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Language Arts Crew - conducted by Nima Fadavi   

Language Arts Crew

October 2006

Language Arts Crew has been at the forefront of the underground hip hop scene in San Jose for quite sometime. They just fairly recently put out an album called Applied Knowledge, and they already have another album coming out soon. It seems like every time some big underground act comes through San Jose, these guys are always warming up the crowd for them. I sat down with one of the members, Mr. Vric Enoh, so see what they’ve been up to and how they got where they are.

MVRemix: With the Bay Area Hip Hop/Rap scene turning drastically to this new "hyphy" scene, it seems like you guys have managed to steer clear of it. How do you guys feel about this new “hyphy” movement?

Mr. Vric Enoh: I don't think our crew is to concerned with the "hyphy" movement though I did try the "hyphy" energy drink and it was quite good. Taste kinda like grape Fanta.

MVRemix: I know you guys have a new album coming out soon, what’s the scope on that?

Mr. Vric Enoh: Yes, we have been working on a new album for quite sometime now. I'd say we have over 25 songs at the moment some which we still need to finish up and fine tune and others that will get cut and thrown on to another project of unreleased work gathered through the years. We feel if we weed out the songs that we aren't 100% sure of we can release something that you will be able to listen to from start to finish. We're working on getting this out as soon as possible and hopefully can have it out by christmas...We'll see.

MVRemix: You guys seem to have a strong bond with a lot of other artists, is there any guest appearances on your new album?

Mr. Vric Enoh: Yeah, you we'll most likely hear the Counter Productive guys on there as well as some Thunder Huters. Possibly a few other various artists.

MVRemix: I see you guys are starting to land shows with groups like Living Legends, Zion-I, Sage Francis, etc. How did you guys manage to get in with some big names like that?

Mr. Vric Enoh: I'd say they have kinda just been falling into our hands lately. A few Real good shows have been hooked up by Audioaerobiks, a few through the crews we are friends with, and then occasionally random phone calls. We are going on maybe our 5th or 6th year of doing shows as LAC. We have always placed a lot of importance on our live shows accepting almost every show opportunity given. You wouldn't believe some of the shows we have done.... biker dive bars, shows for crowds of one, no promotion, Rapping for Rappers monthlies, front yard college town shows, slept in parking garages, on the grass under boxes in the rain, the list goes on. But I'd say its safe to say that we have been paying dues and are continuing to do so. I think people may see we have some dedication and have been trying to get our music out there. hopefully we can get some shows out of the area and expand to new listeners. people shouldn't be afraid to hit us up for shows, get a hold of us and we'll work it out!

MVRemix: I know two of you guys have started a side project called Whiskey Avengers, and Medik is also doing a solo side project. It seems when side projects start to branch off from a main group, the main group starts to dissolve away. Have these side projects effected Language Arts Crew at all, and what’s the plan for these side projects?

Mr. Vric Enoh: Mouth an QsZeus have started a project "Whiskey Avengers" it's a full band that plays ska music and they play it well. They have been playing shows and it has been pretty successful. Meds sticking with the hip hop and living in San Diego, Krippler is still producing top notch beats that you'll here on various projects, and Me... well, I just put together a small home studio, but my main focus is to make sure LAC keeps it moving and you know I am always messing with the graphics. People have been wondering if LAC is dissolving. It might appear that way with all the other stuff thats going on but we have put a lot of work into this crew and we are all close friends. So think again suckers...we're still here. Oh yeah...QsZues has just started developing a label "Roof Rock Records" which you will be hearing more about shortly.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, thank you's to certain people that have helped you guys along the way?

Mr. Vric Enoh: VCN3 RIP. The crews we been rocking with for the past years, Counter Productive and Thunder Hut, Audioaerobiks, all the people that have kicked us down shows and helped us build. Our friends that just want to chill. PT OSH. Your self.

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