Lady B. conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Happy Mystery Child In A Happy Mystery Club

June 2006

The infinite power of the remix continues to amaze and entertain music lovers. Producers / DJ's of hip-hop, techno, rock, and jazz have crossed musical genres and boundaries. Jazz classics have been reborn through DJ's making remix albums from their forgotten work (Madlib's "Shades Of Blue"). Due to the art of remixing, rock music has experienced a funky transformation with thick grooves and samples. Many producers have remixed entire albums of other groups or artists. "The Black Album" by Jay-Z has been remixed by 9th Wonder, Danger Mouse, Lt. Dan, and countless others. The classic hip-hop album, "Illmatic" by Nas has been remixed by 9th Wonder, Soul Supreme, MF Doom, and more. Remixes add a new dimension to the original song. The listener can now experience their favorite track in a completely new way. French DJ/Producer, Lady B has used the art of remixing for his latest double CD, "Happy Mystery Club". Released on Chromo Management / Musique Moderne, "Happy Mystery Club" consists of Lady B's remixes of all of the tracks from Trisomie 21's "Happy Mystery Child" album.

Trisomie 21 has been labeled a gothic / industrial / electronic band from Lille, France. These multiple categories never truly captured the myriad of passionate styles created by the band. Originally on Play It Again Sam Records, Trisomie 21 was one of the first groups to be labeled "Coldwave". Herve Lomprez wrote all of the music while his brother, Philipe Lomprez contributed his vocal styles. For a majority of their career, T-21 rarely released remixed versions of their songs. "Another Move" was one of the only remixed songs in their older catalogue. After many years out of the spotlight, Trisomie 21 returned with their magnificent album, "Happy Mystery Child" (released on Le Marquis). Future classics like "No Search For Us", "She Died For Love", and "Midnight Of My Life" create a cinematic atmosphere of intense passion. In the new millennium, T-21 fell in love with the art of remixing. They released "The Man Is A Mix", which included the original "Happy Mystery Child" album plus 2 more discs of remixes. The songs were remixed by Celluloide, My Park, The Horrorist, DJ Ram, and others. Recently, Trisomie 21 released another remix project titled, "The Woman Is A Mix". The 2 disc set, "The Woman Is A Mix" contains remixes of the songs from "Happy Mystery Child" that were produced by only women. Female DJ's on the project included DJ Tiger Lily, Mistress Barbara, Tetraplok, Arthur Loves Plastic, etc. After multiple remix albums for "Happy Mystery Child", Lady B was received the honor to remix the entire album himself. "Happy Mystery Club" is a 2 disc set featuring Lady B's remixes of the tracks from "Happy Mystery Child". "No Search For Us (US Extended Vocal)" is a spectacular track that includes more vocals by Philipe Lomprez. Other beautiful remixes include "She Died For Love (Virgin Suicide Vocal Extended)", "The Touch Of Any Flame (Classic Club Remix)", and "Midnight Of My Life (Hard Please Take The Dancefloor House Remix)". Although Lady B was not very familiar with Trisomie 21's music, his remixes on "Happy Mystery Club" let the Trisomie 21's fans experience their favorite music in a completely fresh way.

The art of the remix has evolved to be an essential aspect of every style which gives music an infinite potential. Hip-hop, electronic, techno, house, jazz, rock, and blues all have grown due to the powerful remixes contributed by DJ's and producers. While some remixes do not sound very different from the original track, other remixes form a completely new and different song. Remixes give both artists and listeners hope. The excitement grows because we never know where the creativity can lead us. Now, due to the power of the remix, we know that music will always be an exhilarating and fresh experience. Last night, a DJ saved all of our lives...

MVRemix: What goes on?

Lady B: Man, I just moved to Paris to develop my label, Musique Moderne. Go to I'm happy about this. The double CD, 'Happy Mystery Club' will be out in 2 weeks. The first reactions are really positive and nice.

MVRemix: The double CD, 'Happy Mystery Club' contains your remixes of the songs from Trisomie 21's 'Happy Mystery Child'. Lady B InterviewHow did this project come into fruition?

Lady B: I was supposed to do a remix for them. When they listened, they liked it a lot and the asked me to remix the entire album. I thought, 'Wow! Crazy project!' I said, 'Yes' immediately. It was supposed to be a simple album. I started to do some radio versions, and they liked it too. So, it became a double.

MVRemix: Besides the obvious, musically, how do you feel 'Happy Mystery Club' is different from the original version of the album 'Happy Mystery Child'?

