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Lavender Pill Mob - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Riding Mikes Bikes With Gary Asquith

April 2006

MVRemix: What RSW song are you most proud of? Which album?

Gary Asquith: ‘In Dub’ sounds great. So does most of ‘Soundclash’. I'd still love to remix ‘Soundclash’. That would be a good project for Danny & myself. ‘Bubbaluba’, and the track Renegade Soundwave CD with 7 mixes. Wow! That's a great CD. You got me going now, Todd! The ‘Bassnumb Chapter’ is excellent too.

MVRemix: What RSW stuff are you least proud of?

Gary Asquith: ‘Bacteria’ doesn't do much for me.

MVRemix: Any regrets from the RSW days?

Gary Asquith: Not really. We had our ups and downs. It's a cool mark having been in RSW.

MVRemix: What do you think of the ‘Thunder’ version by The Chemical Brothers?

Gary Asquith: I know The Chemical Brothers have a version of ‘Thunder’. It is their ‘Brother’s Gonna work It Out’ CD. I'd like to hear a remix. It sounds like a good idea. I wanted to add that I'd like The Chemical Brothers to do a punk rock album. Let me have some details on that, Todd.

MVRemix: How did Rema-Rema form?

Gary Asquith: Friendships. I went to school with Michael Allen (from The Wolfgang Press and Genuiser). He's a very good friend of mine. He was pissed off in The Models and asked me to join him on his new adventure. That discussion probably changed the route of my life. You can blame him for all that you don't like in me. My paper airplanes used to whiz pass Michael's ears in our school classroom. We got thrown together through having surnames beginning with ‘A’ chronologically classed.

MVRemix: Why did Rema-Rema break up?

Gary Asquith: Marco joined Adam Ant. We couldn't be Rema-Rema without Marco, so we slumped into being Mass.

MVRemix: You worked with Michael Allen on debut Lavender Pill Mob CD. What is he like working with these days, as opposed to the collaborations of the past? How is he different than other artists?

Gary Asquith: Oh dear, Todd, He used to be a nightmare, always wanting his own way. But now, he's just a regular Lavender Pill Mob misfit, when he wants. Todd, Michael Allen will always have a space on my table. I love that guy. He's the tops. Michael has a bass groove like no other.

MVRemix: What do you think of Michael Allen’s new group, Geniuser?

Gary Asquith: I really like it. I should drag it back out from my musical vault. He made a small mistake with not asking me to do a number, but besides that, it's a great CD.

MVRemix: You were on the song, ‘Louis XIV’ by The Wolfgang Press from their ‘Queer’ album). You have that famous line. (‘…In Venezuela, they have lots of cocaine…’) What did cocaine have to do with it? Did you ever do coke with Mick? How did this song happen?

Gary Asquith: Michael isn't big with drugs. I'm sure I must have done at some point. Michael likes being in control, so drugs don't show on his CV. Michael instructed me on the Cocaine line on ‘Louis XIV’ because our voices worked so well together in Rema-Rema. I'm Michael's favorite singer on planet Earth and that's a big compliment from him. Smoked a whole lot of pot with Michael in the 70's.

MVRemix: What do you think of Louis The Sun King?

Gary Asquith: It makes me think of Flamboyance, Todd.

MVRemix: Looking back, what do you think of the music of Rema-Rema?

Gary Asquith: Really like it still. Especially, the bass grooves. We had a whole album of great songs that never got recorded. Renegade recorded a Rema-Rema song on ‘Soundclash’ called ‘Murder Music’.

MVRemix: Andrew Grey (from The Wolfgang Press) produced songs on the ‘Mikes Bikes’ album by The Lavender Pill Mob. What is he like working with these days, as opposed to the past? How is he different than other artists?

Gary Asquith: Andrew is so full of enthusiasm and he's a great guitarist. Andrew can nail down a song like no other. He should have more plaudits for sure. I am always happy working with Andrew. We did ‘Line Of Attack’ together.

MVRemix: What did you think of the ‘Homegrown’ LP by Andrew Grey’s new project, Limehouse Outlaw?

Gary Asquith: Solid and Interesting.

MVRemix: What was it like growing up in England?

Gary Asquith: Easy. I'm very lucky to have had a wonderful loving family around me. My father was my hero. I've never met a more generous and stoic man before or since his death. He fought for his country with dignity and charmed the pants off all those that had contact with him. R.I.P. Ronald Bert Asquith.

MVRemix: Do you have any advice for someone starting in the music industry?

Gary Asquith: Watch out for the worms. Get yourself a proficient partner and do your own thing.

MVRemix: Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Gary Asquith: Kevin Mooney, Andrew Grey, Adam Ant, Mekon, Film 2, Frau Koester of Malaria fame & Detroit's Sinner.

MVRemix: Who have you been listening to lately?

Gary Asquith: Today, Todd, I've been listening to Jobriath, Film 2 Vs. Sprung Aus Den Wolken, Evil 9, Whitey, Headman, and The Mogs.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Gary Asquith: I'm flattered to have some interesting visuals that give that extra dimension to our shows.

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Gary Asquith: I'm happy to still be able to do songs like ‘Cocaine Sex’ with all The Lavender Pill Mob tracks. I guess it has evolved through my time spent writing the songs that we play live.

MVRemix: How do you think you have evolved as an artist?

Gary Asquith: Well.

>> continued...

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"My father was my hero. I've never met a more generous and stoic man before or since his death. He fought for his country with dignity and charmed the pants off all those that had contact with him."