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Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia) - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia)

October 2005

Arguably Memphis' best known rap clique, Three 6 Mafia are finally getting the airplay they deserve on a national level with their name attached. The recently released "Most Known Unknown" went out through Sony alongside their single "Stay Fly" and was labelled so because the group believe you've heard them tonnes of times before now, but you never knew who they were. Having gone through various group changes over the past decade that they've been established, Three 6 Mafia have finally got what they believe is their most efficiently working line-up and intend on continuing doing what Hypnotize Minds Camp have done for years.

MVRemix: How does the Three 6 Mafia of 1995 compare with that of 2005?

Juicy J: Older and wiser. We're not as crazy as we used to be.

MVRemix: How would you compare "Most Known Unknown" to your previous releases?

Juicy J: I'd just say, really actually it maintains a snare or a hi-hat here or there or two but it's still the same 3-6, it's still the same straight from the gutter, straight from the streets.

MVRemix: Its been said you feel the album hasn't had as much push as you'd have liked it to. Are these statements true?

Juicy J: Some of our albums haven't been pushed, I can't say all of 'em, I just say some of them. This album I think Sony really put a lot of concentration and dedication into the album and I think they did a good job. I know they did a good job, I can't even say I think it, I know they did.

MVRemix: For those that have only become familiar with your material through the popularity of "Stay Fly," which releases would you say they go back and look over?

Juicy J: [ponders] I guess some of our underground stuff and some of our major released stuff.

MVRemix: Any titles in particular?

Juicy J: "Mystic Stylez" and "When The Smoke Clears"

MVRemix: How did you get into making movies?

Juicy J: We always wanted to do a movie, so man, we shot one doing it just for the fun of it. The movie came out to be good and people loved it so we was like we'll go on keepin' doin' independent movies.

MVRemix: Are there any more in the works?

Juicy J: Yeah, yeah, we got a new one comin' out October 25th, it's our first comedy called "Clean Up Men."

MVRemix: And what's the premise of "Clean Up Men"?

Juicy J: It's about two guys that work at a cleaners. They go pick up some clothes but the pick up the wrong delivery and they get into a bunch of crazy shit.

MVRemix: I heard you're also working on "Choices III."

Juicy J: We're putting together the script now, it's really up in the air man. It's like "Choices III" is the return of Big Pat and we really ain't got all the concepts arranged or put together yet. So it's kind of like up in the air right now. We're still gonna do it but if you talk to me again in November or December I might give you a better idea.

MVRemix: Do you feel your movies are also very useful as a promotional tool for your music?

Juicy J: Oh yeah, yeah! Damn right!

MVRemix: You're quoted as saying drinking is a big influence on your production, what are your favourite drinks?

Juicy J: Man, Vodka... Crown [Royal], Grand Marnier and Pineapple Juice. A lot of times I joke with that, but people take me seriously. I mean we drink Bud Light Beer as well, but we don't be drunk every time we make a track. [chuckles]

MVRemix: What's the status of Lord Infamous? Do you plan on releasing any music from him in the next year?

Juicy J: Yeah, he locked down right now. So once he get out and get on his feet.

MVRemix: Do you know when he'll be released?

Juicy J: He's supposed to be released October 18th.

MVRemix: Can you expand a bit on your beat-making process?

Juicy J: I don't know man, we get ideas. We stop a little bit here and there. Sometimes it comes straight off the head, I mean sometimes it may just come to us. I may be sleepin' and I may wake up and come up with the idea for a song, you know? That's what usually happens. In the shower or something like that, you know what I mean? Driving down the street... I may actually go to sleep with a hook in my mind, wake up and have the rest of it. It's kind of crazy, but that's how it happens.

MVRemix: What's the possibility of another Headbussaz album?

Juicy J: I don't know. Right now man, we might make one... But we're trying to focus on Three 6 Mafia and this new album and Project Pat new album and beyond.

MVRemix: What about your LP with Eightball & MJG?

Juicy J: Yeah, yeah, we been talkin' about it. As soon as they put they album out and I think they gotta get off of Bad Boy. We gotta get done with puttin' somethin' together man.

MVRemix: How did your involvement with "Hustle & Flow" come about?

Juicy J: We knew John Singleton and the director (Craig Brewer) is from here, the guy who wrote and produced it. He's from around here and he went to John Singleton, "Hey, I wanna make Three 6 Mafia... blah blah blah." He got in touch with us and he came down to the studio and went "Man, I'm a big fan of your music. I actually grew up listenin' to you guys' music" and so he put us in the movie and we wrote a couple songs in the movie. "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" they say it might be nominated for an Oscar, but don't quote me on that - it might, might, might....

MVRemix: How did the Chrome signing come about?

Juicy J: Chrome? I was introduced to Chrome by our man Frayser Boy and I just liked that he was real hyperactive man, he's a wild, little, young kid. He got some skills you know. He like the young generation of Memphis, we old school. He don't even sound like... The slang has changed because I done grew up outta Memphis and he all different.

MVRemix: Have you spent much time with Project Pat since his release?

Juicy J: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I spent a lot of time with him. I been talking to him, tryin' to keep his head focused. We been goin' over some songs. We gettin' ready to get back and lay down once we get off this promo run.

MVRemix: Are there any updates on a Crunchy Black solo album?

Juicy J: We should be workin' on something real soon, it's just like right now we're just workin' on this new Three 6 Mafia album and workin' on Project Pat, so...

MVRemix: Of all the old members of the camp, and despite any beef you may have with them - which member would you like to have back or feel would be the most valuable?

Juicy J: As of right now, I think we blessed because of the way we are. We all get along with each other, ain't no problems. As far as the older members, if I can't say nothin' to nobody's face, I don't got nothin' bad to say to nobody. I wish the best of luck.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Juicy J: Denzel Washington.

MVRemix: Do you reckon you'd win?

Juicy J: I don't know, I'm just joking. [chuckles] I wish I could get a promoter on a fight, honestly.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the way the US Government has handled Hurricane Katrina thus far?

Juicy J: I think a lot of people get a lot of shit twisted. I think it was very slow, actually I think it was terrible. I mean if you've got to wait on five days for food and you ain't got no aid, that's a shame. But it can happen to anybody.

MVRemix: Aside from the album do you have any other guest appearances or compilations you've been working on?

Juicy J: I've been doin' a lot of production for different artists like Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Lil' Flip... We got movies and we've got our first comedy "Clean Up Men" comin' straight to DVD. It's comin' out October 25th. Basically that's it.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Juicy J: Stay true to yourself and pray! We need it, the only way we gonna make it is through prayer.

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"I may actually go to sleep with a hook in my mind, wake up and have the rest of it. It's kind of crazy, but that's how it happens."