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Khrysis - conducted by Dale Coachman  

Khrysis Interview

September 2006

Never touching an MPC until a month ago, Khyrsis has been making beats since he was 16. Starting off with programs like SAW and then getting introduced to the popular Fruity Loops the beatmaker extraordinaire has made a name for himself. Khyrsis and the Justus League are out to set the record straight, being caught under the wing of Little Brother's success Khyrsis and the League are out to prove that they have their own sound and identity, and with the North Carolina native on the boards he will make sure that sound and face is at pushed to the fore-front.

MVRemix: How do you feel you've grown since the first album you've dropped with the Away Team?

Khrysis: Honestly I've grown a lot. I've made a lot of changes in the way I approach beats, I've been experimenting with different sounds, you'll hear it on the album with different songs and different sounds…basically diversify my bonds [laughs] Nah, but for real I'm always trying some new shit, I try some new shit and I use it until it gets old to me. I never attempt to sound the same every time you know what I'm sayin because I know it can get boring.

MVRemix: Sticking with that theme you said a while back you didn't use a MPC have ventured to take a risk and use one or…?

Khrysis: I already started, like last month.

MVRemix: So what is it like?

Khrysis: Actually I'm using the MPC 1000 now. I figured out how to hook it up through fruity loops. So basically I run my drums through the MP and I use a nitty keyboard to trigger everything and it all goes into fruity loops.

MVRemix: So when did you start messin with beat machines and things like that?

Khrysis: The MPC is the first actual machine I have ever dealt with, the first program I ever dealt with was a program called Saw, I was like 16, I was at this radio station at Central where I met Sean Don, boy… it was basically supposed to be a recording program and I could chop it up right there on the screen and everything and I when I was in college a friend introduced me to fruity loops and basically I've stuck with fruity loops since.

MVRemix: Little Brother has this stigma attached to them where they kind of got caught in the middle where they get love but they don't get it in the record sales. Are ever fearful that you will get caught in that middle ground where you'll get that respect from the street side but as far as the record sales you may not get it? I just read an article that Boot Camp's latest album has only sold 10,000 but all the reviews have been great. So are you fearful that you'll just be this bangin group/producer but you'll be stuck and can't really move to the next level or are you even concerned with that?

Khrysis: Wew! that's a big question, shit man.

MVRemix: Take your time.

Khrysis: In my mind I hope for the best but at the same time I'm prepared for the worst. It's like I expect bad shit to happen but at the same time I really believe in what I'm doing, but at the same time its like not everyone is going to like what I'm doing, so I'm content with that. You're either going to like it or your not. Frankly I don't give a... Well I give a... if you like it but in a nutshell I hope for the best and prepare for the worst, that way I can stay sane and that way you don't let things go to your head and let the fans run you.

MVRemix: So on the production team of HOJ it's you, 9th and who else?

Khrysis: So far it's me and 9th and we just picked up this new dude and his name is E. Jones.

MVRemix: Oh he's the one working with Darien Brockington on his joint?

Khrysis: Right, he did most of Darien's album he did like 6 joints, and he got one on the HOJ comp and he's next, he's on the rise.

MVRemix: So how with Soldiers of Fortune coming out how was it working in the studio with all these different artists? Did you guys collaborate; did you guys give each other advice?

Khrysis: Well I recorded most of the album but we're all used to working with each other. Evidence gave is the beat CD while we were on tour. So basically I got in the studio with Joe and was like I'm ready to lay it down. Evidence came in and did his thing and I like what he did, so we all just kind of mesh. And working on this album we have been working with each other for so long we all pretty much know what we like and we know what our styles are.

MVRemix: There saying this album is the whole introduction to the HOJ and you'll basically find out everybody's style is?

Khrysis: I might be the first to say it but this ain't the Little Brother and those guys album. This is HOJ this is who we are, this is the whole squad. Expect to hear what you don't usually hear and comin out of the crew and not to mention that whole first string of albums we came out with those were years ago. Since then we just kept working after that and with me being experimental there has been a massive amount of growth within the whole squad and you know 9th has been growing and he has been playing with different styles as well you know, different chop styles whatever.

MVRemix: Do you see yourself headed in 9th's direction bu t do you see yourself trying to work with artists outside of your camp and getting into other genres like R&B because I know you did a joint on Darien's album.

Khrysis: I did 2 joints on Darien's album; I've been talking with Teedra Moses. Nothing definite, nothing definite. It's whatever we are just doing a lot.

MVRemix: What other beatmakers make you go back to the studio and try to make something better?

Khrysis: The usual suspects and I call them the usual suspects because these are the people that have pretty much built hip-hop to what it is now and that's Pete, Prem, and Dilla and those are my top three. Of course I have other inspirations like Nottz, Diamond D, and Large Professor the list goes on. Damn, I can't forget RZA, I'm sorry because I was a Wu head.

>> continued...

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"Well I give a... if you like it but in a nutshell I hope for the best and prepare for the worst, that way I can stay sane and that way you don't let things go to your head and let the fans run you."