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Langdon Auger - conducted by Tara Conley  

Langdon Auger


These are the transcripts of an interview with Langdon Auger. The interview was conducted by Tara Conley in May of 2003.

Over the past couple of year’s, Hip Hop has grown immensely. Infact it’s taken over the world. Rappers are selling everything from Pepsi to Louis Vuitton handbags. However, like anything that grows in popularity it becomes commercialized so that a profit can be made. Raps don’t seem to be about reality anymore, but about how much bling can be had for your buck.

I was fortunate enough to meet an incredibly humble and down-to-earth MC who goes by the moniker “Langdon Auger.“ Langdon caught my eye in April at an event called “Scorch The Mic.” “Scorch” was an event that attempted to take Hip Hop back to its roots. It gave talented MC’s an opportunity to go head to head freestyling with a cash prize up for grabs. He was the winner of this MC Battle, for which he received $1000. What impressed me the most about Langdon was his sense of humor and ability to keep it real. While others resorted to using words like gay, queer, and fag, he abstained, utilizing his intelligence and wit as a weapon. I’m sure he will continue to win over Vancouver.

MVRemix: So first things first... "Langdon Auger." Definitely not your typical MC name. Where did it come from?

Langdon Auger: My buddy T-Dog came up with it. Certain people think they know where it originates, but that's all I'll say!

MVRemix: Fair enough. How old are ya, and where you from?

Langdon Auger: I'm 23. I moved to Vancouver from Victoria two years ago.

MVRemix: What made you enter "Scorch The Mic?"

Langdon Auger: My friends encouraged me to enter. I don't actually consider myself a battle rapper, in fact it was the first competition I've ever entered. I'm more into making songs, but I figured with $1000 at stake, why not.

MVRemix: When did you start rhyming?

Langdon Auger: Back in high school at parties we'd be drinkin' and freestylin'. My buddy who goes by the name "Spliff Cheif" got me into writing, and it wasn't too long before I started wondering how beats were made. I started looking into it, and from there bought equipment, and started makin' songs. There's a whole crew of us in Victoria, "The Crown MC's."

MVRemix: I've heard you say you rep Mungbeen, what is it exactly?

Langdon Auger: Mungbeen is a website for people to come to and voice their mind. It's developed into a forum for people who do anything whether it be rhyming or making beats, or whatever. I guess it's our promotional department. We do graphic design, stickers, flyers.

MVRemix: What makes your style unique?

Langdon Auger: It fully reflects my life. My raps are about me, and how I'm living. I don't take the music too seriously. I have fun with it.

MVRemix: What's running through your head at a battle, while your waiting for your turn to spit?

Langdon Auger: I try to make absolutely nothing run through my head, just freestyle and block everything else out.

MVRemix: What do you think it takes to be a good MC?

Langdon Auger: You have to be quick off the top of your head, and you wanna keep your cool at the same time. And you wanna work the crowd, they are such a huge part of it. I think proving its coming off the top of your head is the greatest challenge. You can write all the metaphors you want, and memorize them, but in a battle it shows.

MVRemix: What do you think was your greatest strength at "Scorch The Mic?"

Langdon Auger: I saw that the crowd liked funny, witty shit and that's what I'm about. I think I made people laugh, and had the ability to stay calm.

MVRemix: Are you gonna enter any more battles?

Langdon Auger: We'll see. Right now I'm making a lot of music. I've got one CD out called "Island Nights", and I'm working on another called "Crisp Livin."

MVRemix: So career wise where would you say you're at right now?

Langdon Auger: Right now I'm in school. I go to B.C.I.T. for Marketing. I'd like to take what I've learned and apply it to Mungbeen, maybe have my own label. Other than that making music, if I can get paid off that, it's what I'd like to do.

MVRemix: With the commercialization of hip hop music, are you concerned with choosing it as a career?

Langdon Auger: Yeah, I'm skeptical just because people aren't buying CD's anymore. They're buying image with music soundtracks. I guess you could call them image soundtracks.

MVRemix: My last question for you is what do you love most about hip-hop?

Langdon Auger: The beats, the music, the expression that it is.

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"I'm skeptical just because people aren't buying CD's anymore. They're buying image with music soundtracks. I guess you could call them image soundtracks."