Joe Budden conducted by DJ Hyphen and J. Moore  

Joe Budden: Still Growing

March 2006

MVRemix: Wasn't there a case a long time ago where someone tried to introduce the person's rap lyrics as part of the case and I thought that had been thrown out. But they still do that these days?

Joe Budden: They didn't throw anything out, they advised me to never mentioned her again even though it wasn't even her real name. But they advised me to never do that again. I mean it never stopped me, I still would, but me and her just happen to be on better terms now. The label... any time you talk about the label in a not so positive light...

MVRemix: I think the official title is "Def Jam Diss."

Joe Budden: You know I didn't even name it that, somebody else named it that. That record leaked. I was in L.A., I was working with Rodney Jerkins and I didn't even have a voice at the time, but I didn't want to feel like I was just wasting time out there so I just started recording something, just something. Just to be recorded. It made its way to somebody's hands in New York and they wrote "Def Jam Diss" on the mixtape. These mixtape DJ's in New York, they'll name your joint whatever they want to name it and it was over from that point, I caught a lot of flack for that.

MVRemix: What's the mixtape scene like out in New York? I know the criticism I have, kind of from afar is that it can be useful but it can be super generic. We're tired of hearing these dudes in the whole pay for play idea, which I find very strange. As a DJ, people hit me up like "Yo, can I pay you to put this record out there" and that's insulting to me because the DJ is supposed to play something that the people will feel.

Joe Budden: That's exactly how it is in New York. The mixtape game is not like it once was in New York where as in 2001 you had 50, you had me, you had Freeway, you had all of these up and coming people coming up and they were freestyling and they were nice, and they were going somewhere. Now you pick up a mixtape and you just have a bunch of people that really aren't that talented. You can pretty much hear when somebody paid to get their freestyle on a mixtape. I put my own mixtapes out. I can't get caught up in the wackness and have somebody pick up a mixtape and rely on them to skip to my joint amongst 27 wack artists. I can't do it, I'd much rather put my own joint out.

MVRemix: So what's the best way for some of these listeners who didn't even know you have a tape out, but these two last tapes - how is the best place that gets the money to you as opposed to internet dudes.

Joe Budden: I don't even care about getting the money to me. With the mixtapes I do strictly out of love and love for Hip Hop and just love for the music. It's funny, I went on and I typed in "Joe Budden" and "Mood Muzik 2" came up, and they were sellin' it for like $25 or somethin'. I said, "Whoa, wait a minute. Maybe I need to get some of this!" Where else can you go... You can go to, you can go to and you can get it there.

MVRemix: Are you still on the website talkin' to fans and stuff?

Joe Budden: I'm on that website every day. Every single day, that's important to me. But yeah, there's a couple places you can get it. I don't recommend you get it from You can go to,, it's a little more reasonable over there.

MVRemix: You know Amazon is located here, right?

Joe Budden: Is it?

MVRemix: Yeah.

Joe Budden: Wow.

MVRemix: So you're taking jobs away from us...

Joe Budden: Oh no wonder they rapin' people like that [chuckles]

MVRemix: But anyways, speakin' of the internet and stuff like that. Sometimes you've called yourself Regular Joe and I know you're a regular dude making music for regular people. Do you think the average rap listener these days wants to hear that or do that they want to use rap and Hip Hop as an escape or a fantasy world?

Joe Budden: I don't know, I'm sure you have some people that want to use Hip Hop as an escape, but I'm positive that there's an audience for people that actually want to relate to what they're listening to. I talk about a lot of things that I went through and it surely isn't pretty. Just like a lot of other rappers, none of it is ever pretty and I talk about how I managed and how I got to where I am, going what I went through and I'm sure people always wanna hear that. There's always an audience for a message and even if there's not, I'm not gonna change. I don't even know how to change. This is how I started rapping and if somebody paid me a ton of money to change it wouldn't happen, it couldn't.

MVRemix: So what's your current image of the Hip Hop scene?

Joe Budden: Hip Hop's wack, Hip Hop is boring. Everything's a gimmick, everybody's beefin' and they're not really beefin'.

MVRemix: It's the WWF or whatever...

Joe Budden: That's exactly what it is. It's the WWF for another generation.

MVRemix: Speaking of sports, we're in the home town Nate Robinson slam dunk champion.

Joe Budden: Yeah! Joe Budden interview

MVRemix: I know you're an NBA fan

Joe Budden: I'm a [New York] Knick fan even though we're doin' bad. We're doin' bad, but I'm a Knick fan.

MVRemix: It's bad in Seattle, I'm an Arizona fan but Channing is out there doing his thing. Not gettin' enough minutes, but he's doing his thing.

Joe Budden: Well they won't trade him to save their life, they're holding on to him tight.

MVRemix: Yeah, the deadline just passed

Joe Budden: Rightfully so, he's nice.

MVRemix: We were thinkin' if Isaah got asked enough, he might be like "Alright, sure - go for it."

Joe Budden: I thought that he might of moved on the Kenya Martin deal that was on the table.

MVRemix: Or the KG, that was the rumour.

Joe Budden: I didn't hear enough about that rumour.

MVRemix: What do you think about Steve Francis, not enough basketball, huh?

Joe Budden: Exactly it's not enough. Who you got? Jalen Rose, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Quentin Richardson - definitely not enough basketball.

MVRemix: They're all good players, it's just not gonna work together.

Joe Budden: I thought that they would make another move before the deadline.

MVRemix: Yeah, they were supposed to move Jamal but they didn't. Now this has turned into sports talk radio, shout out to 950, KKR

Joe Budden: Shout out to the Knicks, y'all will get better.

MVRemix: It's only going up. But if you could only change one thing about the industry to bring it up, to kind of close this out, if you could change one thing, what would it be?

Joe Budden: I'd want to stop paying for samples.

MVRemix: You didn't even use that many samples on the first record...

Joe Budden: No, not at all, but "Pump It Up" was sampled and I make a lot of money off of that record so I can't imagine what the people that made the record are making off of it.

MVRemix: That's the same joint Tribe [Called Quest] used for the "Scenario" remix

Joe Budden: I don't know, whatever I would change I would probably enable the artist to make a couple more dollars than what we actually make.

MVRemix: Dilated Peoples answered the same question with If I make the music, I should have more of a say in how it's handled down the line. Like in 30 years from now, who owns the music that I made?

Joe Budden: Yeah, definitely.

MVRemix: So the album, you said Summer, maybe?

Joe Budden: I'm hoping Summer. Definitely before my birthday.

MVRemix: When's your birthday?

Joe Budden: August 31st.

MVRemix: So we have a cap on that. And if it doesn't drop by August 31st?

Joe Budden: It'll drop before '07 or I'm gonna go slit my wrists somewhere.

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