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Killer Mike - conducted by James Johnson  

Killer Mike

October 2005

MVRemix: How's that new album coming along man? Is it almost done?

Killer Mike: It's done. We're mixing and mastering right now, but it's raw. Productionwise, I got TJ, The Beat Bullys, Outkast of course, Jagged Edge...

MVRemix: How's it feel to be at this point in your career where you're releasing your second album?

Killer Mike: I know man. That sophmore jinx is a motherfucker. It's a blessing though.

MVRemix: Was there any pressure this time around putting the album together.

Killer Mike: It's always pressure, because I want certain things. A lot of love and pain went into this album. I know what it is.

MVRemix: How do you plan to wow everybody with this album?

Killer Mike: The first CD was me coming into the game. To be featured on joints with Outkast was such a dream in itself. Then, thru that connection, to be featured on two joints with Jay-Z, and have DMC tell me he dig the style, Erick Sermon showing love, when I met Rakim, you know, it's like being a member of a fraternity, so my thing is, I'm gon' smash like I want them to know. I want the legends to respect it and I want the people to connect with it. I think that's what makes it different. People will see more emotion and a lot of different sides on this album.

MVRemix: You're probably one of the luckier rappers out of the ATL, because you had a chance to come up under what's arguably the best group out of the city. What's been the best part about working with them and being signed to their label?

Killer Mike: It's a lot of responsibility that come with that. Being signed by Outkast, I feel like I got to be able to hold it down for em.

MVRemix: You were like the flagship artist to introduce their label to the game, and now with the recent change, you're again going to be the first to release. Is there any pressure in that?

Killer Mike: Well, I was like the second official artist, because Slimm Calhoun came first. But my thing is I just want to establish my name and legacy. I want to build something in the game, plus being able to be mentored by the greatest rap group in the game. You got to look at their history, and just being a part of that is like...Wow!

MVRemix: Have you started doing any shows at all yet?

Killer Mike: Yeah, I start promo real soon! We'll be out in Dallas, Houston...

MVRemix: What else can we expect from you besides the upcoming album?

Killer Mike: That's it! Go out and get it. The album will be out this summer. They got to grab it! It's grind-time. I got mixtapes I stores. Grind-time in stores now. I got the Killer in stores now, and that's like Collector's Edition. Songs that didn't make the album I got on there. It's one collection. I'm writing a movie right now. It's a lot, but just being creative, staying on top of it, writing, and just getting inspired and doing a lot of reading.

MVRemix: Now you say you're writing a movie. Are you just trying to be behind the scenes on that side?

Killer Mike: I just did a character in a movie, like one of them straight to DVD joints, called "Twenty Funerals", and it's strong though. Swirl Productions is behind it, and they did a great job. I die in the movie though [laughs]

MVRemix: It's always the black dude to die first, huh?

Killer Mike: Yeah [laughs], but I die in a room full of black dudes though, so at least I die with my people.

MVRemix: Do you ever see your self only acting?

Killer Mike: Wherever the music takes me, I'm going. I gon' go wherever my talents allow me to go. Like Don King say man, only in America...

MVRemix: Can we expect anything else?

Killer Mike: Just start with that CD. It all starts with the music. The cd is going to tell you our next move, 'cause it's all a movement man.

MVRemix: Where can we find you online?

Killer Mike: Killermike.Net, and Purple Ribbon website will be up soon! They going over the chain with the website, you know, Big Boi might have live pit bulls running around on the site.

MVRemix: Any final comments?

Killer Mike: Man, stay down! See what the Browns gon' do this year! Lebron, what's happenin' playa! Cleveland Ohio is one of my best 10 markets!

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