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Lady Sovereign - conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Lady Sovereign: Sunday Night Sound Session

September 2006

MVRemix: What's the deal with that? 'Cause I know in Australia... I have a couple of Australian Hip Hop people/friends and I guess there's a great divide in Australia on people who will drop the accent and people who won't. Is it the same thing over in England? Do people kind of try to hide the accent at times?

Lady Sovereign: No, I mean back in the day, yeah. A lot of people used to put on the American accent but people just realized that if you be real, yeah, then it just sounds better. Yeah, I just think that people should if you're from the UK, just do it your way and eventually you might be sittin' here with a Heineken [laughs]

MVRemix: You obviously caught the eye of Jay-Z of course, how did you hook up with Jay? If people don't know, Jay signed you to Def Jam.

Lady Sovereign: I hate this question.

MVRemix: You hate this question because you get it every single US interview...

Lady Sovereign: Yeah.

MVRemix: You've got to understand, to us Jay-Z is like "Hov!" the icon.

Lady Sovereign: I know.

MVRemix: To have someone like that co-sign you, is it different for a UK artist to be co-signed by Jay-Z because over here people are like, "Oh man, Jay-Z is rollin' with her! That's huge!"

Lady Sovereign: See a lot of people in the UK don't realize exactly what I'm doin' because I'm doin' it over here and I've totally sort of left that for a bit. I don't want people to know yet, so I don't know what people are thinkin' 'cause... Whatever, yeah... The whole Jay-Z thing - I've got to terms with it... Only just. Because it was overwhelming, 'cause I grew up listening to him, so to meet him - I was just like [meekly] "Hi." I didn't know what to say, I was just sittin' there all timid. I've never been so nervous in my life and that ain't me. But still, it's just like the way I was at the time. Everything worked out man, so...

MVRemix: You've got the album "Public Warning" coming up, you've got the EP "Vertically Challenged" which I think people can cop online, probably in stores here as well - the better stores. But the big debut is coming out on Def Jam - did Jay have any involvement in it or is he like, "Yo, you've been doing your thing so far - just keep going with it"?

Lady Sovereign: I just do my thing, I mean I'm open for suggestions but however things turn out, it's just the way that I do things. No-one said to me, "You've got to do this..." "You've got to do that..." It's like "Do you wanna try this out" I'm like "Um... I could do... But..."

MVRemix: You've got to wait until you get that call where Jay's like, "Do you mind if I jump on this track real quick... Can I record a verse?"

Lady Sovereign: Yeah man, that's what I'm waiting for... Jay [laughs] The album comes out October 17th for definite this time, 'cause the dates kept moving around.

MVRemix: Now is that the UK date?

Lady Sovereign: Nah, the UK get it after you guys... So...

MVRemix: How come we get preferrencial treatment on this one?

Lady Sovereign: Because...

MVRemix: Who are some of the producers on this record? Any other guest artists, any other features?

Lady Sovereign: Nah, just me, just me. Just the way it was done. Producer wise; Dr. Luke, Basement Jaxxx, Menta, Medicine. That's it.

MVRemix: Luke did the lead single, "Love Me or Hate Me," what made you pick this joint to really introduce yourself to the American people because this is the one that most people are hearing for the first time like, "Okay, who's this girl?" "Oh, okay..."

Lady Sovereign: Well, it kind of says a lot. It just says everything; if you don't like it, fuck off, like it, woo, love it. It just says a lot and I think it'll work for the American people.

MVRemix: Have you shot a video for it already?

Lady Sovereign: Yeah.

MVRemix: Is it out, is it gonna be over here is it gonna hit our airwaves ?

Lady Sovereign: End of the month, 30th, yeah. End of the month it comes out, but it's gonna be a crazy video. Just done a remix with Missy Elliot.

MVRemix: Do you have any future projects that are in the works already outside of the record that you delivered?

Lady Sovereign: I don't know what's coming up next. Um, my tour...

MVRemix: Clothing line.

Lady Sovereign: Well, pfft, maybe. I'm just focusing on music but I'd like to have some clothes, that'd be cool, but yeah man just like starting my tour. I just want the album to come out, then I can start working on other things 'cause my mind's just like...

MVRemix: Is it gonna be a worldwide tour or a U.S. tour or what?

Lady Sovereign: U.S.

MVRemix: You said this record you did pretty much on your own, no other appearances - who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Lady Sovereign: I wanted to catch Timbaland in the state of mind that he's in right now because he's doin' somethin' mad crazy different and I'm just like, whoa, I want somethin' like that. I want a piece of that.

>> continued...

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"I wanted to catch Timbaland in the state of mind that he's in right now because he's doin' somethin' mad crazy different."