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Hip Hop needs more individuals like J-Zone. Those not afraid to be different, speak their mind and have fun at the same time. Since his debut album "Music For Tu Madre", Zone has captivated the underground community with his outlandish humor, sharp tongue and original production. Now with his fifth release in six years, "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work", Zone is back at it again, giving fans more of what they have come to expect over the years. J-Zone recently took some time to speak with MVRemix about his new album, as well as a variety of issues, including his love for basketball and the up and coming election. Oh yeah, Zone also dishes out some tips on how to step up your game with the ladies. Take notes fellas and get ready to laugh your ass off.

MVRemix: You got the new album "A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work" dropping on September 28th, so what type of issues are you dealing with on this album?

J-Zone: Rappers that think they can play basketball, punk ass college radio DJ's that won't play my shit, having a bad day, ratchet mouth, non-showering, bad breath stankin ass muthafuckas. What else? Ummm...., being a funny looking dude that will still pull a cute broad, bald head bitches, hoes that wanna dance all the damn time.bitch I'm J-Zone, not John dick won't even fit in the club. Living in New York City and dealing with all the bullshit here and not being able to hold my liquor. I also got a more serious joint where I break down my career and give personal opinions on all my albums, most of which differ from the masses' opinions. And even more, so there is enough bang for your buck.

MVRemix: Where would you rank this album in comparison to your others?

J-Zone: The best one by far. I know every artist says that about their latest album, but it makes sense because your most recent albums are the most accurate reflections of your current state of mind. I can't relate to my first three albums anymore, hell I can't even listen to them. I'm still proud of all my albums because they all represented how I felt at the time I made them, but I'm in a different place now. Everybody that I played the new one for says it's my best work by far (and that's about 30 people), but then again everybody has their opinions and I'm sure some will agree and many will disagree and hate it. You can't please everybody.

MVRemix: "A Friendly Game Of Basketball" is the first single, so we gotta talk about the NBA. Can you please tell me how the fuck Tracy McGrady can be in the NBA and not know how to identify a zone defense?

J-Zone: He's a very talented player, but he's so soft. Stop complaining dog, just play. His new nickname should be Sweet N Low. Soft, soft, SOFT! SOFT! You can blame that on skipping college. Kobe and Lebron are the only players that made the jump successfully. The NBA fell off cause these kids come in, don't know shit, and become prima donna's. Get some NCAA experience, Mr. Softee.

MVRemix: Did Kobe do it? And why with a white girl?

J-Zone: I don't think he raped her, but he was still stupid for fucking that bitch. Why did he fuck her? I'll tell you why. Because his wife is fucking gorgeous, therefore she ain't giving up no pussy whatsoever. Vanessa ain't giving up no ass. His wife is a pretty bitch and you know a pretty ass bitch ain't fucking cause they can just look good and collect the money. Now I ain't see a picture of the white chick he fucked, but I know she's probably some nasty Rosanne Barr looking bitch that gave him some bomb ass head and let him hit it. He was backed up and she was a freak bitch, but when you make that money you gotta be smart enough to know that ho's plan this type of shit to get paid. Once again, lack of experience. He would have learned about money hungry bitches in college. Hoeology 101 is your freshman core requirement if you're a student athlete.

MVRemix: What did you think of the Olympic team? I blame Larry Brown for being an egomaniac and not playing Lebron more, do you agree?

J-Zone: Psssh, please. Let's skip that topic, but I agree with you about Lebron. He should have got more minutes. Lebron and Dwayne Wade were the best rookies last season in my opinion. Carmelo Anthony? Overrated! Soft, soft, SOFT! SOFT! He's another cat with talent that plays so soft. I said it during the playoffs, but it really came out at the Olympics. Him, Allan Houston, Chris Webber, Vince Carter and T-Mac should get together and drive a Mr. Softee truck in the off-season. Talking bout "we bringing home the gold". Must have been talking about a Gold Card. And them braids gotta go! As a whole, the NBA has gotten soft. I remember when Bill Lambier, Rodman and the Detroit Bad Boys would fuck you up for coming in the paint. Bird & Magic played hard. Jordan was a finesse player, but he'd still take it to the hole and play some fucking defense. Barkley would spit on your ass. That's what the league needs nowadays. Fuck all these finesse players. Soft, soft, SOFT! SOFT! My man Allen Iverson and Earl Boykins are the smallest cats in the NBA and they got more heart than all them big muthafuckas! Rodney Rogers is built like a fucking nose guard and he's camping out on the perimeter shooting threes. Bring back Bill Lambier! Fuck this shit, next question.

MVRemix: Who is winning the championship this year?

J-Zone: Detroit Pistons. One of the few teams that has some heart. I love the fact that after punk ass David Stern talked shit about Rasheed being a hood, Sheed went and got a ring!!! I love the muthafucking Pistons. I like Miami Heat too. Dwayne Wade is the real deal and now he got The Diesel down low. Those are the two teams I wanna see in the East finals. Detroit will probably win though.

MVRemix: What is the key to bagging a nice broad? Zone, you gotta give the fans some insight on how to step their game up and actually get some pussy?

