Khia conducted by Noah Fowle  

After her second, she only wants to go deeper

July 2006

Everyone knows Khia for her unflinching sexual lyrics, but with her second album looming she is hoping her production skills will create a bigger buzz. After snagging the spotlight with her breakthrough single, "My Neck, My Back" in 2002, Khia's follow up single, "Snatch My Cat Back," is capitalizing off the same mix of raw, raunchy hip hop that rocked the clubs. Despite her long break, Khia points out she has had a lot on her plate leading up to her next album, Gangstress (July 11) and pushes aside any talk of her taking time off. After touring, she started her own label, Thug Misses, began writing her life story, and started looking towards expanding her role in the music industry. Although she admits her greatest success has come from rap, Khia insists that after trying her hand at production she is hoping to development some artists on her own and branch out from Hip Hop.

MVRemix: You produced your latest single, how was it making the transition from performer to producer?

Khia: Well I produced the whole album, and I am so excited it's like my baby. I've always written my own stuff. And I used to compose a little. I've played guitar, bass, keys. Music is my life. It's been easy for me to do it from scratch. I rather do it all on my own. The computer technology is not like it used to be so I need some engineers and help on the mixing boards. I'm not a genus.

MVRemix: What's changed with you since the last album?

Khia: Well this one is coming out on my own label. I wrote most of it on the road. People who think I was a one hit wonder will have to respect me. It's got concert tracks and club tracks and sexual tracks. People will see and respect my range. Everything in this is real life experiences that I've been through. Khia Interview

MVRemix: What was harder writing your book, Gangsta Love (due in December) or recording the latest album?

Khia: Neither. I'm a writer. I do poetry, short stories, screenplays. It's what I do, telling stories. The book is just my life story. People will see where my mug shots come from. Where my music comes from, and my inspiration. The book shows women that you can go through a lot and still achieve and come out on top.

MVRemix: Are their similarities between the two?

Khia: A little bit. The book will show you when certain songs were written. Where some of my songs and their titles come from. The book will show you that women can get money. We hustle. We ball. We go to jail.

MVRemix: How come you don't see as many beefs between female rappers as male rappers?

Khia: I don't know. I think the industry stirs stuff up. Writers boost stuff up that's not serious. Also guys' egos get in the way. I'm going to say what I have to say. You might not agree with what I say, but we're not going to kill each other. I've never had a problem with other females. Things said back and forth but that's what is like in the lime light. Ladies will never take it to killing each other.

MVRemix: Do you compete against other female artists?

Khia: No not really. I'm not a fan of other females. I can't relate. I love my guys.

MVRemix: At what point did this stop being a hobby for you and become your career?

Khia: I guess in 2002 with "My Neck, My Back." I didn't think it would get cross over. Then another turning point was starting my own company and going on the road to perform.

MVRemix: What can your fans expect from you after this album?

Khia: I want to do a lot more writing and start some artist development. I want people to seek me out when they need hits. I'm not just in it for the fame. I do a lot of writing for R/B gospel and pop. I like writing and composing. I've no problem taking the back seat. I'm not going to be rapping too much longer.

MVRemix: You've said that you write from personal experience, are you ever worried that all the success will leave you with a lack of material?

Khia: No. I'm always out traveling, and experiencing things. This is my gift. I'm going to do it until the day I die. I'll never run around material. I'll never stop learning and living. I turn a lot of things into songs. I'll be in a store and someone say some dumb shit and it turns into a song.

MVRemix: Some people might criticize your style as being overly sexual or even demeaning to women, how do you respond to that?

Khia: I'm just real. Everything I rap about is something I've done or been through. And people relate to it. You are always going to have critics. But it doesn't matter. Music is music. It's about the fans. People who aren't fans don't need to miss me. This is real shit that goes on, and some just can't relate.

MVRemix: You've started your own company, so is it safe to say that your looking to conquer more than just the record charts?

Khia: Definitely. I am looking for my own artists. I want to have a number one hit on country, pop, gospel, and R/B charts. I want to be a part of a lot of projects with my own company.

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