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Lavender Pill Mob - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Riding Mikes Bikes With Gary Asquith

April 2006

Cocaine sex is fast and effective…”, chanted Gary Asquith. when he was the leader of Renegade Soundwave. Cool music can be instantly appealing and somewhat shocking. Gary Asquith has always created music that was accessible but not commercial. For more than two decades, Asquith created intelligent, fun, emotional, catchy, and catchy underground music. As he moved from group to group, the musical styles changed. Originally in Rema-Rema (with members of The Wolfgang Press), Asquith cemented lifetime friendships with many people in the music industry. After Rema-Rema, he helped to create another group called Mass. Asquith eventually left 4AD Records and formed the legendary industrial / dance / hip-hop / electronic group Renegade Soundwave. Their cocaine anthem, “Biting My Nails” was major hit in the independent music world. Still, the b-side to that single (“Cocaine Sex”) earned them more limelight. The controversy of “Cocaine Sex” had people either thrilled or angry. During a time when cocaine was considered a yuppie drug or a crack head’s choice, Renegade Soundwave let us know that drugs hit everybody. There was not a brooding message of doom. The song simply suggested that we should all have sex while on cocaine. This one song exemplifies the power of Gary Asquith’s music on listeners.

Time has focused Gary Asquith. Renegade Soundwave eventually broke up and Gary Asquith disappeared from the public spotlight. In the new millennium, Gary Asquith formed The Lavender Pill Mob with Kevin Mooney (from Adam And The Ants). Asquith’s creativity has pushed into the realm of business and creative control. Asquith created Le Coq Musique, an independent label to create and/or release music without limitations. The debut self-titled album by The Lavender Pill Mob was a low key affair but featured (or used) performances by Rammellzee, Mick Allen (of The Wolfgang Press), and others. Their 2006 sophomore album, “Mikes Bikes” is a mind-blowing treat featuring punk rock music fused with hip-hop and indie pop. Adam Ant contributes lead vocals to “Black Pirates”.

Gary Asquith has earned a sense of peace with The Lavender Pill Mob and his label, Le Coq Musique. With complete creative control, he has the resources and power to craft his art and help others do the same. The exciting music will fascinate and entertain listeners due to his passion and diverse influences. Asquith and The Lavender Pill Mob have created timeless classics in the styles of Punk rock, hip-hop, industrial, and acoustic ballads. The revolution is both global and personal. Gary Asquith has revolutionized himself and used The Lavender Pill Mob to contribute to an ongoing musical revolution. Take a ride on Mike’s Bike and get high with The Lavender Pill Mob.

MVRemix: What goes on?

Gary Asquith: Since finishing ‘Mikes Bikes’, at the end of June in London, I've been living back in France, renovating my houses, and making my world a better place to live in. All the tracks on ‘Mikes Bikes’ were written in London, except the track ‘Mikes Bikes’, which was recorded in Berlin. Right now, I'm digging out my cellar with the idea of linking it to my main house via a spiral staircase. It's a stunning space where I intend to have my machines gathered for some recording next summer. I've got so many houses and various types of barns. It's hard to keep the place under control. Local cuisine and wines also turn me on, especially when I've some guests.

MVRemix: Tell us about your new LP, ‘Mikes Bikes’ by The Lavender Pill Mob.

Gary Asquith: It's a punk rock guitar-fuelled affair with guest appearances from Film 2, Adam Ant, Mekon, and The Detroit Sinner. This is my favorite collection of recordings from everything I've done thus far. ‘Mikes Bikes’ is a super cool album.

MVRemix: Which song on ‘Mikes Bikes’ took you the longest to complete?

Gary Asquith: We work really quickly. It was more a problem of finding a set of tracks that we thought worked well together. Countless tracks were written that didn't seem to fit, so we just kept on going until we cracked it. Some of the free downloads on are songs that we thought might originally make the album but didn't.

MVRemix: The shortest?

Gary Asquith: ‘Jesus Version’ was done in about 20 minutes or so. That's quick on my block.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Adam Ant for the song, ‘Black Pirates’? Describe the session with Adam Ant.