Lady B: Because of the background. I'm a child of Detroit and Chicago house and techno. They are two different universes. So, this 'Métis sage', is something different. They are coming from the 80's, and me, I'm from the 90's.

MVRemix: What do you think of the original version of Trisomie 21's 'Happy Mystery Child' album compared to the older T-21 work like 'Works' or 'Million Lights'?

Lady B: For me, when I've listened to it, it sounds like old school Happy Mondays from early 90's, but with a feeling that is a little bit different.

MVRemix: What do you think of the other remixes done for Happy Mystery Child like 'The Man Is A Mix' or 'The Woman Is A Mix'?

Lady B: There are some I like. There is some I don't like. I like the idea that they never asked for remixes by the past. And now, remixes is a culture, so they did 3 albums of remixes. That's really cool.

MVRemix: Out of other remixes that you didn't do, which ones do you like the best? Why?

Lady B: I like the Hacker one. Man, I have to listen to it again because there is a lot. For 'The Woman Is Mix', I like the K-hand one too.

MVRemix: Out of all of the remixes you did on 'Happy Mystery Club', which one are you most proud of? Why?

Lady B: 'No Search For Us (US Vocal Extended)' because, you can't put it in a bag like electro, or electro clash, or house, or techno.

MVRemix: Yes! 'No Search For Us (US Vocal Extended)' is my favorite. I love the original version too. The US Vocal Extended version has more lyrics and more vocals. How was this created?

Lady B: I wanted to do a classic emotional techno/house track but with a T-21 touch. I put the song in a format, but not in a pop format. I put it in a progressive format, like we built techno tracks. That's why you have the strings and the instrumental part that arrive after the voices. You know, I play this track on techno sets.

MVRemix: Were these remixes created with the Lomprez brothers in-person or separately?

Lady B: Separately. The album was done and released. I worked on a 'remix' way. They send me the files with voices and instruments. It's my vision after I listened to the original. It's like I put my hand on their album, to do something different, because we are. It's new, I think. I want to do that with other artist. I enjoyed it a lot, the 3 months that I spend doing this.

MVRemix: What other artists would you like to do remix projects for?

Lady B: People different from my universe like pop, rap, or R&B, or even a French singer.

MVRemix: Back to Trisomie 21. Tell us about your history as a listener. What is your opinion of their music? Their style? Their sound? Their evolution? Favorite song? Album?

Lady B: I was young, and at this age, it was the beginning of the free radio, so I wasn't an underground person. I listened to some of their album at friend's house, but never bought one. I bought albums from The Cure or Siouxsie & The Banshees, or New Order, or some singles from Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

MVRemix: Did you actually meet Herve Lomprez of Trisomie 21? If so, what was your first impression of him?

Lady B: Actually, we didn't meet yet. It's strange, no? They live in Toulouse and me, I live in Nice till last week. I would like to organize a live/DJ unique show somewhere. A mix between, me as a DJ and them live, all mixed. I will say that to their manager, this week.

MVRemix: Which remix on 'Happy Mystery Club' took you the longest to do from conception to completion? Why?

Lady B: 'Forsaken Mysteries' because, I tried 20 different way of using the voice. I love my 'Close Your Eyes Radio Version'.

MVRemix: What are some of your all-time favorite songs?

Lady B: All time songs? Yes, The Cure's 'Charlotte Sometimes'. 'Happy House', and 'True Faith' from New Order.

MVRemix: Are there any older Trisomie 21 songs you would like to remix?

Lady B: To decide, I have to listen to them again to choose.

MVRemix: What equipment do you use for remixing?

Lady B: I'm working with Cubase SX, and MPC 2000. Then, Roland mks80 and SH 09, Roland TR909, Warldorf Microwave, and some Virtual VST like Minimoog, Korg MS20 and Wavestatin.

MVRemix: When creating a track, do you have a set theme or idea first or the music first? What is your process?

Lady B: I listen to the album or the track few times. Then, I listen to the audio files and ideas, and special parts I like to use come to me. Then, I start to make some loop with it and it goes on like this.

MVRemix: What do you think of Pro-Tools or Live?

Lady B: I never tried pro tools or live yet. It's hard for me to go from one program to another cause, I'm not into electronics. Well, when I know that this machine or program can do new stuff, sound or effect, I will learn about, but it's a long process to me.

MVRemix: Do you think technology has hurt or helped music?

Lady B: I prefer asking myself for a good new idea. A laptop producer, can give you an equal high emotion that a blues man guitar player.

MVRemix: What do you think of the term 'gothic'?

