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Layzie Bone - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Still Thuggin'

April 2005

MVRemix: You guys have a name for it yet?

Layzie: Na, we ain't got one yet. It's probably going to be The Bone Thugs Story, which will come with the movie. We are trying to do a movie about the Bone Thugs story, and the album is going to be based on that.

MVRemix: There were rumors that you guys were speaking to Dr. Dre about signing to Aftermath, was that ever true?

Layzie: Yeah, that was true. Dre was looking into signing us and everything, but what happened was, we actually just ended up getting a lot of tracks from Dre. We got some tight as production from Dre.

MVRemix: Damn, thats crazy. Those beats gonna be on the next album?

Layzie: Definitely, its gonna be big. We got one from Kanye West, some from Swizz, some from Dr. Dre, so it's really going to really big. Swizz ain't gonna do the whole album, he is just going to be apart of it.

MVRemix: That is good news to hear you guys with Dre. That has been long overdue.

Layzie: It was long overdue. Dre is the man, we have to fuck with him, and we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. We were hoping when we were going through our whole ordeal with Ruthless that he would kind of save us. But he had his situation he was going through as well.

MVRemix: Bizzy told me he recently moved out to New York, so did you move out here as well?

Layzie: Na, man. I based out of Atlanta. My family is there, I'm a married man with children. I can't just move around like that.

MVRemix: I know you guys have done a couple shows out here, so how do you like NYC?

Layzie: New York City is the Mecca of the Hip Hop. Its just the place to be. As they say, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And I really believe that.

MVRemix: Tell us about the Rock album you have coming out?

Layzie: I'm doing a Rock album and it was produced by my homebody Romeo and the Roman Empire. Its a nice ass album! My single is with Guns N Roses, and its a remake of "Welcome To The Jungle". I also did a remake of Pink Floyd's "Money", so there are a lot of things on that album. To me, it will be in the top five all time rap/rock albums.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Guns N Roses?

Layzie: They are good friends of Stephen Atler, and their drum player is good friends with the guy who books our shows, Jamie Atler. And Romeo knew Slash, so it was through connections. It was just a blessing that came through.

MVRemix: And is Axel going to be on the track with Slash?

Layzie: Yeah, he will be on there as well. So this track is reuniting them as well. So its really big man, bigger than I could have ever imagined.

MVRemix: What do you think about Game's infatuation with Eazy E? Because I have heard some people say that Dre and Game are using Eazy as a marketing scheme to give Game street credibility.

Layzie: Na man! That due really really loves Eazy. He is from Compton, and I feel it is time that someone else represents E besides Bone Thugs and Lil Eazy. I think its a beautiful thing, and I don't think its no marketing scheme or whatever. I know Game, even before he signed with Dre. He was on the same shit on how much he loved Eazy E even before signing with Dre. So I think its real because he never turned his back on Eazy E to get with them. He grew up off of Eazy and he idolizes him. Its a beautiful thing.

MVRemix: You were very successful with the first two Mo Thugs albums. But do you think that everybody should have stuck together to run that one label instead of everyone branching out on their own with separate labels?

Layzie: Yeah, that was my plan from the beginning. That is what it was, but everybody wanted to do their own thing. When I brought Mo Thugs to the table it was for all of Bone Thugs~N~Harmony. But I don't think the success went anywhere, not because everybody started their own label, but because I didn't have a major push on the following two. I went independent just to keep it going.

MVRemix: Anything else you have in the works?

Layzie: The album that I am pushing most hard for is Felicia's. She is super dope writer, vocalist, good entertainer, and is beautiful and sexy. So she is coming out as the queen of the Bone Thugs family, and her album should be out this summer. It is called Here I Come With A Vengeance.

MVRemix: What about your next solo, are you working on that?

Layzie: Yeah, I got a solo album coming out soon, which is independent also. It's coming out through Cleopatra Records on May 31. Its called It's Not A Game, and it is a collection of songs I had in my archives, and some songs that I felt didn't get recognition. One of the songs is the one with Snoop from Mo Thugs, another is the joint with WC from my L-Burna album that really didn't get recognition. So I put three or four songs on there that have been out, but I don't think the world really got a chance to appreciate. And the rest are songs that I have been recording on time.

MVRemix: I don't know if you are aware, but that album actually got leaked to the internet like last week. I saw people talking about it.

Layzie: Yeah, I had them leak it because its coming out very soon. It's supposed to be leaking right now.

MVRemix: You guys are also doing a show for Jam Master Jay tonight, right?

Layzie: Yeah, we are doing a benefit for Jam Master Jay. Well, they are actually putting it together to raise money for his family and foundation. They are starting a DJ school. And its a private affair, so we will do Crossroads and dedicate it to his family. Its a little diner affair where they are charging ten thousand dollars a plate. So a lot of big willies are going to be there.

MVRemix: Any last words for the fans out there?

Layzie: I just want to say thank you to all the fans who have supported us for the past 12 years. Thanks for sticking with us, keeping the support, and not forgetting about Bone when the industry was trying to. All I can say is much love and continue to look out and support us as Mo Thug, Thug Line, and Seven Sign. Also, look out for that Felicia album, because that is my pet project right now.

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"It was long overdue. Dre is the man, we have to fuck with him, and we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. We were hoping when we were going through our whole ordeal with Ruthless that he would kind of save us. But he had his situation he was going through as well."