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Khrysis - conducted by Dale Coachman  

Khrysis Interview

September 2006

MVRemix: Do you ever fear that ya'll get the comparisons to them?

Khrysis: I think we've got that already, but I feel like it's a compliment to be compared to them; we've also been compared to Boot Camp.

MVRemix: I thought that was going to be a merger and ya'll were going to be one big team for a moment.

Khrysis: Oh wow, I mean we family.

MVRemix: So what you say after the first album you came out with, with Sean Boog you said the theme of the cd was just having a good time, drinking, slap your boy in the head with type music. Do you still make those kinds of beats or have your beats changed for a different purpose? Or is it a conglomerate of all of that?

Khrysis: I would say my beats have changed a lot and not just because I want to change my theme or change my style but I changed my style because I kind of got bored. In my mind I can only chop a record so many different damn ways so as of recent I've been playing with different drums, your gonna hear some 808 drums poppin off in there. Your gonna hear me playing drums over top of samples This album I didn't get a chance to get any of my non-sample songs off but that's cause a lot of them came out after that and the MPC came up after that album to so ain't nothing from the MPC on this album but maybe on the next string of albums that come out. There was a whole period of time when I just stopped samplin.

MVRemix: Yeah I guess, everybody was doing it.

Khrysis: Yeah, I mean I did because I got bored and I had a tremendous beat block and I just started going through mad different instruments and next thing you know I had a drum track.

MVRemix: So what's your mind state when you go in the studio do you go in there saying I want to be different so I'm going to try different stuff or?

Khrysis: I have no idea what I'm going to do when I go into the studio, I have no idea how I'm going to come up with the beats, it just happens.

MVRemix: You had that mixtape Khyrsis on the Boards, do you see yourself in the next year coming out with an album that is strictly instrumental?

Khrysis: No.

MVRemix: Do you want to stay away from that or could you ever see yourself doing one?

Khrysis: No, I mean if I do it, I do, but I don't plan on on putting out an album of instrumentals if I do it its going to be songs. I've been flirting with the idea a lot but I haven't acted on it yet.

MVRemix: Since you've been in the industry whats the one thing you love the most and what's the one thing that gets on your damn nerves?

Khrysis: I plead the 5th bruh. I might lose somebody out there. I mean I love what everybody else probably loves, like I get to travel and see the world and there is money to be made and there is fun to have. Now what annoys me I ain't saying shit…You know what ok; ok there aren't any fans anymore.

MVRemix: So you feel like there are critics and artists out there?

Khrysis: I feel like there are too many. I mean I feel real strongly that the game is about to purge itself real soon.

MVRemix: Why do you say that?

Khrysis: Have you seen the sound scan numbers recently? I'm mad about Busta's album not selling that much, real talk. I was rooting for that album, it's just not right to me.

MVRemix: I guess that goes back to that question do you make the music for you or for the fans, I understand you have bills to pay but…

Khrysis: You can still make music for you and it be good though.

MVRemix: But I think artists like Busta who comes out with a quality album you must think damn I really have to go commercial then. But then I love my chick was commercial.

Khrysis: It was commercial but I think he was having fun with it, and you could tell, its not one of those records that you can say…awe dude this record is cheesy as hell… and I like that record and I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack but f'it.

MVRemix: So are ya‘ll having a tour for this album?

Khrysis: It's the works I think Dho would have more information with that.

MVRemix: Anything else you have to say to the fans that you think aren't there?

Khrysis: October 3rd HOJ Tuesday man, Darien Brockington, Away Team Stars and Stripes coming soon.

MVRemix: If there is one misconception that people have about you, what is it and what do you say to that?

Khrysis: Wow, not tryin to piss no one off, but if there are any misperceptions you have about me you will find out on the HOJ album. All lot of people have my style twisted but I don't blame them because there aren't a lot of Khyrsis beats going around and the mixtape clears some of that up.

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"I would say my beats have changed a lot and not just because I want to change my theme or change my style but I changed my style because I kind of got bored."