Gary Asquith: Kevin, who's my partner, was bass player with the Ants in their most glorious period. I was in a band called Rema-Rema with Adam's co-writer, Marco Pirroni. This was before he joined the Ants. We've all known each other for a very long time. We just asked Adam if he'd like to do a song with us. A couple of days later, he turned up and selected a backing track that he liked. He sang, ‘Black Pirates’. No complications or traumas. Pure, simple, and wrapped up without any re-runs. Professional style. He has not done any recordings for 8 or 9 years, so I'm very happy that he chose to work with The Lavender Pill Mob.

MVRemix: Do you have a favorite song on ‘Mikes Bikes’?

Gary Asquith: ‘Go Go Go’, ‘1625’, ‘Green Grass Bike Stop’, ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, and ‘Black Pirates’. I pretty much like it all. How can you not like ‘It's A Sure Thing’? It’s chippa, ‘Mikes Bikes’.

MVRemix: How is ‘Mikes Bikes’ different from the debut album?

Gary Asquith: ‘Mikes Bikes’ is more song-based. I've always thought of the first album as a piece of art, rather than an album.

MVRemix: How did you meet Kevin Mooney?

Gary Asquith: When I played my first gig with Rema. Rema, Kevin's band was supporting us and playing their first gig. We've been mates ever since. We'll always be mates because we really appreciate each other’s talents. Working together is so natural.

MVRemix: On the debut self-titled album by The Lavender Pill Mob, the song ‘Darling’ mentions a name of a certain land. Can you tell us about that land?

Gary Asquith: ‘Aes sidhe' is an Irish term for 'the witches’ pronounced ‘shee’, as in ‘banshee’.

MVRemix: What sparked the idea for you Kevin Mooney to work together again and form The Lavender Pill Mob?

Gary Asquith: Kevin had been married to supermodel Leslie Winer and was living in Boston for many years. I assumed that I'd not be seeing him again when I chanced upon an ex-girlfriend of a mutual friend of ours called Nazrin Montag. She was crossing a zebra crossing on London's Finchley Road. We took coffee together and she mentioned that she bumped into Kevin at a zebra crossing further up the Finchley Road, towards Swiss cottage tube station, some days before and exchanged telephone numbers. She, in turn, gave me Kevin's number. When I phoned a few days later to say, ‘Hi’, he told me to come round to his place straight away. When I arrived, he was recording and demanded that I do a vocal, there and then. That, I guess, was the birth of The Lavender Pill Mob.

MVRemix: The Lavender Pill Mob crosses various genres. The sound varies from punk rock to hip-hop to new wave to something incomparable. Was this intentional?

Gary Asquith: Tough question this one, Todd. Both me and Kevin listen to a wide variety of music. That reflects on our every moment and breath. I'm not too sure if anything I've recorded with The Lavender Pill Mob is intentional, but I'm sure that it's a natural, instinctive song writing procedure. Musical genre-hopping is in my blood. So, maybe it is intentional. Sorry to be vague. You got me there, Todd.

MVRemix: One of my favorite songs on ‘Mikes Bikes’ is ‘It Doesn’t Matter’. What inspired this track?

Gary Asquith: When I split with my ex-wife, named Jo, I fell into a sequence of relationships with women called Jo, directly afterwards. That was my inspiration for ‘It Doesn't Matter’.

MVRemix: What’s the meaning behind the title, ‘Mikes Bikes’?

Gary Asquith: Both me and Kevin had connections with guys called Mike who had Bikes. We found ourselves having a laugh about it. We decided, way before we'd started ‘Mikes Bikes’, that it was going to be the title of our next album.

MVRemix: On your website (, some unreleased mp3’s are available. Why were songs like ‘Rocking Garage’, ‘Line Of Attack’, and ‘Lip Glow’ not included on the albums? The song, ‘Lip Glow’ is actually one of my all time favorite tracks by you. Were these songs recently created? Will they ever be officially released?

Gary Asquith: ‘Rocking Garage’ is a version of ‘Gary's Garage’, which was an additional track on my ‘Dragonbass Soundsystem’ version of ‘Cocaine Sex’. ‘Line Of Attack’ and ‘Lip Glow’ nearly made it on the CD. Both tracks were originally going on ‘Mikes Bikes’ before we changed the shape… again! ‘Lip Glow’ is possibly the most beautiful track that I've ever sung.

>> continued...

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"We work really quickly. It was more a problem of finding a set of tracks that we thought worked well together. Countless tracks were written that didn't seem to fit, so we just kept on going until we cracked it."