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Joe Scudda - conducted by Dale Coachman  

Joe Scudda

September 2006

MVRemix: So you go the college games?

Joe Scudda: College man, I don't mess with the NFL like that. I don't like the NFL it ain't real to me. It's still real but the whole vibe is not the same because college kids is in it to win it. They tryin' to get there, they not gettin' paid and its all about tradition. Like NFL there is no tradition to me.

MVRemix: So college kind of represents that grind for you?

Joe Scudda: Yeah, like when you go to a college game you can feel it in the air, you can feel it. When you go to and NFL game its like alright, yeah we made it I got money now and I'm paid and its just not the same to me.

MVRemix: So with that when you make it and you become successful and with that success comes the money and the fame do you see yourself losing that edge? It seems like, unless there stuck in that middle which North Carolina seems to be in, do you see yourself saying, alright I'm in the studio again this is my 8th album?

Joe Scudda: Nah, because working…if you in North Carolina, well first off if you are in the South period you have to grind extra hard. Just because for so long mostly people wasn't getting any shine out here. It's a little different now because the south is poppin but it's still hard because all the record labels are in L.A. or New York. So first off you are in the South second of all your in North Carolina, not Atlanta, Houston or Miami so you have to grind extra, extra hard. My whole thing was my pops always told me never get comfortable. Once you get comfortable then you start slackin'. I used to play a lot of sports when I was a kid, so once I get it you have to work to keep it. That's another grind that comes comes in, just because you got money doesn't mean you are grinding because now you have bigger bills to pay.

MVRemix: So what's the difference between working in the studio with Khyrsis to working in the studio with 9th Wonder to Evidence?

Joe Scudda: Well I've worked in the studio with Khyrsis so much we know what to do without even speakin it. Like he knows I'm going to go in there and spit my verse once and then I'm going to tell him to run it back and I'm going to do it again and if I don't look at him and I say yeah that's straight. With 9th he's not in the studio with me as much, he more or less gives me the beat and comes in later. Me and Khyrsis work well together because we know how each other works. Working in the studio with Evidence that's cool to like me and him had a ball we were out in L.A recording and me him and Alchemist did a joint called It's Gonna Pop and that was fun to record, its just cool recording with all different types of people because you can get a feel of how everybody works.

MVRemix: What is the one thing since you've been in the industry that you notice that you can't stand but you know it's a part of the grind?

Joe Scudda: Damn, um doing these damn interviews, nah I'm playin.

MVRemix: Nah, that's funny because Black Thought said that's the biggest thing he can't stand is the interviews he said that's just one of the demons he deals with, the fact that people are all up in his business? You know…I don't know you but I'm like oh yeah I did an interview with Joe Scudda yesterday…

Joe Scudda: You know what bothers me man and I can't even speak because Black Thought has probably done a million and a half interviews, but it really doesn't bother me I'm just happy anyone wants to ask me a damn question. Probably the thing I hate most…well there is a lot that I hate but it doesn't bother me that much because I'm like shit I could be doing worst. There is some bull-ish, like radio, like why can't you just play it because the song it hot, like why do I have to know you or jump through hoops for you to play my fuckin record, like that gets to be a pain in the ass. Just the whole politics of the thing I guess. Like you know people that are being nice to you but don't even know you but again that could be anything you can't really put that on music.

MVRemix: So I'm going to ask you a 9-5 question, where do you see yourself next year?

Joe Scudda: Hopefully in tour promoting a record, that's where I hope to be.

MVRemix: If they could paint a picture of Joe Scudda what do you hope it says?

Joe Scudda: Man, he got busy, that's what it needs to say, no matter what I did music, acting, whatever he got busy. Oh but for that other question I got an answer, when a motherfucker ask me what I do and I say I rap and the dude says nah really what do you do? I'm like bitch I rap. That's what I hate the most because everyone and their mothers rap.

MVRemix: That's funny because Khyrsis said there are critics and artists and no fans.

Joe Scudda: Yeah everybody wants to rap and if not it's somebody who tried to rap and sucked but now he's telling everybody how they should rap. If you don't like my shit don't listen to but I rock with the fans that rock with me. The interest has gotten out of control and everybody is a critic and they can put their 2 cents in and that's cool but a lot of people's two cents be morons.

MVRemix: So outside of the HOJ what artists would you like to work with?

Joe Scudda: I did it already, I worked with everybody on Boot Camp, I did a joint with Sean Price on his new album, I did something with Buckshot, I did joint with Ruck, and Tek from Smif and Wessun when I was growing up I listened to Outkast heavy and Boot Camp heavy.

MVRemix: I heard you like Cube as well?

Joe Scudda: That's my West Coast thing if I ever do a song on the West Coast I want to do one with Cube. I would love to work with Bun B, me and Killer Mike talked, UGK's...

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"So first off you are in the South second of all your in North Carolina, not Atlanta, Houston or Miami so you have to grind extra, extra hard."