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Lady Sovereign - conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Lady Sovereign: Sunday Night Sound Session

September 2006

MVRemix: Have you heard the Justin [Timberlake] album yet?

Lady Sovereign: No...

MVRemix: I just listened to it this morning. I'm not ashamed. What? It's dope!

Lady Sovereign: [flirtatiously] I love a bit of J.T. But yeah, I wanna catch Timbaland while he's doin' whatever he's doin' right now.

MVRemix: Well Hov make a call, Hov knows him, he's got him in the Blackberry.

Lady Sovereign: Shit! Sorry... [chuckles]

MVRemix: Where did your name come from?

Lady Sovereign: A sovereign ring - it's just a piece of jewellery. I actually stole my first one from some idiot.

MVRemix: You were just wildin'...

Lady Sovereign: Well no, this guy was just being an arsehole to one of my friends and they was just tryin' to patch up they relationship outside and I was sittin' in his house. I just saw it and I was like, "Hmmm... That's mine," and I took it, put it on my finger. "I'm Lady Sovereign now," that's it. I didn't go look in the dictionary and go, "Oh, Sovereign - it means... Whatever." It's a British thing.

MVRemix: I know in the past you've used the Internet a lot to help put out your music, you mentioned that earlier - where can people go to get more information, maybe hear some samples? I know you've got the MySpace working, everyone does.

Lady Sovereign: Well yeah, - I try and update stuff on there as much as I can.

MVRemix: Do you run that?

Lady Sovereign: Yeah, I run my shit.

MVRemix: Do you answer the massive amounts of email you must get?

Lady Sovereign: I try, a lot of people get pissed off like "Why'd you never answer?" That's when I answer to them. [laughs] 'Cause I get thousands of messages and people can't expect me to personally like...

MVRemix: People don't know...

Lady Sovereign: But people ask me the same things all the time and it's just like go read a bio or something. [chuckles]

MVRemix: We never asked about love interests, do you have someone in your life?

Lady Sovereign: It's hard.

MVRemix: You know Wikipedia has something...

Lady Sovereign: No! That's bullshit! I went on there and I changed it yeah...

MVRemix: I never knew you could edit it...

Lady Sovereign: I went on there the other day and changed it 'cause it said somethin' about my record "9 to 5." It was like Island Records in the UK told Sovereign to change her style, and I'm like, "That line that was there was bullshit! Don't listen to it and der der der der der..." But I don't know who that Joel English is, I have no idea.

MVRemix: It had a little "rumoured to be seeing" and then I forget the name...

Lady Sovereign: Just some handstand talk.

MVRemix: You don't have a celebrity crush... Besides Justin Timberlake?

Lady Sovereign: I find Andre 3000 very attractive, but I don't have a crush, I just think he's nice.

MVRemix: That's be a good collabo, he's a dope emcee.

Lady Sovereign: Yeah, I wanna work with him. He's sick. Oh shit, I've just said that - he's gonna be like... [laughs] If that does ever happen, I'll be like, "Yeah, go on..."

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