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Konkrete - conducted by James Johnson  


October 2005

MVRemix: Have you guys started work on your new album yet?

Konkrete: We been working on our album for the past 4-5 years. Like 190 songs. We had one member in the group that got incarcerated, so we had to switch members.

MVRemix: Did you guys have something out before?

Konkrete: We were on the Stankonia album….

MVRemix: It seems like I remember you guys releasing something else?

Konkrete: Oh, that was Backbone.

MVRemix: So all in all, how long have you guys been down with Kast?

Konkrete: It’s been about eleven years.

MVRemix: So when are you looking to get your album out?

Konkrete: We were supposed to be putting it out in September or October, but now maybe first quarter of next year.

MVRemix: What should we expect from the album?

Konkrete: Man, it’s really just reality rap, coming to you on a day-to-day basis. Schooling these young kids out here on the rights and wrongs, and the do’s and don’ts. Teaching em not to grow up selling drugs. You can do it, but it’s consequences to be suffered.

MVRemix: There’s so many people coming out of ATL with music now, and even though you guys have been established for quite some time now, what is it that’s going to separate you from the rest of those in your city and the game?

Konkrete: I think our sound and the way we put our songs together. We talk about a lot of different things. What’s going on in the streets is people checkin’ your resume. If everything do add up, then it’s unbelievable.

MVRemix: Now I know you said you’ve been working on the album for a few years, but are you still doing any new material for the album?

Konkrete: We’re doing new material day by day, but tightening up some of the old songs too. Like we took two songs from aout 4-5 years ago on the Purple Ribbon compilation album, one called “Shit Your Drawerz”, and the other called “I Got A Girl”. Those were to of the original Konkrete songs that got us the deal with Purple Ribbon. As time goes by, you start thinking those songs ain’t really worth nothing, but they really are.

MVRemix: Who did you guys work with for the album?

Konkrete: Jazze Pha, Big Boi produced a track, a whole bunch of cats. We started off working with just one person, and it grew. Rico Wade did a track...

MVRemix: Do you have an idea of what songs will be on the album already?

Konkrete: We do, but you know every time we make a new song, it kinda replaces another song.

MVRemix: How do you think Purple Ribbon will enhance your career?

Konkrete: Actually it hinders us a little because we are like a street oriented group, and being with Outkast, people expect a certain type of music. We’re coming totally different than Outkast.

MVRemix: But in the end, people will expect you to be different anyway..

Konkrete: Yeah, I call it a good and bad situation. It's great being down with those guys.

MVRemix: What else is going on, are you on the mixtape they just did?

Konkrete: Yeah, we got three songs on there. We got “Beef”, “What You Wanna Do” which is playing on Uncut right now. It’s in heavy rotation. A lot of people in the streets been approaching me about it, and I didn’t know people stayed up that late. That’s the plus of the game. I started Konkrete driving down highway 75 going to 85. Asking what the name of the group would be, I said Konkrete, because it goes all around and it’s hard. Konkrete with two K’s, not two C’s.

MVRemix: Now are you doing mixtapes on your own?

Konkrete: We got a little mixtape I put together called “United Streets Of America.”

MVRemix: Is that out already?

Konkrete: Yeah, it’s out, and we just pass it out to our friends. I put it together because people kept asking where our music was.

MVRemix: Now is there a way to get it outside of Atlanta?

Konkrete: That’s gon’ be a problem man…

MVRemix: You got to sell em online...

Konkrete: Yeah, but I got to get my infrastructure right man.

MVRemix: Is there anything else going on?

Konkrete: Man, we just out here beating the pavement, trying to make sure when we do come out we don’t slip, or we don’t miss the boat

MVRemix: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through all the years?

Konkrete: This worse than the dope game. People can be so shady. You just got ot be humble. Don’t shit on nobody and don’t belittle nobody cause you never know who they gon’ be in the industry. I done seen people get on and get a hit single, then they slamming microphones, cussing people out, and I think it’s bad luck. That’s how people et back luck cause they kick it like thast. You supposed to be thankful. It’s a blessing to even have a chance.

MVRemix: Any kind of final words or comments?

Konkrete: Tell em to check me out on that new Kryptonite single on Purple Ribbon, I got a verse on there with Big Boi, Killer Mike, and let everybody know Konkrete is coming. You been hearing the name for a long time, but it is coming.

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"People can be so shady. You just got ot be humble. Don’t shit on nobody and don’t belittle nobody cause you never know who they gon’ be in the industry."