J-Zone: Shit, I ain't the most broad baggin-est dude out there. Partially because I have zero patience with chicken heads and if she says or does some dumb shit I'll cut her off before I can hit it. Or I'll piss her off. And when I get backed up I regret that shit! But I would say just have something unique about you. I can't dress too good, I don't dance, I'm a South Pole trip away from being handsome and I'm cheap as a mothafucka, but I can always be myself and make a girl laugh. I'm focused and I'm confident in who I am, so when I really want a girl I can usually get her 7 times out of 10. Just have a unique quality about you that she can't find everyday that may intrigue her. And plus, I'm willing to do things her ex-man didn't. I won't say what I mean, I'll leave that to interpretation. But I damn sure ain't talking about spending my cash!

MVRemix: Is Snoop Dogg really a pimp, or is Don Magic Juan really pimping him?

J-Zone: The latter.

MVRemix: Who has the nicer ass J-Lo or Vida Guerra?

J-Zone: J-Ho...oops, I mean J-Lo. But I see asses better than theirs out here on Jamaica Avenue all the time.

MVRemix: You talk about not being able to hold your liquor on "Lightweight Remix", but what is your favorite drink?

J-Zone: 4 way tie. Different drinks for different purposes. Armandale vodka and Ginger Ale for chillin, Screwdriver for performing at a show, Long Island Iced Tea to get fucked up and Southern Comfort and Lime for when I wanna do a shot.

MVRemix: Do you smoke?

J-Zone: Cigarettes? Never. Weed? Rarely. Maybe twice a year, but I never buy it. Just take a few puffs and pass on special occasions.

MVRemix: Are you still parking your car on your grandmothers grass strip?

J-Zone: Yup. And she's still running her mouth about that shit. I'm gonna go poison that grass this winter and she'll be all confused in May when that shit don't grow.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Devin The Dude for "Greater Later"?

J-Zone: I did an interview with Matt Sonzala, a journalist, for Murder Dog Magazine last summer. He's from Houston. I mentioned Devin in the interview and how I was a huge fan. He told me he was real cool with Devin and he gave me Devin's e-mail. I e-mailed Devin not really expecting anything and he calls me 2 days later! He was real cool. I sent him $ick of Being Rich and he was feeling it. He said he was down to work, so I sent him a beat CD. He came up with the concept and chorus and sent it back in no time. I followed what he did when I wrote my verse and bam, it was done. Real cool cat and extremely slept on. I suggest everybody buy all his solo albums and the Odd Squad Fadanuffaerybody album if you can find it. Him and Suga Free are my current favorite artists.

MVRemix: What happened between you and Huggy Bear, how come you guys are not working together anymore? Any chance of a reunion?

J-Zone: We hit a major block creatively in early 2002. We were going in completely opposite directions as artists. If you're not happy with what you're doing and you force things for the sake of making records, the music will suffer and tension will arise. So we decided to dead the music thing and remain cool. No beef whatsoever, I wish him the best. If things don't flow naturally and one person isn't happy with the direction of the music, it's best to let it go. We still cool, but I don't see a reunion at this point.

MVRemix: When is Al-Shid's solo joint dropping?

J-Zone: He's working on it now, we just did a session the other day. I did a beat on there, but he's focusing on his own production for the most part. I think he's gonna put it out himself. We're both doing our own separate thing now, but we'll always come together and do songs. Our chemistry is dope and we been cool for 8 years, so we'll always do joints here and there. His solo joint on my new album, "Heavy Metal", is crazy! I really think he will be the best in the game right now if he focuses. What a lot of people never understood was Old Maid Billionaires was NOT a group. It was three solo artists that clicked well together. With that in mind, it's not such a shock that everybody's doing their own thing.

MVRemix: If you could fight any celebrity who would it be and why?

J-Zone: Christina Aguilera. After I saw that bitch mud fighting in that video, I knew that if I fought her I'd probably wind up fucking her! I know she a freak!

MVRemix: Should Krs-One put Nelly on a spaceship and send him to Mars in order to save the Hip Hop culture?

J-Zone: Nah, leave Nelly alone. He's too easy a target. So was PM Dawn. Hip-hop culture cannot be saved as long as major labels exist and function the way they do.

MVRemix: What do you think about the courts recently changing the sample laws? Now you can't even chop up small samples without paying for it? Is that going to have an affect on your music?

J-Zone: I didn't really understand that law. If it's "unrecognizable", how can they bust you for it?

MVRemix: Are you going to be voting this November in the Presidential election?

J-Zone: Most likely. I was on tour overseas for the 2000 Election and didn't vote when this faggot got elected, this time I will. See what happens! Zone leaves the country and shit falls apart!

MVRemix: If Bush steals the election again should we all move to Canada?

J-Zone: As long as I can find a place to get some collard greens up there. My family's originally from the south and I ain't going no place for longer than a month that ain't go no greens!

MVRemix: Besides the album, what else do you have going on in the immediate future?

J-Zone: Working on some shit with Celph Titled. Just doing shit for fun, hopefully it comes to fruition as some type of project for 2005. That's my dog. Got a European tour to promote this album. I'll leave any other plans to spontaneity.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout out, plugs, etc?

J-Zone: To all my fans, thanks for supporting me. To all the haters, keep hating, ho. Both of y'all inspire me; cause it takes a negative and a positive to make a charge. Bobby Brown for President and bring back the jheri curl. I'm out!

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