jones: Yeah Juelz album, he's about to drop his new album. He gon' have a new album comin' out in the new year. We got Hell Rell, J.R. Writer, 40 Cal, Jha Jha. We got a lot of things besides the Diplomat album. This whole year there's gonna be album's droppin' out the sky as far as Diplomats.

MVRemix: What about guest appearances or mixtapes in the works?

Jim Jones: What do you mean?

MVRemix: For example are you gonna be featuring on anyone's album or...

Jim Jones: I ain't bashful man. Whoever want me to get on they album, trust me I got somethin' to say. You nahmean?

MVRemix: Predict your next year.

Jim Jones: I don't like to predict years, I just know we tryin' to saturate the game and wherever you turn, you gon' have to listen to the Dips or you gon' have to deal with the Dips too. Ya heard?

MVRemix: Do you have any last words to your fans or potential fans that are gonna be reading this?

Jim Jones: Um... not too much man. Life is all about chances, take your chances. Don't be scared of the risk man. You know? Don't compromise yourself with nothin' you do. If you want it that bad it's gon' happen. It won't happen tomorrow, sacrifice is the key. I'm tellin' you that 'cause I did it. I'm from the bottom of the bottom. I'm from the projects; the hood within the hood. You know how far I've done made it. So... if you look in my direction it's not the right direction but it's a good direction, ya heard? Dipset, holler.

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