Lady B: The same as any term use to make music in different bags. I like the term 'house music' because it's not the same to record in a big studio with a sound engineer, than at home alone with limited equipment for me house music is not a style. It's a way to compose and create.

MVRemix: What is the origin and meaning behind the name Lady B? Why did you change it from Madame B?

Lady B: I have several artist names. I used to play dressed as Barbarella in raves on the early 90's, but Sven Vath used it for an album. We cut and kept the B because it sound so hip hop.

MVRemix: Do you like wearing women's clothes.... even when not performing?

Lady B: Absolutely not. It's the show. At this period, everything was into 'underground', so that's why I decide to play like a real show. Now with the 80's revival, everything is in the image so I played not dressed anymore.

MVRemix: Are you gay?

Lady B: I'm gay. So Lady B sounds gay and hip-hop. That's why it makes me still laugh.

MVRemix: What was the last incident of homophobia or prejudice you experienced?

Lady B: It was the last time I played in a traditional club dressed, in 2001. I made an exception for a promoter who I know for a long time because I've been playing dressed since 1998, 1999. Some bad words came from a group of boy who didn't like the music. It was in the south of France.

MVRemix: What is the biggest misconception that heterosexual people have of gays in the club scene?

Lady B: Gays are nicer and have more of an open mind. Straight people always think this, and it's not true. We have the same percentage of boring, bastard, beautiful people.

MVRemix: Growing up, what were some of the major problems you encountered being gay?

Lady B: Not so much. In my college years, sometimes between 11 and 14, because teens boy are not so 'nice'. But, I think it's less now. Everybody that is 20 now is kind of bi-sexual, I think.

MVRemix: What LPs have you been listening to lately?

Lady B: Spank Rock and Ellen Allien & Appart, and Jimmy Edgar. I bought them Friday.

MVRemix: Tell us about your label, Musique Moderne. How did you get this started?

Lady B: I just want to release quicker some of my music, I have around 40 track ready to be released. Now, I signed 2 artists, a friend of French Riviera and one guy in Paris, I met few weeks ago. I only press vinyl, and then look for license. At this time, I don't want to be a bigger label, but nobody knows what future is.

MVRemix: Word association. I am going to say the name of a group, an artist or famous person and you say the first word that pops into your head. So, if I said, 'The Beatles', you may say 'Revolution' or 'John Lennon'. Okay?

New Order.

Lady B: True Faith.

MVRemix: Joy Division.

Lady B: New Wave.

MVRemix: Trisomie 21.

Lady B: Happy Mystery Child / Club.

MVRemix: Meat Beat Manifesto.

Lady B: Really known label.

MVRemix: Nine Inch Nails.

Lady B: I love them.

MVRemix: My Bloody Valentine.

Lady B: Not so much to me, a song a think.

MVRemix: Severed Heads.

Lady B: No idea.

MVRemix: Momus.

Lady B: No idea.

MVRemix: Psychic T.V.

Lady B: No idea for Psychic T.V. too.

MVRemix: Happy Mondays.

Lady B: Hallelujah.

MVRemix: Stone Roses.

Lady B: I know this group, but can't remember an album name.

MVRemix: Public Enemy.

Lady B: Old-school hip-hop, cool.

MVRemix: Stereolab.

Lady B: Pop rock group, no?

MVRemix: Celluloide.

Lady B: No idea.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Lady B: Bullsh*t, real TV actor.

MVRemix: How have your grown or evolved as an artist?

Lady B: I'm a DJ, producer. It's my ears that show me the direction. I'm not playing instruments. I start as a DJ. The thing is, I don't like making the same thing twice. My mother is a dance teacher, so she used to listen to all these electronic musicians such as Tangerine Dream, Yello, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Olfield, and Laurie Anderson. So, I'd listen to this music always at home during my college years at the same time, I listened to the radio

MVRemix: How is the U.K. club scene different from the club scene in the United States?

Lady B: I don't know. Americans are less interested in something non-American. This is my feeling. It's the way the people are educated. The school either opens your mind or not, especially on college years. I think school program are too much old school, even in Europe. Teenagers are not enough prepare for life.

MVRemix: What are some future Lady B releases that fans should look out for?

Lady B: A lady B release is always a surprise. Next one is on Boysnoize Records in Berlin. It is a kind of heavy Chicago house drums on pop rock gimmick. Huge!

MVRemix: Any final words?

Lady B: Todd, many thanks for this interview, which was interesting and pleasant. I hope Americans like 'Happy Mystery Club' because I enjoyed doing it so much.

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